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Service Catalogue - Engineering 2018

Service Catalogue - Engineering 2018. Summary. Company introduction Service catalog summary (Engineering) Offer introduce and reference Delivery model summary Project following-up and client satisfaction monitoring Key contact. Company introduction.

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Service Catalogue - Engineering 2018

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  1. Service Catalogue - Engineering 2018

  2. Summary • Company introduction • Service catalog summary (Engineering) • Offer introduce and reference • Delivery model summary • Project following-up and client satisfaction monitoring • Key contact

  3. Company introduction 3S Consulting company is consulting service provider, focusing on engineering, supply chain management, manufacturing & logistics, and related training in automotive industry. Main service include below 4 sections. • Engineering • Including project management, engineering design, E/E solutions, engineering quality & test, simulation analysis, and simultaneous engineering • Supply chain management • Include potential supplier evaluation, supplier development, supplier quality management, supplier improvement, and process audit • Manufacturing engineering • Include production planning, manufacturing engineering, production quality management, components sorting & inspection, and etc. • Training and Promote • Include OEM quality development process, problem solving, quality tools, quality management systems, process audit, Lean 6 sigma and etc. • Half hour trip circle to our company • 30 minutes to Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport and High Metro Station

  4. Service catalog summary Engineering section: • Project management & SE • Engineering development • E/E solutions • Test & Simulation 4

  5. Offer introduce Engineering(1/4) Project Management & SE • Our consultants manage and coordinate the project to ensure that all of milestones meet the plan. • Our professionals co-locate with clients to ensure swift advancement of project governance, effective cascading of knowledge and toolsets, proactive interface management, and the appropriate level of technical collaboration from the client community.  • Our teams are deployed to client sites where a focus on innovation, design are paramount; making 3S’s role of program and project management execution a welcome framework and facilitator. • To ensure that the project team communicates with clients smoothly. • Good project risk control.

  6. Offer reference Engineering • Project Management • Project Overview • Project plan: Establish car-building plan of all phase of two projects. • Process coordination: track vehicle online assembly as planned, monitor part delivery, regularly report for key parts. • If any design issue or supplier quality issue, collect data about MPF, organize MPF meeting regularly, complete the meeting minutes, and follow up the subsequent progress of issues. • Achievement & Key data • The milestones can be guaranteed. • Project quality documents are complete and meet the requirements of the development process. • The project budget is not overweight. • Client : DPCA • The number of the consultant : 4

  7. Offer reference Engineering • Simultaneous Engineering • Project Overview • PSA Shanghai R&D center was established in 2008. It is a only R&D center that was set up outside French . It provides product development and technical supportto global market. • Project Scope: • Confirm the new designed parts to be able to meet the relevant PSA assembly specifications and manufacturing standards. • During the product development , analyze the assembly feasibility of assembly parts, and provide the most reliable assembly proposal. • Provide the technical specifications of the relevant equipment and tools. • Through digital simulation and physical assembly to verify assembly feasibility of the parts and man-machine engineering. • Technical support for assembly-line vehicle assembling test , verify the assemblability of part and summarize Lessons Learned. • Achievement & Key data • Successfully completed the simultaneous engineering of two global project (C84 P23C). • Offer assembly quotation of all assembly parts. • Define all process specifications in projects. • Set up technical requirements of facilities and tools. • Help the client to improve the efficiency of the design work: • Manage operators' safety risk. • Control assembly time. • Reduce debugging time • Save development costs by reducing the number of tools • Client : PSA • The number of consultants : 2

  8. Offer introduce Engineering(2/4) Engineering Development • Our development team has full-service design and development capabilities in Automotive.  • 3S design team members have a rigorous professional development commitment; keeping skills sets honed for industry shifts and the latest customer-specific software and processes. • Creating specification together with expert • 3S provide you service on component & sub-system development: PWT, Chassis electronics, Body electronics, Cooling and HVAC, Infotainment system (MMC&IC), Power system, and etc. • Finish 2D drawing and 3D data together with supplier. • Communicate with supplier, and related departments about the design/layout/package and push the design frozen process. • Meet schedule

  9. Offer introduce Powertrain / Chassis Transport & Mobility Enhancement • Chinese & European Emission Standards. • We can offer flexibility with expertise in both in T&M for component development, as well as integration engineering • Chassis, Suspension, Vehicle Dynamics, Brakes, Mounts, Engine Integration, Calibration, Tolerance Powertrain & Chassis Design Expertise Engine & Calibration Activity • PWT packaging & Integration • PWT mount development • Fuel System • Intake System • Exhaust System • Cooling System • Clutch System • Transmission System • Frame and Sub-frame System • Suspension System development • Steering system • Brake system development • Vehicle dynamics / Chassis Tuning • Subjective Drive Evaluation • Supplier Quality Management

