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approaches to community practice

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approaches to community practice - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Locality Development and Transformative Model

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PowerPoint Slideshow about 'approaches to community practice' - BakerNeighborhood

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What is locality development?

  • Community change is pursued through broad participation by people at the local community level. (Rothman, 2001).
  • Members of the community work together to determine goals.
  • Social integration and the development of relationships among different racial and socioeconomic groups (Rothman, 2001).
  • Locality Development in Baker
  • - This would be a useful model to create social change in the Baker community.
  • The implementation of this model would facilitate the integration of minority groups and whites in the neighborhood.
  • It would also facilitate collaboration of these two groups in working towards a common goal (ex: cleaning up and stopping graffiti and recovering Daley Park).

Social Work Values and Ethics

  • Value: Service
  • -Social workers help people in need and address social problems (NASW, 1999).
  • Value: Dignity and worth of a person
  • -Social workers are respectful and mindful of individual differences and ethnic diversity (NASW, 1999).
  • Value: Importance of Human Relationships
  • - Social workers understand the importance of relationships in implementing change. Social workers seek to strengthen relationships among people (NASW, 1999).
  • Value: Social Justice
      • Social workers promote sensitivity to and educate others on issues of oppression and ethnic diversity.
      • Social workers promote participation in decision-making for all people. (NASW, 1999).

Ethical Standards:

  • - Commitment to Clients: Social workers must promote the well-being of their clients (NASW, 1999).
  • - Cultural Competence and Social Diversity: Social workers should have knowledge of their clients’ cultural backgrounds and use interventions that are sensitive to clients cultures (NASW, 1999).
  • Ethical dilemmas?
  • Multicultural perspectives?