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Myths about Neck pain PowerPoint Presentation
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Myths about Neck pain

Myths about Neck pain

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Myths about Neck pain

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  1. Myths about Neck pain This is a very interesting article and hope that it helps people with their health related problems.

  2. There are lots of silly myths surrounding back pain, and just like them there are also some misconceptions and myths spine and neck pain also. Now, we are all aware that finding the right kind of treatment for any pain is a very complex scenario. So, it is very important to have a very clear knowledge of spine pain in order to recover quickly. In the article we will discuss about the common myths that go with spine pain:

  3. The best way to treat your neck pain is by taking rest. If you are suffering from neck pain then taking rest is not the best option. A short period of bed rest could reduce the pain in the neck but doctors will always advice you not to take complete bed rest for more than two days. The reason behind this is the fact that while you are lying in the bed you remain immobile and if there is no motion in the body for a long time then it could backfire and cause you more pain. This happens because if you remain immobile your muscles are wasted and also leads to other harmful effects. This in turn will cause you more pain. That is the reason most physicians would want you go through a long term rehabilitation program which includes rigorous physical training and exercises.

  4. The spine could be easily injured as it has very sensitive nerves. The truth is that the spine is one of the most developed parts of the human body. It is a well designed structure and it consists of tendons, muscles and ligaments which provides lots of strength to the spine. Also the muscles and the tendons make the spine very flexible and also support the spine in a very unique way. So, it is very essential to keep the spine healthy and it can be achieved by doing regular exercises or getting involved in some outdoor activities. Also, remember to do some stretching while performing your exercises. Smoking is an unhealthy practice and it could also cause some spine pain. Pain could be caused by slouching also.

  5. If the pain is unbearable, people think that there is spine damage. Though it is true to some extent, it is not necessary that if the pain is high then the injury is severe. This could be best described by giving you an example, a severe injury in the disc could be less painful that a mild disc injury.