  10. Offer introduce BIW / Exterior / Interior High quality leading design • Utilizing a simultaneous engineering approach to meet targets for Safety, Weight, CAE, Cost & Quality with Full Local capabilities in all phases of development. • Body Development Competence for: Styling integration, BIW, D&C, Sealing & Tightness, and Corrosion • Interior/Exterior Development Competence for: Styling, Aerodynamics, Homologation, Functionality, Safety, NVH, Weight, Cost, Recycling, Odor, & Passenger Protection : BIW expertise • Initial RPS Definition for system level • BOM updated with Visual BOM Generation • Kinematics Simulation Report of D & C • Homologation Check (to be defined on official RFQ) • CAD data (including welding points) for BIW & D&C simulation • Glue and Sealing anti-knock Concept/Rough Layout • Initial Welding Points definition • FMEA • Styling surface investigation and confirmation • Packaging and Ergonomics, Principal/Concept sections • Gap & Flush • GD&T calculation • COP strategy from customer and integration Exterior & Interior expertise • Initial RPS Definition for system level • BOM updated with Visual BOM Generation • Homologation Check (to be defined on official RFQ) • CAD data (including welding points) for BIW and D&C simulation • Glue and Sealing anti-knock Concept/Rough Layout • Initial Welding Points definition • FMEA

  11. Offer reference Engineering • Engineering Development • Project Overview • Design SILL mounding rear and carpet • Optimize the 3D model • Finish 3D data release • Finish FDJ data release • Achievement & Key data • Lead the design of Interior. • Meet the project schedule. • Help the clients trained 3 engineers • Client: Volvo Cars • The number of consultants: 2

  12. Offer reference Engineering • Engineering Development - D FMEA • Project Overview • Shenzhen DENZA new technology co., LTD. was established jointly by BYD and Daimler , it is a joint venture enterprise, it was formally established in 2010, headquartered in Shenzhen . • D FMEA on-site assessment • D FMEA drafting (OV DFMEA) • DFMEA review + rewrite (Systems + Sub systems+ Parts DFMEA) • Achievement & Key data • On time finished the D FMEA • Gave the client team training • Better product reliability • Decrease the failures rate • Client: DENZA • The number of consultants: 2

  13. Offer introduce Engineering(3/4) • E/E solutions • E/E architecture • Hardware and software solutions • Infotainment • Component including lighting, switch, and etc.

  14. Offer introduce Vehicle Electrical & Electronic Architectures Vehicle EE architectures face challenges of increasing market expectations and more stringent constraints on cost, energy and time-to-market 3S Consulting’s system engineering, EE design and software services support clients in balancing time, cost, function, and future expansion • Cost-effective delivery of features • Roadmap to support unpredictable future development • Protection for long term investment EE Architecture Development Benefits • System architecture • Logical and physical feature mappings • Bus and ECU definitions • Product & technology road-maps • Product vision • Feature definitions • Constraints • Use Cases Content • Established architectural frameworks • Proprietary tools & IP blocks • Deployment and connectivity capability • AUTOSAR premium partner

  15. Offer introduce Automotive Telematics Development • Telematics • Automotive OEMs and Tier1 suppliers are developing telematics systems that offer new services and user experiences. The complexity of such systems requires a strong partner. We have demonstrated our expertise through the development of telematics system. • Fully automotive and integrated into the car electronics to use the vehicle‘s audio system, GPS data and CAN messages • Communication Stack Integration: telematics system needs to implement common standards for signaling, authentication, communication and error detection. We offer solutions to deploy existing communication stacks as well as to design and develop new protocols using formal methods.  • Ability to implement telematics function, like: Emergency Call, Service Call, Auto Collision Notification, Stolen Vehicle Tracking, Remote Door Lock & Unlock, Vehicle Diagnosis, etc. 15

