picking the best wood for cutting boards n.
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Picking the Best Wood For Cutting Boards PowerPoint Presentation
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Picking the Best Wood For Cutting Boards

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Picking the Best Wood For Cutting Boards - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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If you\'ve decided on a wood cutting board, you\'ve made a good choice. Wooden boards come in many varieties including but not limited to maple, pecan, walnut, teak and cherry. Maple is by far, the most popular wood option on the market – and for good reason.\n\nhttp://lifeogy.com/best-wood-cutting-boards-reviews/

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types of wooden cutting board
Types of Wooden Cutting Board
flat panel
  • These cutting surfaces are typically constructed simply by gluing boards together edged to edge just like a wooden table top.  You are able to identify these as each individual wood piece will be wider across the top of the surface of the butcher block.
edge grain
  • Normally thicker than the face grain varieties, these are much less prone to warping than their face grained cousins and are where I would want to start my search if I were on a budget. These are probably the sweet spot in the wooden cutting board category for price versus performance.
end grain
  • The benefits of this type of arrangement are numerous. You can think of the end grain in a fashion similar to the bristles of a broom if you are looking directly at the bottom.
at the end
At the End
  • “Cleaning for me normally involves a bout with the water hose (if it were in the kitchen I’d skip this step) and if it is too messy and a spray of diluted vinegar or a diluted bleach mixture.”