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WISeWorld2000 WISeKey By Malcolm Hutchinson CEO & Cofounder WISekey The WISekey PKI Revolution The market for PKI technology is expected to be one of the fastest growing new economy related technologies .

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By Malcolm Hutchinson

CEO & Cofounder WISekey


The WISekey PKI Revolution

  • The market for PKI technology is expected to be one of the fastest growing new economy related technologies.
  • Leading institutions estimate the worldwide PKI market to grow from USD 1,1 bn in 2000 to 3,5 bn in 2003.
pki avantages
PKI Avantages

Use of PKI enables:

  • Secure e-mail: authentication of the sender, encryption and integrity of the content and proof of delivery
  • B2B e-commerce & B2C e-commerce: identification of customers, suppliers and B2B exchange participants, as well as legal recognition of on-line contracts
  • Access Control: Providing information and services to only authorized users.
  • On-line banking: secure log-in and signature of banking and trading transactions.

WISekey Partners Building a Global Solution

  • Baltimore Technologies
  • Datamatics
  • Oracle
  • Rainbow Technologies
  • Celo Communications
  • Mount10
  • DataKey
  • Avataro
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Octree Technologies
  • Intel
  • MCI Worldcom
  • Valicert
  • Entegrity Solutions
  • Gemplus
  • KyberPass
  • Vordel
  • EcommercePKI

WISeKey Trust Model

  • Use existing Trust Parties through digitizing their current processes – Analog to Digital Trust.
  • WISeKey acts as the interface between the islands of trust providing global recognition and inter-operability.
  • Technically achieved through the sharing of a root certificate by high authenticate Certification Authorities.
  • Neutral ownership of the root certificate by a Swiss Foundation, operated by WISeKey and administered by a neutral forum.
wisekey pki market potential
WISeKey PKI Market Potential
  • There are now more than one billion documents on the web.
  • 6,409,521 servers distribute these documents to more than 200 million users.
  • Of these users, approximately two thirds use the Internet for conducting business, predominately being for e-mail.
  • The growth rate is more than doubling each year.
  • Source Inktomi and NEC Research Institute
wisekey pki market potential9
WISeKey PKI Market Potential
  • Worldwide e-business-to-business revenue is projected to outstrip worldwide business to consumer revenue on the web by a factor of more than four by 2003.Source: Dataquest
  • Total business sales via the Internet will rise from US$43 billion in 1998 to US$1.3 trillion by 2003.Source: Forrester Research
wisekey pki market potential10
WISeKey PKI Market Potential
  • Based upon current trends, there should be more than one billion users of the Internet by 2003.
  • If two thirds of those remain business users, then there are more than 600 million potential clients with a need for a PKI Certificate. That is 600 million potential WISeKey PKI clients.
  • Even if only 10% of these eventuate as WISeKey PKI users, the WISeKey client base is conservatively 60 million users by 2003. By 2005 we expect at least 100 million users.
wisekey s role
WISeKey’s Role
  • WISeKey
  • Is an ASP to Certification Authorites.
  • Provides trust recognition and interoperability to Certification Authorities
  • Enables independance of Certification Authorities under agreed policies to meet their own specific industry or jurisdiction requirements


  • Sign existing CA’s to use WISeKey’s global root for their certficates
  • Sell turn-key CA solutions to organisations in cooperation with Stratgic Partners
    • Baltimore Technologies
    • Hewlett Packard etc.
    • Offer smaller organizations ability to provide certificate services and growth path through becoming a Registration Authority for an incubator CA
wisekey pki global growth path
WISeKey PKI Global Growth Path
  • WISeKey

Gold CAs.

ITU – EC-DC Project


«Incubator CA »

Silver RAs.

Bronze RAs.


Quo Vadis



WISe- Atlantica


Growth Path


WISeKey-ITU TrustFund

  • Established November 2000
  • Investment in kind to date by WISeKey of 4 million US$
  • Investment in kind to date by Expert Group members of 2.5 million US $
  • Receives US1 per certificate issued within the WISekey PKI
  • Receives external contributions from donnors
  • Will receive transaction revenues via a WISeKey financial clearing house
  • Invests and donates the resources to LDC’s to establishElectronic Commerce projects


The Secure Electronic Commerce

Partnership Conference

GENEVA, Switzerland, November 27, 28, 29

ITU Building