  16. New Concept: Centralised SW, optimized wiring Current situation: Interconnected ECUs in AdHoc manner Smart sensor Smart sensor Smart sensor Smart sensor Smart sensor Smart sensor Smart actuator Smart actuator Smart actuator Smart actuator Ethernet I/O I/O LIN LIN interface interface CAN CAN Smart motor Smart motor Smart motor Smart motor Smart switches Smart switches SOA compute Platform Smart lights Smart lights Smart sensor Smart sensor SOA compute Platform Smart sensor Offer introduce Smart sensor Smart sensor Smart sensor Smart actuator Smart actuator Smart actuator Smart actuator LIN I/O I/O LIN CAN interface interface CAN Smart motor Smart motor Smart motor Smart motor Smart switches Smart switches Smart lights Smart lights Innovative Architectures: Service Orientated Architecture Today: • New features are integrated as software components, with connected sensors & actuators. • Current ECU-based architecture expensive, time-consuming, inflexible Solution: • New innovative concept based on Service Oriented Architecture Features: • Scalable network of elements • Centralised intelligence & function • Hypervised RTE supporting multiple OS technologies Benefits: • Reduction in weight and cost through fewer components • Faster time to market through reduced complexity, increased scalability and resilience

  17. Offer introduce Innovative Architectures: Network Process Step 1 Project preparation Step 3 System design Step 2 Requirement Spec design • System requirement analysis • Formulate time table • CAN bus hardware spec design • CAN bus communication spec design • CAN network management spec design • CAN diagnostic spec design • CANcommunicationmatrixdesign • CANcommunication & diagnosis simulation • CANtest spec formulation, incl. physical / • communication/ diagnosis/ NWM tests Step 6 System test phase 3 Step 5 System test phase 2 Step 4 System test phase 1 • Unit test • Test car based integration test • Real vehicle based system test • Unit test • Test car based integration test • Real vehicle based system test • Unit test • Test car based integration test • Real vehicle based system test In Vehicle Network Development & Testing

  18. Innovative Architectures: Network Process Offer introduce Protocoland Standard – Passenger cars Commercial cars

  19. Offer introduce In-Vehicle Infotainment Range of services covering whole IVI lifecycle: concept generation, validation, definition, architecture, prototyping, development, testing, and update. Providing viable and desirable infotainment systems to the market, potentially based on industry standards (e.g. Genivi) • Tangible product vision • Confidence in product • Reduced development and market risk In-Vehicle Infotainment Benefits • Concepts, designs & prototypes • Development of systems up to production gate • Validation, upgrade and establishment of support and content ecosystem • Need Statement • Use Cases • Constraints • Baseline systems Content • Established infotainment development know-how • Proprietary tools & IP blocks • Industry-standard platforms including Android and Genivi

  20. Offer introduce Open & Connected Car Open: the platform is currently based on open-source (incl. GENIVI-compliant OS); it was also developed with open-innovation in mind to better serve clients by providing them with an accelerator to develop their own connected car solutions (technology, usage and business models). & Connected: the demonstrator enables application download, web radio and cloud connectivity; it connects the car to home for movie and music drag and drops; it connects devices such as smartphones and tablets to share content, or uses them as remote controls, but also adapt services/ applications for safe and seamless in-car usage; finally the system is fully connected to the CAN Bus, enabling new services around the use of vehicle data that can be sent to the cloud. A Connected Car demonstrator to face new mobility challenges

  21. Offer introduce Human Systems Integration • 3S Consulting has capability in the concepts, technology and processes of advanced HMI design and assessment: • HMI Prototyping & Tools • HMI Development • HMI Middleware • Human Factors assessment • Advanced Interaction (speech, gaze, touch, movement • Graphics Performance & Optimization • Product success through (early) user acceptability Human Systems Integration Benefits • Product vision • User community • Use cases • Constraints • HMI products & solutions • Architectures and roadmaps • Technology, usability and • ecosystem established Content • AUX-p: frameworks & IP for human interaction with intelligent systems • User experience prototyping lab • Otomat: automated test tool for HMI software • HMI delivery centres

  22. Offer reference Innovative Architectures: Network Process Engineering • E/E Solutions • Project Overview • Bus system development and network test before SOP • Requirement analysis and system design, such as message format, transmission speed • Detailed network protocol design, including network implementation spec. diagnosis spec, communication message matrix • Network system simulation and validation • Network protocol and configuration files release • Network test, including communication test, physical test and diagnosis test • Use tools MATLAB/SIMULINK, CANoe, CANStress • Achievement & Key data • Build a vehicle network, including HSCAN, MSCAN, LIN, gateway of which is BCM, the system accommodates communication and control among different ECUs and reduces development period • Network test result of stage SOP matches network spec requirement • Network platform has extendability, reusability • Plentiful DTC definition makes customer can detect network fault through diagnosis tool • Projects: Vehicle bus system development for B class sedan • Star type CAN bus physical layer development for C class sedan

