the story of caroline l.
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The Story of Caroline

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The Story of Caroline. A Lesson By John Emerson. What is Anthropology?. Anthropology Man study of Archeology Ancient study of Study of Ancient Man. 3 Jobs of an Archeologist. Time Traveler Garbage Person

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the story of caroline

The Story of Caroline

A Lesson


John Emerson

what is anthropology
What is Anthropology?


Man study of


Ancient study of

Study of Ancient Man

3 jobs of an archeologist
3 Jobs of an Archeologist
  • Time Traveler
  • Garbage Person
  • Detective
garbage person
Garbage Person
  • Let’s look at what is in the teacher’s waste basket
  • We start at the top and work out way to the bottom
  • What did she do all day and when?
what did she do today when did she do it
What did she do today? When did she do it?

6th Art Papers

5th Social Studies Papers

Paper napkins

Sandwich bag

3rd Spelling words list

2nd Math papers

1st Reading list

4th Lunch

Closer to top = more recent activity

time traveler what is in our earth
On surface?

In the first 6 inches?

At 12 inches?

18 inches?

Below 30”?

Bushes, Trees, buildings, cars

Pampers, wrappers, cans, plastic, Styrofoam

Canning items, glass, horseshoes, square nails, cartridges, tools

Spearheads, bones arrowheads, weapons, jewelry, pottery

Sterile, man didn’t exist

Time TravelerWhat is in our earth

Can you answer before you click?


A True Story

John Emerson was invited to take his 6th grade class to the Sanyo Indian dig site in Redlands, California.

They found a skeleton they named


what do we know about caroline
What do we know about Caroline?
  • She was 23 years old when she dies
  • She was ugly
  • She died 400 years ago
  • She has a terrible disease
  • She was tortured
  • She survived 6 months after being tortured
  • She was murdered
  • She was not respected by her tribe
all this from a skeleton how do we know

400 years old?




Survived 6 months?


Teeth – no wisdom teeth

Depth of dig

Buck Teeth

Deformed condition of bone

Drilled hole in arm

Degree of healing

Skull crushed, 3 arrowheads in ribs

All this from a Skeleton?How do we know?

Can you answer before you click?

all this from a skeleton how do we know10
Not respected by her tribe?

How do we know?


How do we know?

Hole drilled in arm?

Lived 6 months?

Why murdered?

Didn’t have a proper burial

Buried face down not in fetal position

Camp prostitute

Bones show syphilis

To let loose evil spirits

To see if it got worse

It didn’t work

All this from a Skeleton?How do we know?

Can you answer before you click?

checking for understanding
Checking for Understanding
  • Use chorale response throughout lesson so everyone participates
  • Observe who participates and who doesn’t
  • Draw out those who don’t participate

John Emerson only provided the facts.

All responses and deductions in this archeology lesson were provided by various audiences to which this lesson was presented.

Responses and deductions demonstrate critical thinking by his 6th grade class.