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Sports Product

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Sports Product HSS 5263 Sport Marketing Brian Turner What is the sport product? “… a good, a service, or any combination of the two that is designed to provide benefits to a sports spectator, participant, or sponsor” What is the sport product? Goods Services Pure Goods Pure Services

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sports product

Sports Product

HSS 5263

Sport Marketing

Brian Turner

what is the sport product
What is the sport product?
  • “… a good, a service, or any combination of the two that is designed to provide benefits to a sports spectator, participant, or sponsor”
what is the sport product3
What is the sport product?
  • Goods
  • Services

Pure Goods

Pure Services

what is the sport product4
What is the sport product?
  • Tangibility
  • Standardization/consistency
  • Perishability
  • Separability
  • “…name, design, symbol, or any combination that a sports organization uses to help differentiate its products from the competition”
  • Brand names
    • Guidelines
      • Positive, distinctive, generate positive feelings and associations, be easy to remember, and easy to pronounce
      • Translatable to a dynamite attitude-oriented logo
      • Imply the benefits the sports product delivers
      • Consistent with the image of the rest of the product lines, organization, and/or city
      • Legally and ethically permissible
  • Brand mark or logo
  • Trademarks
    • Identify that a sports organization has legally registered its brand name and/or brand mark and thus prevents others from using it
branding process
Branding Process
  • Brand awareness
  • Brand image
  • Brand equity
branding process9
Branding Process
  • Brand Loyalty

What is a licensed product?

  • “… not manufactured by leagues, teams, or schools, but rather by independent companies under an agreement with a sport entity.”
  • Licensing
    • “…a contractual method of developing and exploiting intellectual property by transferring the rights of use to third parties without transfer of ownership.”

What makes licensing work?

  • Licensee advantages
    • Positive association with the sports entity
    • Greater levels of brand awareness
    • Save time/money in building brand equity
    • Receive initial distribution with retailers
    • Expanded and improved shelf space
    • May be able to charge higher prices
  • Licensee disadvantages
    • Athlete, league, or sport may fall into disfavor
    • Success depends on success of team
    • Styles change quickly

What makes licensing work?

  • Licensor advantages
    • Expansion into new markets
    • Generate awareness of the sports entity
    • Increase its brand equity
    • Very little risk
  • Licensee disadvantages
    • May lose some control over the elements of the marketing mix

How does licensing work?

  • Licensees pay an initial, one-time licensing fee
  • They take on production issues and assume risk by manufacturing product
  • They then pay a royalty for the use of specific trademarks on specific products

Licensed-Product Revenues

Retail Sales of Licensed

Sport Products in the US

  • 1990 - $5.3 Billion
  • 1995 - $10.4 Billion
  • 1996 - $13.8 Billion

Collegiate Licensing

  • Up to the 1970s, manufacturers did not pay royalties
  • Significant revenues began in the late 1980s
  • Service quality
      • Reliability, assurance, empathy, responsiveness, tangibles
  • Product quality
    • Performance
    • Features
    • Reliability
    • Conformance
    • Durability
    • Serviceability
    • Aesthetics
    • Perceived quality

New Sports Products

  • New products from organizational perspective

New Sports Products

  • New products from the consumer’s perspective

New Product Development

  • Idea generation
  • Idea screening
  • Analysis of the concept or potential
  • Development
  • Test marketing
  • Commercialization

New Product Success Factors

  • Product considerations
  • Other marketing mix considerations
  • Marketing environment considerations

Product Life Cycles

  • Introduction
  • Growth
  • Maturity
  • Decline

Product Life Cycles

  • Fad
  • Classic
  • Seasonal