  23. Offer reference Infotainment Engineering • E/E Solutions • Project Overview • Develop new in-car infotainment system by designing, carrying out and overseeing implementation. • Manage components, integrate them into infotainment system and support the validation • Component specification design in software and system modules • Planning and Overseeing product in lifecycle (Design Review, Project follow up, Action Items) • Managing components open items with suppliers • System component integration in infotainment sub-system • Testing support on the vehicle and bench • Achievement & Key data • Development of new OEM car radio head units from • requirements definition to mass production; • Maintenance of OEM radio head units in current production. • Client:Fiat-Chrysler • Number of consultants: 2

  24. Offer reference HMI Prototyping Engineering • E/E Solutions • Project Overview • The Volvo needed a system to prototype and validate complex and innovative HMI concepts • The solution was developed by 3S Consulting and deployed at Volvo Product Design • 3S Consulting developed the HMI & Business Logic and reduced development effort by using Mentor Graphics Inflexion UI and Android Tablets and Smartphone to build customized applications and HMI • Achievement & Key data • 3S provided the client with the tools to improve efficiency and shorten development lead times of the driver instrument interface. • The interaction designer can now for the first time see their HMI designs interact with each other in the concept stage of the development life cycle. • The specific features included Voice control, 2D and 3D graphics, Navigation, Instrumentation, Text-To-Speech & Speech-To-Text for messaging and a cloud based Media Player (Spotify) • For scalability and cost saving, commercial Android tablets were used as displays, and a Java application as data transceiver • To interface to real vehicle data signals, the 3S Consulting UX toolkit is connected to the API layer in Vector products such as CANoe and CANalyzer • Client: Volvo Cars

  25. Offer introduce Engineering(4/4) • Test & Simulation • Comprehensive application of advanced product quality planning tool, to ensure product quality. • Our consultant keep good communication with team and clients • Cover structure, BIW, NVH, Battery pack, and etc. • Use Ansys, Hypermesh and other analysis software • Track the related test, complete the simulation and test, and output the simulation report

  26. Offer introduce EE Testing Offers • 3S Consulting has capability in both methods, tools and also dedicated centers for HiL testing and development: • Test rig design & build • Vehicle, System & ECU/component level HiL • Model and test software development • Single source (to reduce procurement overhead & risk) • Cross-sector experience of X-in-loop and simulation technologies Automotive HiL Benefits • Vehicle systems & components • Functional and non-functional requirements (including performance)) • Validated vehicle systems & subsystems • Re-usable models Content • Experience in Powertrain, Body Control, Engine Control and Climate • Test centres (see next slide) • Expertise in equipment design, procurement and installation

  27. Offer introduce VIT & Lab Car sub-system- Test Componentent- Test EE Testing Offers VIT Test; System Test Bench; Lab-Car : Network test; Functional test; Diagnostic; EMC test • Sub-system Test: • Functional test; • PWT • Chassis electronics • Body electronics • Cooling and HVAC • Infotainment system (MMC&IC) • Power system • Network test; • Diagnostic. Component Test: Functional test; Network test; Diagnostic; EMC test

  28. Simulator Place for real loads e.g., throttel valve Additional connectors e.g., CARB, OBD Power switch, ECU connector, connectors Real loads BOB Breakout box and ECU connectors Power supply External connectors for real loads Power supply Offer introduce Relays Loads Loads and failure simulation Signal conditioning • dSPACE hardware: • processor boards • I/O boards PX-20, COTS hardware HIL Build

  29. Offer introduce We provide small series control units for niche vehicles and vehicle variants - all from a single source ECU solutions • Development services throughout the entire product life cycle • Hardware and software development • Control unit production and logistics • Small series control units for niche vehicles and vehicle variants – all from a single source • Develop single functions onward to ECU series software • Software integration with function, module and system tests • Software integration and configuration in particular for AUTOSAR and OSEK • Diagnosis data support (concept, data description and coding process)

  30. Offer reference Engine Control validation for diesel systems Engineering • Engineering test • Project Overview • Extracting test cases out of software specification • Coverage of 5 different powertrain platform with HiL • Testing and validation of the powertrain functionalities • Management of the facilities for an optimization of the testing capabilities • Achievement & Key data • First collaboration 3S Consulting UK- 3S Consulting India • Cost effective solution for the client • Full HiL engineering services • Purchase of equipment, growing the service capabilities of the WTC • Access to cutting-edge HiL technology with Scalexio rigs leased to the client • Client: CAF

