flooding in the u k 2012 n.
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UK Flooding Intro PowerPoint Presentation
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UK Flooding Intro

UK Flooding Intro

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UK Flooding Intro

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  1. Flooding in the U.K - 2012

  2. Why was There Flooding in the U.K Almost a month's worth of rain down poured across most of England – in 27 and 28 June 2012 and again on 7 July 2012 20mm (0.75ins) of rain falling over the course of an hour in some areas The Environment Agency said the wind and rain could lead to localized flooding from blocked drains and streams overflowing. The Met Office said June was the wettest month in Wales with 205mm of rain falling, compared to the monthly average of 85.8mm Unusually high amount of rainfall over a short period which caused: Flash floods

  3. Reasons for the Heavy Rainfall This was due to: The low pressure system that has brought heavy rain, strong winds and flooding to the UK is the most intense to cross the UK in June and September for more than 30 years, with the lowest air pressure of 973mb (1013 being average in the uk) being recorded on Tuesday morning. The thunderstorms were caused by two fronts that collided over the U.K. Warm air travelling from the Azores and cold water from the land travlled from the west. So, with regard to the system which has recently affected the UK, the key to what makes it remarkable is that it has tracked over a wide area of the UK rather than those areas which are more used to storms of this intensity.

  4. The Forecast The lines close together show the low pressure hitting the U.K

  5. Table to show the weather in the U.K As you can see the average rainfall was doubled in every region.

  6. Effects of the FloodingTransport/Properties Defences mainly protected more than 18,500 property but in places like Morpeth where floods have already happen (2008) the defences were still not there causing anger among the population. Damaging properties and leaving 1,000 homes without power for several hours A block of flats in Newburn, Newcastle, is said to be close to collapse and Tadcaster, North Yorkshire, was split in two after a bridge was closed. Homes and businesses in York city centre were also flooded after the River Ouse burst its banks. Landslides blocked both main East Coast and West Coast rail lines linking England and Scotland. Both lines reopened the following day, but problems with overhead power lines forced a second closure of the West Coast line while maintenance was carried out. Flooding has also closed sections of major roads, with more than 100 vehicles trapped on a 30-mile stretch of the A1 in North Yorkshire A London to Glasgow Virgin Trains service was stranded between two landslides in the Lake District for more than two hours on Thursday before being diverted. A fire broke out in the front coach of the train later in the journey, forcing the carriage to be evacuated near Lockerbie.

  7. Effects of the FloodingHuman While in Newcastle, police branded looters "despicable" after a bicycle shop in a flood-hit community was raided while roads were blocked by water and silt. Newburn, bikes worth thousands of pounds were stolen from KB Cycles overnight. Meanwhile, farmers have warned that the price of food may have to go up because the wet summer had devastated crops and led to an increase in the cost of producing food. 1 motorist was killed after his vehicle was caught by floodwater and landslides stopped rail services between England and Scotland

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