usefull topics on bedwetting 1 10 easy solutions n.
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One Sto Bedwetting - Useful Topics PowerPoint Presentation
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One Sto Bedwetting - Useful Topics

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One Sto Bedwetting - Useful Topics - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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One Stop Bedwetting provides healthcare products which aim at solving bedwetting problems in individuals.\n\n

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usefull topics on bedwetting 1 10 easy solutions


1. 10 Easy solutions to train your child's psychology on bed-wetting & potty training

The top 10 ways to train your child’s psychology is to help them stop bed-wetting and potty train

faster. The 10 easy solutions include –

Communication – Discussing with your child their bedwetting problem & potty training habits

Shop for a bed-wetting alarm – Get a bed-wetting alarm or potty training product

Practice – How to set up and use the alarm to stop bed-wetting & potty train faster

Motivate – Tell your child they can do it and overcome this problem

Track progress – Track progress nightly so children can see how well they are doing

Vibrating Watch – Ideal for daytime bedwetting. Helps your child use the bathroom at set


Reinforce – Encourage them when they make progress with the bed-wetting alarm

Reward – Give them gifts or treats when they make visible progress

Confidence – Do not share details of bed-wetting & potty training outside

the family No scolding –It’s not their fault. Don’t scold or yell at them

2. Bed-wetting solution for all ages

bedwetting is more common than most people think

Bedwetting is more common than most people think. Bedwetting impacts Millions of children,

teens and adult in the USA and many more all over the world. Most bedwetters resort to diapers

to prevent urine leaks, but these are not permanent solutions. Bedwetting solutions that can

permanently stop nighttime wetting are bedwetting alarms. In addition to bedwetting alarms,

other solutions include prescription medication, timed voiding (waking up periodically at

night), fluid caffeinated drinks prior to going to bed and the use of vibrating reminder watches.

Bedwetting alarms are preferred as they are safe, doctor recommended and have no side effects.

Also, they are easy to use and discreet (not noticeable in most cases)

3] Simple & friendly devices for your kids

A bedwetting alarm is recommended to stop bedwetting in children. However, children may

hesitate when using a bedwetting alarm. The main reasons are comfort and convenience. Many

bedwetting alarms are big and bulky and have difficult set up process. At night, when the child

is asleep, the alarm may not be loud enough to wake up the child and even if it does, the child

may not be able to reset and restart treatment on their own. For this reason, One Stop

Bedwetting only carries extremely simple and easy to use devices. Our devices are designed so

that a 4-year-old can program and set it up in seconds. Maintenance is also a breeze with our

bedwetting alarms. All of the alarms sold at One Stop Bedwetting are child friendly. They are

compact, small in size and children love the friendly appearance and look of the alarms.

4 easy ways to know whether your child is happy

4] Easy ways to know whether your child is happy

Bedwetting has been rated the second most stressful event in children, ranked just behind

parental quarrels. Bedwetting has a serious impact on a child’s social and psychological being.

Many children who experience bedwetting are unhappy, disappointed and stay aloof in school.

They don’t make friends easily and are gloomy most of the time. Slipping grades is another

indication that the child may have bedwetting problem. Some children dread bedwetting so

much that they try to keep up at night. This makes them sleepy in the morning. If your child

has lost interest in many of his favorite hobbies, toys and family events, does not plan on going

on vacations and sleepovers with friends and is quite most of the time, it may be because of

bedwetting. Check with him. Try to cheer them up and help them be happy with other activities.

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