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Know The Better Side OfE-sports Betting USA

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Know The Better Side OfE-sports Betting USA - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Know The Better Side OfE-sports Betting USA

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Know The Better Side OfE-sports Betting USA

It may sound strange for orthodox people but gambling has a better and brighter side as well.

You may also contradict with the fact but eSports Betting USA can help gaming on the whole

and it is true that that wagering is coming to e-sports in a bigger and better way. There is no

reason to believe gambling is the beginning of the end of such sports. On the contrary it will be a

boon for the e-sports industry as is believed by some people. The facts and figures of the gaming

and betting industry would help you to understand and see the real picture.

If you see at the economics and go figure then you will be surprised to see that the global betting

market of sports is worth more than three trillion dollars which can be said more than the GDP of

a few developing countries of the world.The main concern for people is that most of it is

unregulated and are not visible to the regulators of the betting industry. As a result this betting

industry is illegally used by some of the unscrupulous users as a medium for laundering large

amount of illegal money. This is the prime concern for eSportsBetting Canada as it also creates

an urge for match fixing and allied risks to the competitive integrity.

This concern may tend you to think that Bet of eSports USA must be banned it can be turned

profitable for the gaming industry with a little bit of control over it.This can be done with a little

bit of courage and integrate gambling with the fabric of the community at large. It can also be

done by regulating the wagering activities, working collaboratively to fight against any

consequences which may arise and also by promoting competitive integrity. Regulation is the

key factor in this popular way of making money which is also a culture among many people of

the world. Therefore, proper regulation would prevent the illegal and unregulated market to


More transparency can help proper wagering in sporting events as is suggested by some of the

world renowned gaming controllers and personalities. With a pragmatic approach it can be

moved toward legal betting organizations which can be controlled and regulated by the

government. To bring in better Bet on eSports Canada and control there can be an open line of

communication between the betting companies and the organizing committees, promoting

well-entrenched platform for wagering can prove beneficial.

Proper gambling can also result in more viewership for your own interest to see the final

outcome of the game proving gambling to be great and wonderful for engagement. More

viewership would mean more money in sponsorship which would in turn increase the prize

money and players’ salary which would mean better individual representation. Implementation

of strong protocols to prevent underage gamblers to play and managing other downsides are also

necessary. Some other methods of regulatingandlegitimizing wagering activities can belicensing

betting, monitoring and reporting of unusual betting, minimumage verification methods,


mechanisms to identify and exclude people with gambling problems, technology to block betting

where it is illegal, and educating about responsible gaming.