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Ultimate Fitness Routines PowerPoint Presentation
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Ultimate Fitness Routines

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Ultimate Fitness Routines
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Ultimate Fitness Routines

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  1. Ultimate Fitness Routines Developed by Mike Kauffman

  2. Muscle Mass Building • Because muscle is mostly water, only 2500 extra calories are needed to gain a pound of muscle, compared to 3500 excess calories to make a pound of fat. • Many professional bodybuilders (men and women) take performance enhancing drugs which upset their hormonal balance and build more muscle. • Creatine Claims • * Improves high power performance of short duration • * Increases muscle mass • * Delays fatigue • * Increases creatine and phosphate in muscles

  3. Free Nutritional & Medical Information • Stimulate the elimination system • The main players in the body's elimination system are the lungs, perspiratory system, lymphatic and blood systems, liver, alimentary canal and the kidneys. • The Exercise Prescription® stands head and shoulders above all other prescriptions for keeping yourself healthy. Vigorous physical activity strengthens all of the major body systems and, along with diet is the foundation stone of good health.

  4. Yoga Body & Mind Enhancement • Meditation, a technique that everyone can practice safely. • Yoga can benefit various health conditions, and our special program for the elderly or physically limited called Easy Does It Yoga. • For more information on speakers from the staff of the American Yoga Association, please contact us: • The American Yoga Association PO Box 19986 Sarasota, FL 34276

  5. Graph and Charting

  6. Additional Nutritional Supplement Information • http://www.a1nutritionproducts.com/g/h150/Products/CytoSport/complete_whey_5lb.jpg

  7. Stamina Building Rountines • Cycling increases endurance and builds strength and is highly effective in preventing many diseases. • Levels of cycling include: Novice, Intermediate and Advanced. • Physical activity ensures that your brain will get more oxygen. • Premise: One's body can heal itself, if it receives the proper nourishment

  8. Strength Building Fitness Concepts 1. Free Weight In a circuit weight training session, heart rates average around 80% of max, but oxygen consumption only 40% of V02max, which is the minimum level for aerobic fitness improvements. The energy cost of a circuit training session of this kind has been shown to be 6-9 kcal//min depending on bodyweight, similar to a game of tennis or a leisurely cycle. T A repetition (one full range of motion) refers to how many times an exercise is repeated during one set. Exercises which work several muscle groups should be done prior to exercises which isolate a single muscle group. For example, bench press and squats should be done before tricep push-downs and leg extensions. Strength vs. Endurance B. When repetitions are low (3-5 per set), strength development is primarily promoted. How Often Should I Lift? 2 to 3 times per week (each training session separated by a day off) is appropriate to make significant gains in strength. Because muscle is mostly water, only 2500 extra calories are needed to gain a pound of muscle, compared to 3500 excess calories to make a pound of fat.