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5 Signs that you Don't Care about Fashion Trends

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5 Signs that you Don't Care about Fashion Trends - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PowerPoint Slideshow about '5 Signs that you Don't Care about Fashion Trends' - BeBrief

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5 Signs that you Don't Care about Fashion Trends

For guys who are called as handsome hunks with a par knowledge about

fashion, I might come across as boring and not-so-fashionable. However, it

is not important that it actually is the state like that. It can be that my idea

about fashion is different from theirs. I have been too busy making my life

perfect with friends, family, career and many more things when others were

focusing on the fashion trends.

Talking about common men like me and you, who even forget to comb our

hair before leaving for work because we know that once you get there, you

would have to do it again. Well, if you do this, this blog is dedicated to you.


This blog talks about the various signs which will prove that you don’t care

about the fashion trends.

1. You wardrobe has basics and basics is all you have: When you open

your closet, all you can see the basic clothing articles. From the solid

colored Polo shirt and the denim jeans with a straight cut to the subtle

men’s underwear styles, everything is matter of clothes and no fashion

appeal. Only a few tailored suits would be hanging in the cupboard for

the times where basics won’t do.

2. Spectacles in place of contact lenses: I really don’t understand how do

people even place those tacky little things in a place so sensitive. You

need a lot of time and patience to put it up and even more patience while

taking them out. It is so much more convenient to carry your specs

everywhere you go and you don’t even need to worry that they might

irritate your eye. Exceptions excluded! For example, times like wedding

or any celebration.

3. Your accessories are gifts: If you have a treasure chest where all your

accessories are kept and are gifted by your family members as well as

friends, you really don’t care about fashion. Why so? Because you have

ample things to do rather than spending money as well as time on such


4. You take no time in packing for traveling: You must have women

taking suit suitcases for a short term travel and men taking time in

deciding which clothes to keep. On the other hand, you take no time in


pulling out clothes from the cupboard and throwing it in the backpack.

Of yes! Backpack! A pair of jeans, 2-3 t-shirts and some men’s jockstrap

underwear or men’s brief underwear for the journey.

5. Just enough men’s underwear to survive the week: This is the only

aspect I disagree to because, for me, my intimate health is very important.

However, men out there do it a lot. Having merely 6-7 pairs of skivvies

for them would just do. No variety, no color, no styles and nothing at all.

They can wear the same pair to work, party, gym, date and also as leisure

wear. You mustn’t do something like this. More than fashion, it is about

your hygiene and health.

So, if you are someone who is more like this, do let us know in the

comments below or even drop in your feedback on the same.