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Are stemcells really useful

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Are stemcells really useful - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Babycell started its humble beginning in the year 2009 under the guidance of Mr. Yash Sanghavi, a veteran in the healthcare industry. During the time, stem cell preservation was still an unknown concept to many. People were unaware of the amazing results that could be achieved with the help of stem cells from the \numbilical cord

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Are stem

Are stemcells

cellsreally useful?

really useful?


The little feet and hands make the biggest impact in our hearts. If you are expecting a bundle of joy,

you would definitely be thinking about umbilical cord blood banking and use of stem cells. This

article will bring to light whether stem cells are really useful.


Expectant parents take every possible step for the upcoming baby. The baby’s safety and health are

of utmost priority. Parents and families plug up electrical sockets, childproof their cabinets and

measure the space between the bars of hand-me-down cribs. All this for the well-being of their


Now, with the advancements in medical research, parents are taking one step further, by opting to

protect their child’s health with umbilical cord stem cell banking.

Let us understand the importance and usefulness of stem cell banking:

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are basic building blocks of the body that can differentiate into specialized cells and

regenerate into healthy cells. The stem cells found in umbilical cord blood are healthy, fresh, young

and unexposed to the external environment

What is umbilical cord blood stem cell banking?

Cord blood banking means collecting the blood in your new-born’s umbilical cord at the time of child

birth, extracting and preserving the umbilical cord blood stem cells for future medical use. To read

about stem cell banking process visit –

Benefits of stem cell banking:

Now that you are aware of what is stem cell banking, it is time to read about the benefits of stem

cell banking.

Cord blood is a rich source of stem cells. Stem cells have the ability to develop into blood cells,

immune cells and nerve cells with the capacity to repair damaged cells and organs. Cord blood Stem

cells can treat more than 80 diseases and some of them are listed below:

Blood cancers




Sickle cell anaemia

Aplastic anaemia

Fanconi’s anaemia

Type 1 diabetes


Are stem cells really useful?

Stem cells are a boon to the field of science and medicine. However, there are several questions

being raised whether the umbilical cord stem cells will really be useful or not?It is about time we

address these concerns and get absolute clarity on the subject.

Doctors and scientists all over the world have conducted research for treatment of many diseases,

that don’t have a definitive cure yet and proved the efficacy of stem cells in curing of these

diseases. To hear what doctors say about cord blood stem cells and stem cell banking watch –

Stem cells can treat juvenile diabetes, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injuries, congenital heart disease,

pediatric stroke and more. Science is moving fast and stem cell therapy is the way forward to

improve treatment options. Stem cells are the solution to the many unresolved medical quests.

Stem cells are useful in the true sense and are a wise choice.


Deciding to bank your child’s cord blood is a personal decision. While a few may think the benefits

aren’t many, the truth is the benefits are growing day by day. It is surely a worthy investment. The

key to make this decision is to understand the details and make a wise choice. Opting for stem cell

banking, is a biological insurance. You can be assured that you have secured the health of your child

as well as your family members. Stem cells are the hope that many doctors, patients and researchers

have been waiting for.

Once you have decided to go for stem cell banking, make sure to choose the best stem cell bank.