  31. Offer reference Battery Management Unit Test(HIL &Bench) Engineering • Engineering test • Project Overview • Adapt the actual manual tests to Automated tests • Test case definition • Testing of Function, CAN communication, Hardware (I/O), Car Configuration, Diagnostic • Achievement & Key data • Decrease the time of testing from weeks to hours • Strong Partnership with the client • Opening to extended application with the Tool and Simulation Team • Good competences & autonomous team management • Client: BBAC

  32. Offer reference Engineering • Engineering test & problem solving • Project Overview • For a certain model of FCA, the navigation system failure rate is high, the market failure rate of the first 3 months is up to 3.63% • Our consultants collected after defect data, and using Plato accurately find out the Top issues. • Get the defective partslog in the vehicle verification and validation test , and use appropriate quality analysis tools to find out the root cause , work out corrective and preventive action. • The implementation of long-term validation test to verify the effectiveness of corrective and preventive actions. • Based on the data of after-sales return items set up quality chart to monitor the downtrend of defect rate. • Achievement & Key data • Our consultants help clients set up a team to improve the quality level of navigation system, the team members including OEM and parts suppliers. • Compare with 2014 model ,the navigation system defect rate of 2015 model just is 0.92%, reduced 74.5%. • Client : FCA • The number of the consultants : 1

  33. Offer reference Engineering • Simulation Analysis • Project Overview • Responsible for modeling simulation of core, module and battery pack, and proposed optimization plan for structural design through simulation analysis • Based on the national standard, conduct the analysis of battery pack the static, modal, random vibration, extrusion, mechanical impact and relevant simulation and experimental verification • Track the related structural test of battery pack, complete the simulation and test, and output the simulation report; • Based on the simulation and test accumulation, a simulation and test related technical standard of battery pack structure design was established. • Achievement & Key data • Dig out the design issues • Optimized the structure • Saved the development cost • Reduce the development time more than 2 weeks • Client :SVW • The number of consultants: 1

  34. Offer reference Fleet test Engineering • Engineering test • Project Overview • SVW planned to implement fleet test for one model car evaluation from 2018 - 2019. • Amount: 6 vehicles in total • Drive condition: City traffic conditions below 20 km/h, driving of all cars every working day two times 10k; one time 30km on the weekend • Min. time between both drivers 6h to ensure two cold starts every day • Area: Shanghai/Jiangsu or other required locations • Achievement & Key data • 3S provides test organization, test plan execution, engineering support and documentation for car evaluation in China (including but not limited to Shanghai, Heihe, Hainan, Golmud if required) • 3S executes SVW’s test route and test specification including evaluation for function tests if required • To provide daily and weekly report about service status to VW according to VW’s requirements. • Client: SVW • Team : 1 x project manager in Shanghai • 1 x technical support in Shanghai • 2 driver, 2 shifts per day

  35. Delivery Model Summary FIXED PRICE COMMITMENTS COMPETENCES & SKILLS COMMITMENTS Super Work Package Delivery Model D Work Package Delivery Model C Technical support service Delivery Model A Structured team service Delivery Model B Working Environment Provided Risk-sharing Quality Management System Work Specifications/Detailed Tech.Requierement Schedule Management Resource Management Staff Management Service Level Agreement Formal acceptance delivery Performance Evaluation Completion Work Activities /Work Units Client Satisfaction Billing Process Achievements & Deliverables Achievements & Deliverables Time Time Share planning goals, but we manage milestones. May become work package, but now it is managed by client. Scope of work and requirements are not clear Long term partnership Customer Needs

  36. Project following-up and client satisfaction monitoring At the end of the project ,organize a meeting to work out the final actions and summarize lessons learned. Implement project following-up and monitoring customer satisfaction at least by every quarter: measure our performance ,and establish action plans if it’s necessary. Have kick-off meeting to confirm project goals and activities.

  37. Key contact 刘飞斌 Sucre (+86)1391 7233 700 (+86)21 8015 8325 ext. 808 Sucre.liu@3SConsulting-group.com 上海箴思汽车工程咨询有限公司 Unit 2216, Number 488 Anchi Road, Jiading District, Shanghai, 201805 P.R.China 中国上海市嘉定区安驰路488号CAS汽车广场2216室 www.3SConsulting-group.com 37

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