avows a safeguard against corporate fraudulent n.
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Avows Consulting Corporate Solutions

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We are capable of offering a wide spectrum of best detective services, like pre and post-matrimonial investigation, employment verification services, security audit, litigation support services and the list never seems to end. Clients can easily visit our official website, in order to know more about our possible services and rates, which we serve.

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avows a safeguard against corporate fraudulent

Avows – A Safeguard against corporate fraudulent

 Avows provide an investigation service that will discover all possible facts,

using the world-class latest technology to support our evidence gathering

techniques. Avows investigation services provide our clients with a full

corporate investigation into any company or organization worldwide. Our team

of investigators is highly experienced in uncovering fraud, insider dealing and

has worked on hostile takeovers and large, complex cross-border litigation


corporate investigation services

Corporate Investigation Services

 Our Intelligence service Includes.

 Brand Protections

Due Diligence

 Cyber Crime Investigation

 Fraud Investigation

Physical Surveillance

 Information on Missing Person

 Vat Audits Sales Tax Audits

The team is well versed in managing various types & sizes of cases as well as

client expectations. Our approach enables up to take our clients through every

step of the corporate & commercial investigations process with regular

reporting, meetings and feedback as required.

physical surveillance

Physical Surveillance

 Physical surveillance is utilized by private investigators to gather Intel, evidence,

and additional information on the suspects they are hired to follow.

 Working in teams helps, as team members can look out for each other, but

sometimes a team is too obvious and it is necessary to work alone to avoid


 In physical surveillance, members of a surveillance team watch and track their

subject. Sometimes this is done in relatively close proximity, and in other cases,

the person doing the surveillance may need to remain distant to avoid attracting


fraud investigation

Fraud Investigation

 Fraud investigations begin with a meeting between the investigator and client.

The person launching the investigation explains why they suspect deceit and

hands over any evidence they have supporting their claims.

 Our Fraud investigation service Includes.

 Insurance Fraud

 Corporate Fraud

 Financial Fraud

 Identity Theft

 Internet Fraud

 Theft of Inventory

 Expense Claim Fraud

brand protections

Brand Protections

 Online brand protection is any of a series of measures companies can take to

protect themselves from threats to their brands and products when selling in

the ecommerce space.

 The web’s tremendous reach and economies of scale have revolutionized the

way brands engage customers and drive revenue. But the very qualities that

make the web so attractive to legitimate business make it extremely lucrative

for brand abusers to hijack powerful brands online.

 Our team is manufactured to delivering best possible outcomes which can give

you the complete data and details of intellectual property theft, trademark and

infringement, opportunities and risk related to your business.

cyber crime investigation

Cyber Crime Investigation

 Cyber investigation is the process law enforcement officers use to track criminals

via the computer. This process may be to investigate computer crimes or it may be

to track records of criminals using computer forensics.

 We offers a full range of investigative resources for an effective investigation of

cybercrime, ranging from data collection and analysis to conducting fraud and

internal investigations.

 Types of Cyber Crime Investigators

 Computer forensics investigator

 Computer crime investigator

 Computer security investigator

 Cell Phones forensics investigator

due diligence

Due Diligence

 Due diligence is an investigation or audit of a potential investment or

product to confirm all facts, such as reviewing all financial records, plus

anything else deemed material. It refers to the care a reasonable person

should take before entering into an agreement or a financial transaction with

another party.

 Our due diligence team is spotless and they understand how to complete the

requirements of clients.

 We execute insight research and inquiry of available human resources and

publics data records. Though we apply new and advanced technology but it

doesn't mean that we totally depend upon technology.

information on missing person

Information on Missing Person

 Avowsconsulting.com has the goodwill to do whole investigation process

efficiently with the process of investigating missing person cases, classifying

missing children and adult, bring proofs, using technology which in turn

gets the fastest results.

 Support and advice for missing persons as well as their friends and family.

Includes information on what you can do to help, the risks of suicide, what

to do if a dementia sufferer goes missing and working with the media.

vat audits sales tax audits

Vat Audits Sales Tax Audits

 A sales tax audit occurs when a state or government agency reviews a

private company’s accounting information. The agency will send an auditor

to the company and complete a review of accounting and business

information. This review may also include a review of sales tax returns sent

to the agency by the company. Finding discrepancies is typically the

purpose of the audit.

application based accounting fraud investigations

Application Based Accounting Fraud Investigations.

 We regularly conduct large-scale, complex investigations for the leading law

enforcement, prosecution and regulatory agencies, as well as for corporations,

major banks, foreign governments and law firms. We work closely with

colleagues from across international network to provide expertise across the

globe no matter where the issue is discovered or what business sector it is in.

stock audits

Stock Audits

 Stock audit is considered as an important auditing term which refers to the

physical verification of the inventory. Stock Audit is an independent check on

the functions of the management, which has some value in the eyes of law and

the taxation authority.

 Our solutions.

 Vehicle and industrial/agricultural machinery stock audits

 Inventories at points of sale

imei number related investigations

IMEI Number Related Investigations

 IMEI is known as International Mobile Equipment Identity. The IMEI is a 15

digit number which includes information on the origin, model, and serial

number of the device. It helps in uniquely identifying a handset and its location

on the network and most importantly allows security agencies to track down a

specific user.

 It can be displayed on most phones by dialling *#06#. It is also usually printed

on the compliance plate under the battery.

b2b audits and investigations

B2B Audits And Investigations

 Companies wishing to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their brand

in the marketplace can use a DDG brand audit to reveal opportunities for

greater profitability.

 We offers the service of background investigation not only to established

business houses but also to small scale businessmen who run private business

held privately.

 We help such establishment to reduce the risk of losses.

contact us

Contact us

 Address : A-36 , 3rd Floor , Sector-4 Noida 201301

 Contact no : 9711637032

 Email : info@venusdetective.com