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10 quick tips about fitness PowerPoint Presentation
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10 quick tips about fitness

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10 quick tips about fitness - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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10 Quick Tips About fitness


Multitask your tush

Whether you're on a conference call at work or on the phone at home, don't just sit or stand there; tighten up

your tush.


Take the stairs

The elevator at work or at the mall may be a nice convenience, but taking the stairs will strengthen your heart, burn extra calories. If you have stairs at home, take every opportunity to scale them.


Double-duty your family time

Physical activity is a key factor in keeping you and your kids fit and trim. With kids becoming more technologically dependent Play, walk your kids to school and find other ways to get your kids active while spending time together.


Stay cool and hydrated

You should already be aiming for eight 8-ounce

glasses of water every day, but taking icy-cold sips can help

you burn more calories.


Get domestic

Cleaning your house is a great way to tidy up while burning calories and working your muscles. Put on some tunes, and you'll burn even more calories grooving to the music.


Put some spice in your diet

Although miracle diet foods simply don't exist,

some foods do stoke your body's fat-burning fires.

Warm spices, such as cinnamon, mustard, ginger and cayenne, will elevate your metabolism while increasing your thirst.


Diet right

You don't have to go on a crash diet to lose weight. All you need to do is make small changes in your meals.


Carry extra weight

Add a little extra weight to your daily routine. For example, instead of pushing around a shopping cart, carry a smaller shopping basket. Wear a weighted vest or a backpack with books in

it etc.