Producing micro size beads from alginate
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Producing micro-size beads from alginate - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Producing micro-size beads from alginate. Principle and equipment. Principle. Alginate solution + divalent cations (Ca, Ba, etc.) = solidified matrix (gel-like material). If alginate solution is forced into a Micro- droplet shape, the result will be a micro- solid bead (sphere).

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Principle l.jpg

Alginate solution +divalent cations

(Ca, Ba, etc.)=solidified matrix(gel-like material).

If alginate solution is forced into a

Micro-droplet shape, the result will

be a micro-solid bead (sphere).

If your experiment requires quantities of micro beads l.jpg

…If your experiment requires quantities of micro-beads…

You will find production by hand very tiresome, especially when hard beads are needed when using highly viscous alginate solutions.

Some equipment is needed

Equipment for producing micro beads 100 200 m m dia l.jpg
Equipment for producing micro-beads (100-200 mm dia.)

  • This is essentially a metal sprayer with a very small nozzle.

  • Droplets form from the internal pressure and are solidified by the calcium solution.

In reality the device looks like this l.jpg
In reality, the device looks like this.


Microbe filter

Bacteria culture +

alginate solution

Stirred plate



Air filter

A look at the parts cartridge the heart of the system l.jpg
A look at the parts; Cartridge, the “heart” of the system

Air inlet

Exit nuzzle

Copper tube

Bacteria culture +

alginate solution

Filters keeps everything clean and non contaminated l.jpg
Filters, keeps everything clean and non-contaminated system

Standard microbe filter

Air flow

Metal tube filled with glass wool

Air flow

Nozzle forms the microbeads l.jpg
Nozzle forms the microbeads. system

Micro-drop formation

Compressed air

Formation of microbeads step by step l.jpg
Formation of microbeads, step by step… system

  • Clean, pressurized air stream sucks liquid from flask.

  • Micro-droplets exit from the narrow nozzle.

  • Micro-droplets are formed separately during trajectory into collection pan.

Stream of droplets

Bacteria culture +

alginate solution

And again from a different angle l.jpg
And again from a different angle system

Bacteria culture +

alginate solution

To the container

Stream of droplets

As the micro droplets hit the calcium chloride solution they immediately form micro beads l.jpg
As the micro-droplets hit the calcium chloride solution, they immediately form micro-beads.

Rotary shaker (not shown) shakes container.

Stream of droplets


Micro-beads are formed instantly.

The usually transparent micro-beads were colored for this demonstration.

Micro beads after formation l.jpg
Micro-beads after formation they immediately form micro-beads.

And, if you look at the circle close enough …

You can see the micro beads l.jpg
You can see the micro-beads they immediately form micro-beads.

One option for drying micro beads l.jpg
One option for drying micro-beads they immediately form micro-beads.

Microphoto of micro beads attached to wheat seeds before sowing l.jpg
Microphoto of micro-beads attached to wheat seeds before sowing.


Wheat seed

Natural color

Artificially colored for demonstration

Other applications l.jpg

Other applications? sowing.

“The sky is the limit.”

Use your imagination.

Some unexpected benefits l.jpg
Some unexpected benefits: sowing.

  • Procedure requires very little human or electrical energy.

  • This is a new technology and described in respected scientific journals, so your “brilliant” paper will not be rejected for using an untried method.

  • As an environmentally-friendly technology, it will make you look good.

  • Production is fast, which gives you time for an evening at the movies or lounging in front of the TV.

  • Have fun…..