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Health Effects of Fracking Compared to Coal

Health Effects of Fracking Compared to Coal. Introduction Statement. The comparison of health effects of fracking compared to coal mining. Each method has minor and major health effects towards both the workers and the population of people who live in the region. KO. Argument 1:.

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Health Effects of Fracking Compared to Coal

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  1. Health Effects of Fracking Compared to Coal

  2. Introduction Statement The comparison of health effects of fracking compared to coal mining. Each method has minor and major health effects towards both the workers and the population of people who live in the region. KO

  3. Argument 1: Fracking is a controversial oil and gas extraction technique that results in many negative health effects. The health effects that come from fracking have proven to be more harmful than those that come from other energy sources, such as coal. MM

  4. How does fracking work? Fracking is a drilling and extraction technique that is used to remove oil and gas from deep underground to be utilized as an energy source. MM

  5. MM (Source: (Endocrinedisruption.org)

  6. Meet the Mannings Matt & Tammy Manning bought their PA home in 2010- not long after, a fracking site opened nearby. Their family began to experience discolored water that contained arsenic, barium, methane, and other toxic chemicals. They were no longer able to: • Drink or cook with water • Shower safely • Use their gas stove For months the family relied on Matt driving hours away to fill gallon-sized jugs with clean water from his mother’s well in New York. KO

  7. Fracking Effects Due to Air Pollution During the drilling process, many air contaminants are released as a result. Examples of some harmful toxins that contaminate our air are benzene, nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and smog. Exposure to these pollutants are known to cause short-term illness, cancer, organ damage, nervous system disorders and birth defects or even death. MM Source: https://serc.carleton.edu/67733

  8. Health effects of smog/ground-level ozone (O3) Fracking can cause increased levels of air pollution such as smog that is harmful to the human body. Prolonged and increased exposure to smog can cause: • Worsening of symptoms in those with asthma, COPD, and cardiovascular disease • Inflamed and swollen airways • Irritation of the eyes, nose, and mouth/throat • Painful coughing • Intense headaches KO

  9. Fracking Effects Due to Water Pollution Drilling fluid contains many toxic substances Each well requires 4-6 million gallons of water Flowback and water produced from fracking contains salts, radioactivity, and methane. Leakage of methane into the water table is why studies indicate that there is methane in our drinking water. Consumption of toxins such as oil in our drinking water is harmful MM

  10. Source: https://www.coloradoan.com/story/news/2015/04/12/frack-fluid/25666797/ KO

  11. Only 76 miles away from Wilkes University... Carol French holds a jar of cloudy water from her well in rural Bradford County, Pennsylvania, which she worries could be contaminated due to nearby fracking. Les Stone/REUTERS MM

  12. Health Effects Due to Fracking Chemicals Exposure to fracking related toxins including benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylene, and other volatile hydrocarbons can lead to: • Respiratory problems : difficulty breathing, and worsening of asthma/ other respiratory diseases • Cardiovascular problems: including high blood pressure, heart attacks, and worsening of cardiac diseases • Brain and nervous system problems: including headaches, lightheadedness, and disorientation • Reproductive system effects: Effects on fetal and child development, cancer and premature mortality(Source: https://www.nrdc.org/sites/default/files/fracking-air-pollution-IB.pdf) MM

  13. Health Effects Due to Inhalation The fracking process involves combustion, which releases toxic chemicals into the air due to the burning of excess natural gas. There is also extra pollution created from the diesel trucks continuously coming to and from the drilling site. Exposure to these chemicals can cause: • Asthma attacks • Shortness of breath • Permanent lung disease • Increased risk of cancer KO Source https://www.usada.org/coaches-how-to-help-athletes-with-inhalers-avoid-doping-violations/:

  14. Argument 2: Coal is a controversial energy source that consist of mining coal above or underground. The health effects that come from coal are more harmful than fracking. G

  15. How is coal extracted? • Coal can be mined deep underground • Room and pillar mining • Involves coal miners to go underground • A more dangerous mining method for the coal miners https://www.worldcoal.org/coal/coal-mining • Coal can be extracted by surface mining • Mountaintop removal mining or Strip mining • Coal miners work above ground • Safer mining method for coal miners http://www.energytrendsinsider.com/research/coal/coal-mining-and-processing/ MD

  16. Health Effects of Coal Black lung A chronic respiratorycondition that is a result from inhalation of coal dust. Particles of dust can cause inflammation and produce scar tissue and lessen the lung functions. This is the most common effect that many coal miners will experience. Found more in underground mining Can increase chance of premature death No cure Source: https://lungsatworkpa.org/?page_id=53 G

  17. Black Lung Deaths Affected By Coal Mining Source: https://www.npr.org/2010/04/16/126021059/the-quiet-deaths-outside-the-coal-minhttps:/G

  18. Coal Health Effects Due To Air Pollution The air pollution can have a mixture of harmful chemicals that are released during the extraction for coal consisting of methane, sulfur dioxide, oxides of nitrogen, and carbon monoxide. Mostly caused by above ground coal mining methods. • Asthma attacks • Respiratory disease • Lung cancer • Loss of intellectual capacity due to mercury in the air G

  19. Coal Health Effects Due to Water Pollution Water (streams and rivers) can be contaminated from acid mine runoff water that occurs from abandoned coal mines or exposed rocks from coal mining. The water contains sulfur and/or metal ions that are released from the coal mines and into the waterways. • Unintended poisonings • Low Birth weight rates • Higher risk for cancer http://business-ethics.com/2011/03/12/6622-mining-impact-on-water-pollution/ G

  20. Health Effects of Being a Coal Miner Individuals who work as coal miners are at risk of more health problems working directly with the coal mining process. • Respiratory: progressive massive fibrosis, black lung (pneumoconiosis), sinus cavity problems, chronic bronchitis • Cardiovascular: heart disease, artery blockage, heart attacks, high blood pressure • Risks:suffocation, gas poisoning, explosions, eardrum rupture, machinery injuries, exposure to welding fumes and radon (odorless, radioactive gas). G

  21. Rodney Osborne and Luches “Big Lou” Rosser • Rodney Osborne worked at for 5 months at the Gateway Eagle Mine in West Virginia • In June 2017, he was crushed to death by a rotating drill. • He had not received adequate safety training on the device. • In May, “Big Lou” Rosser, 44, worked as a coal miner 6 years. • Was traveling on an electric locomotive deep in a West Virginia mine when his head hit a steel beam, killing him. • The official investigation into his death found that Rosser, hadn’t been properly trained on the machine. MD

  22. Trump VS Coal Miners • Recently, President Trump has halted a study on coal’s effects on people in Appalachia. • In 2014, a West Virginia University study found that dust from mountaintop removal coal-mining sites was linked to increased incidences of lung cancer. MD • Former coal miners in Appalachia are urging Congress to extend funding on Black Lung. • The excise tax paid by coal companies funds the Black Lung Disability Trust Fund, but if Congress doesn't act the tax will decrease by about 55 percent at the end of the year.

  23. Conclusion/Closing Statement As a group, we came to a conclusion that we have a neutral opinion on both fracking and coal mining methods. Both methods have their pros and cons that deal with an individual’s health. MD MD

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