Baby shower invitations to tickle you pink
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Baby Shower Invitations to Tickle You Pink - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Baby Shower Invitations to Tickle You Pink

Will your baby shower invitations standout and make you proud? Using the same old invitations everyone buys at the local store is boring. Your baby is going to be unique, one of a kind, and special. The baby shower invites you select should be just as unique and precious as your baby.

The first thing you will need to consider is color. If you already know your baby is going to be a boy or girl the decision can be very easy. You will choose a shade of blue for boys and pink for girls. If you are one of those adventurous mothers who have decided to not find out your baby’s gender, then you probably want a gender neutral color. One of the most popular neutral colors is green.

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Do Not Get Stuck on Pink and Blue

Remember, just because it is a boy or girl does not lock you into blue or pink. You might want to choose from a variety of other fun designs which highlight more vibrant colors. Even if you choose to stick with tradition do not get stuck on just baby blue or pastel pink. Explore other ideas for the colors. A deeper blue for a boy’s invitation makes it stand out. A girl’s invitation with a brighter pink can make the invitation pop out and add a little excitement.

The invitation should not forget about the second most important person at the party either. There are many exciting designs for baby shower invitations which highlight a pregnant woman’s silhouette, or sometimes capture her in a funny caricature to lighten the party’s mood. What kind of invitation suits the personality of the mother most closely?

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A Family Event or Women Only

Today baby showers are often becoming an event for the entire family instead of just the ladies. If you are intending to invite the father and male friends you should consider them as you look through a wide variety of invitations. The guys will understand if you send them cute feminine looking baby shower invites, but it is not hard to find invitations which are perfect for baby showers which will include both female and male guests.

When it comes down to the bottom line, there is one factor which usually becomes very important. You do not want to over spend just because you are choosing to get baby shower invitations with a little more flair and fun. This usually means you will need to shop online instead of in traditional baby shops and card stores. You can often cut your price for baby shower invitations in half by shopping online while simultaneously multiplying your choices.

As a reminder, double check to make sure the baby shower invites you are considering come with envelopes as part of their cost. You do not want to get excited about an invitation which meets your budget and then discover you need to pay extra for the envelopes. Keep in mind the sizes of your invitations, also. Oversized invitations may cost extra postage to send. You can find baby shower invitations which are low cost, unique, and express personality by shopping at unique online stores.