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John Flynn Horse Racing Betting Tips For Beginners

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John Flynn Horse Racing Betting Tips For Beginners - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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John Flynn Horse Racing Betting Tips For Beginners

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John Flynn Horse Racing Betting Tips For Beginners

Horse racing is a popular pastime and also a way to win, and sometimes lose, lots of money. You

can be a pro or a beginner but there are some rules to enjoy safe and secure betting. If you follow

the John Flynn Horse Racing betting tips then you can easily win the money back along with

handsome returns. If you follow the tips precisely then you have nothing to worry or lose even if

you are a beginner in this block of entertainment.

Grandstand is the pace where everybody who are gambling in a horse race hang out and

therefore you must blend with them well so that you do not look out of place and an easy bait for

others as everyone there are on the look out to make easy and fast money at the expense of

others. Knowing it all correctly you will be able to tap the bankroll effectively and start making

money easily. The prime factor in horse racing is to win as much money as you can and you may

be allured at the fact that you can win even hundred percent of whatever money you put in. But

John Flynn Betting tip suggests starting cautiously to be on the safe side and bet for the


You can also bet for the favorite one all the time being the beginner and this will be suggested

and mentioned as ‘chalk’ in the John Flynn Sportsbook. If you bet for the favorite always then

you have a huge thirty three percent chance of winning the bet which is surely a good odd to start

with. There are various types of bet and you will be betting in pari-mutuel environment where all

bets of a specific type will be put in a pool. All the winning money comes from that pool.

Therefore, in horse racing you are betting against other bettors unlike any black jack or a poker

game which you are more accustomed with.

There are three forms in which your John Flynn Bookmaker can place anormal or any

‘Straight’ horse bets. One is the ‘Win’ form in which you bet on a horse that crosses the

finishing line first. ‘Place’ is another form where the horse finishes either in the first or second

position and ‘Show’ is the third form where your horse comes any of the first three positions. It

is best to opt for the Place and Show form for a couple of times so that you get the feel of it and

get into the groove of the betting race.

You may have to place your bet at the betting window being a beginner where the window is

manned by a person unlike other veterans who bet on an electronic gambling machine or ADW.

You must understand the sequence like race track, race, and amount of money put in, bet type

and then horse number which you must know and follow. You will be handed a ticket for it

which you must retain to cash your winning bet at the end of the race.