3 reasons to use antibiotic free meat for burgers and dogs n.
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Top Reasons to Use Antibiotic Free Beef in Cranberry PowerPoint Presentation
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Top Reasons to Use Antibiotic Free Beef in Cranberry

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Top Reasons to Use Antibiotic Free Beef in Cranberry - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Read this write up now to learn the top three reasons to use antibiotic free beef in burgerz and dogz in Cranberry. Visit http://banddz.com/ for more information.

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a recent poll released by consumer reports found

A recent poll released by Consumer Reports found a majority of people polled want more access to antibiotic-free meat. Eighty-six percent of respondents want meat and poultry free from antibiotics to be available in their supermarkets.

buying antibiotic free meat is better

Buying antibiotic-free meat is better for any meat-eater and the environment. Today, 80 percent of the antibiotics in use are fed to animals raised for food to keep them growing faster and to prevent them from getting sick in crowded and unsanitary conditions.

healthy food for your family using antibiotic


Using antibiotic free meat in your burgers is one major contribution you can make toward making the food supply safer and keeping your family healthy. It is also found that more than 60% of people would pay more for antibiotic-free meats.

consumer action according to a survey most meat


According to a survey, “Most meat-producing companies, fast food restaurants and grocery store chains make and sell meats and poultry raised with antibiotics. Consumer action is required to make antibiotic-free meat and poultry more widely available.

keep antibiotics for fighting diseases


It is important to keep life-saving drugs effective for people when you really need them. The effectiveness of these incredibly powerful drugs is being undermined every day as we give them to animals.

visit banddz com for more information call

Visit banddz.comfor more information.

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