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4 Things to do in Armenia PowerPoint Presentation
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4 Things to do in Armenia

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4 Things to do in Armenia
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4 Things to do in Armenia

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  1. Things to do in Armenia Armenia is considered to be one of the oldest countries in the world. Its story dates back to 2000 years ago. And if you are a fan of cultural or hiking tourism, we advise to visit this ancient country because its architecture and culture differs from both European and Asian and it's really hard to say whether Armenia is part of Europe or Asia. Beautiful architecture of Armenia is scattered throughout the country. Famous Armenian monastic complexes are located outside the capital Yerevan. They have played a very important role in the history of the Armenian people, as they have been serving as cultural centers, art and other purposes. For example, ​ Tatev Monastery​ , one of the most famous places in Armenia, was built in the 9th century, and besides being a church complex, the well-known university in the Middle Ages, where architecture, philosophy, theology and other exact sciences were taught. In addition, it served as a library where up to 10000 manuscripts were kept. Enemies have also knew about the powerful cultural role of the monasteries, so they have been attacking and plundering for centuries. From here you can assume why the monasteries are in such high places, on the mountains, and in the beginning of the article we mentioned that Armenia is a very interesting place both for cultural and mountain tourism lovers. Besides,the country is indeed a highland, the highest point of which, Mount Aragats, is 4090 meters above sea level. And the average altitude of this country is 1800 meters above sea level. Armenia has borders with Georgia, Persia, Turkey and Azerbaijan. If you only have a few days to spend your holidays in Armenia, you can use our connector where we have highlighted the most important places in the history of the Armenian people. Visiting these places one will most of all be familiar to Armenian history and culture. We advise you to include them in your ​ tours in Armenia​ . Armenian History Museum: We do not want to tell which year it was founded and so on. Our goal is to inform you about the rich ​ heritage of museum.​ At the beginning of the article, we mentioned that Armenia's history dates back to 2000 years ago. Before that, the kingdom of Urartu was located in this are and one the kings of Urartu, Argishti founded the capital Yerevan. From the history of the Museum, you will find artifacts, utensils, weaponry, household items from Urartu until our days.

  2. National Gallery of Armenia: The gallery​ is located in the same building of the History Museum, which is located in the heart of Yerevan, in Republic Square. It includes the best examples of art created by the Armenian people, as well as the works of famous Russian, Italian and other famous artists.

  3. Matenadaran Matenadaran is a cave of Armenian manuscripts dating back to the millenniums. If you are a fan of culture and cultural tourism, our advice is definitely visit the Matenadaran. Manuscripts contain examples of finest miniature paintings

  4. Monasteries In the article we decided to mention the monasteries in general, as they are a lot of in the territory of Armenia and they all have an important spiritual and cultural role in the history of the Armenian people. However, consider some of the most important of them, which are worth the visit. Khor Virap, Noravank Monastery, Tatev Monastery - these are located in the south of the country and are very convenient to visit them during one day. Geghard Monastery and Garni Pagan Temple - are located close to each other and 40 km far from Yerevan