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Propaganda & Persuasion Persuasion A communication process to influence others Recipient voluntarily adopts new behavior or point of view Mutually satisfying Both persuader & persuadee stand to have needs fulfilled Propaganda

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Propaganda l.jpg


& Persuasion

Persuasion l.jpg

  • A communication process to influence others

  • Recipient voluntarily adopts new behavior or point of view

  • Mutually satisfying

  • Both persuader & persuadee stand to have needs fulfilled

Propaganda3 l.jpg

Deliberate & systematic attempt to shape perceptions, manipulate congitions & direct behavior

Goal is to further cause of propagandist

No concern for well-being of recipient

Though propagandist may profess concern

Propaganda4 l.jpg

Ultimate goal is to control public opinion & manipulate behavior

  • Voting

  • Buying products

  • Joining an organization

  • Fighting for a cause

  • Etc.

Propaganda often involves l.jpg
Propaganda often involves

  • Concealed purpose

  • Concealed identity

  • Control of information flow

Propaganda devices l.jpg
Propaganda devices:

  • Play on emotion

  • Avoid objectivity

  • Discourage examination of evidence

  • Often rely on symbols

  • Are most effective when there is a vacuum of info around an issue

Historically effective elements of propaganda l.jpg
Historically effective elements of propaganda

  • Charismatic figures

  • Heavy symbolism

  • Simple & incessant moral philosophy

  • Understanding of audience needs

  • Reliance on image & emotion

Propaganda throughout history l.jpg
Propaganda throughout history

  • Generally in support of war or religion

  • Architecture & public monuments

    • Prestige & dynastic legitimacy

Slide9 l.jpg

Alexander the Great

  • Symbolism of marriage

    Caesars of Imperial Rome

  • “corporate symbolism”

  • Art, architecture, literature, coinage

Religious propaganda l.jpg
Religious propaganda

  • Often aimed at positive social or political purpose

  • Parables & metaphors

    • Eye of the camel, shepherd & flock

  • Crusades: religion & war

Forms of propaganda l.jpg
Forms of propaganda

White propaganda

  • Source is correctly identified

  • Info is accurate

  • Attempts to build credibility

Examples of white propaganda l.jpg
Examples of white propaganda

  • Voice of America

  • National holidays

  • Olympics

Black propaganda l.jpg
Black Propaganda

  • Credited to a false source

  • Spreads lies, fabrications & deceptions

    Examples of black propaganda

  • WWII radio

  • leaflets

Gray propaganda l.jpg
Gray Propaganda

  • Source may or may not be correctly identified

  • Accuracy of info is uncertain

  • Examples of gray propaganda

  • Distorted statistics

  • Unsupported advertising claims

Slide15 l.jpg

Disinformation(black propaganda)

  • False, incomplete or misleading info fed to targeted individual, group or country

  • News stories designed to weaken adversaries, planted by foreign agent journalists

Subpropaganda facilitative communication l.jpg
Subpropaganda(facilitative communication)

  • Spreading of unfamiliar doctrine to build base of support for future use

  • Builds friendly atmosphere & keeps lines of communication open for eventual use of propaganda tactics

  • Often, though not always, aimed at news media

Hate propaganda atrocity stories l.jpg
Hate propaganda(atrocity stories)

Sometimes true

But often exaggerated and/or fabricated

  • Massacre

  • Mutilation

  • Mistreatment

Coercive propaganda l.jpg
Coercive Propaganda

Brainwashing of prisoners

Integration Propaganda

Maintains the status quo

Agitation Propaganda

Arouse support for a cause

7 common propaganda devices l.jpg
7 Common Propaganda Devices

Name calling

  • Giving an ideal a bad label

    Glittering generality

  • Association with a “virtue” word


  • Of respect & authority

Slide20 l.jpg


  • Respected or hated person speaks for an issue

    Plain Folks

  • “of the people”

    Card Stacking

  • Best or worse case

    Band Wagon

  • “everybody is doing it”

Two more common devices l.jpg
Two more common devices

Fear Appeals

  • Disaster will ensue


  • “Nice” words

Reasons for growth in use of propaganda in 19th 20th centuries l.jpg
Reasons for growth in use of propaganda in 19th & 20th centuries

  • Development of democratic institutions

  • Improvements in transportation & communication

  • Growth of mass media

    • bypasses traditional socializing institutions

Slide23 l.jpg

News media propaganda l.jpg
News Media & Propaganda centuries

  • Whenever possible, propagandists attempt to control the news media.

  • The role of the news media in propaganda varies according to country and culture.

  • In an open society, the news media are more often channels of propaganda than actual propagandists.

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