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Personal Software Process Use in Organizations

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Personal Software Process Use in Organizations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Personal Software Process Use in Organizations. CIS 376 Bruce R. Maxim UM-Dearborn. These notes are based on: Introduction to the Personal Software Process Watts S. Humphrey Addison-Wesley Longman (1997). Personal PSP Implications.

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personal software process use in organizations

Personal Software ProcessUse in Organizations

CIS 376

Bruce R. Maxim


These notes are based on:

Introduction to the

Personal Software Process

Watts S. Humphrey

Addison-Wesley Longman (1997)

personal psp implications
Personal PSP Implications
  • If you seek personal excellence, the PSP can help you to attain it.
  • By defining and measuring your work, you gain the knowledge to improve your personal performance.
  • The question is, “do you want to improve?”
personal psp implications4
Personal PSP Implications
  • To consistently improve, you must critically examine your own performance.
  • To do this, you need a process framework and performance measurements.
  • The PSP provides a suitable framework and set of measurements.
personal psp implications5
Personal PSP Implications
  • As a software professional you need to
    • make commitments you can meet
    • deal with unreasonable commitment pressures
    • review status and plans with customers, managers, and coworkers
  • The PSP will help you to perform professionally even when your customers, managers, or coworkers do not.
personal psp implications6
Personal PSP Implications
  • The PSP involves change and change involves risk.
    • your methods may have sufficed in the past
    • no one else may use disciplined personal practices
  • But the problems of the future will be more challenging than those of today.
    • will your current methods be adequate?
    • do you know a better way?
personal psp implications7
Personal PSP Implications
  • In using the PSP, you may face resistance.
    • do you have a supportive environment?
    • does your management agree with your interest in personal improvement?
  • Your PSP efforts will be most rewarding when your management and your teammates share your interests and objectives.
the costs of the psp
The Costs of the PSP
  • The time investment
    • process development takes about 1 to 2 hours per form and script
    • process updates will be needed at least every 3 months
    • data entry and analysis will take about an hour for each PSP-sized project
the costs of the psp9
The Costs of the PSP
  • The emotional investment
    • the PSP takes a lot of work
    • there will be occasional frustrations
  • You will clearly see your own limitations
    • if you can’t face your personal limitations, you should not use the PSP
    • and perhaps you should reconsider your decision to be a software engineer
the benefits of the psp
The Benefits of the PSP
  • Insight
    • you will better understand your strengths and weaknesses
    • you will be better able to maximize your assets
    • the PSP will help you to objectively deal with your weaknesses
the benefits of the psp11
The Benefits of the PSP
  • Ideas
    • by defining your process, you can control it
    • you can then act like a process owner
    • your critical facilities will be in gear
    • you will unconsciously observe your working self
    • you will see many ways to improve your process and your performance
the benefits of the psp12
The Benefits of the PSP
  • Improvement framework
    • a defined process provides a language for thinking about your work
    • you can better see how the process parts relate
    • you can better focus on priority areas for improvement
the benefits of the psp13
The Benefits of the PSP
  • Personal control
    • you will have a planning framework
    • you will have data on which to base your plans
    • your plans will be more reliable
    • you will be better able to track your status
    • you will be better able to manage your work
the benefits of the psp14
The Benefits of the PSP
  • Accomplishments and personal bests
    • you will recognize your personal bests
    • you will better understand how to repeat and to surpass them
    • you will see where and how you have improved
    • you will have your own personal improvement goals
    • you will have the satisfaction that comes with knowing you are doing superior work
the benefits of the psp15
The Benefits of the PSP
  • When your team’s processes are defined
    • you can better back up and support each other
    • you will more precisely relate to each other
    • you will no longer need to protect yourself from your peers’ failures
    • they won’t need to protect against your failures
  • Teams perform better when they can concentrate on the job and not worry about being defensive.
using the psp in an organization
Using the PSP in an Organization
  • Introducing the PSP into an organization involves 2 situations.
    • the solo PSP performer - you are the only person using the PSP in your organization
    • the lone PSP team - your team uses the PSP but they are the only team in the organization to do so
  • You will also need management support for PSP introduction.
the solo psp performer
The Solo PSP Performer
  • It is hard to maintain personal discipline without the support of peers and managers.
  • It is easy to get discouraged by a slow rate of personal progress.
  • Your peers may kid you for wasting your time with the PSP.
the solo psp performer18
The Solo PSP Performer
  • If you are not confident that the PSP helps you, it will be hard to withstand such criticism.
    • normal statistical fluctuations will seem like major disasters
    • instead of learning from your mistakes you may get defensive about them
  • Until you have data to support the benefits of the PSP, you would be wise to say little about it.
the lone psp team
The Lone PSP Team
  • When your team has been trained in the PSP, you will have a powerful base of support.
  • You will be able to
    • review each others’ work
    • share process improvement ideas and results
    • celebrate successes
    • get support when you need it
the lone psp team20
The Lone PSP Team
  • Be cautious about describing your results. Other groups may
    • critique your results
    • argue that they already do better work
  • They are probably comparing their occasional best results with your normal performance.
  • Without consistent data, such comparisons are meaningless and should be avoided.
the lone psp team21
The Lone PSP Team
  • If your results are superior, others may feel defensive.
  • Be careful not to seem critical of other peoples’ work
    • do not imply that your results apply to them
    • suggest they try the PSP for themselves
  • Concentrate on how the PSP has helped you to improve
organizational psp support
Organizational PSP Support
  • To be most effective, you will need organizational support.
    • education and training
    • database and analysis
    • process definition
    • tools
  • To get these, you will need management’s help.
organizational psp support23
Organizational PSP Support
  • You may have trouble getting management support unless
    • they see your work as a prototype for the organization
    • you have data to demonstrate the benefits of the PSP for your team
  • Seek to interest others in exploring the PSP
    • other projects
    • SQA and the SEPG
organizational psp support24
Organizational PSP Support
  • Support champions on other teams who wish to try the PSP.
  • Seek the support of the process, quality assurance, and training groups.
  • When other groups are interested in the PSP, management will be more willing to support you.
introducing the psp part 1
Introducing the PSP – part 1
  • In getting management support, show enough of your own and other groups’ data to convince them that
    • there are important benefits
    • the costs are controllable
  • When they understand the potential value of the PSP, they will more likely provide support for long enough to produce measurable results.
introducing the psp part 2
Introducing the PSP – part 2
  • In introducing the PSP, it is essential that
    • it be introduced with a formal course
    • all professionals voluntarily participate
    • the engineers be given time to do the work
    • the managers provide weekly support and encouragement to their engineers to complete the PSP exercises
    • the engineers’ personal data be respected as their private property
introducing the psp part 3
Introducing the PSP – part 3
  • Where possible, do the PSP training by project team.
  • Attempt to build clusters of PSP-trained teams that can reinforce and support each other.
  • In selecting the initial projects, try to pick ones that are not in perpetual crisis.
introducing the psp part 4
Introducing the PSP – part 4
  • After PSP training, adapt the PSP to each project by
    • measuring and planning the current process
    • adjusting PSP2.1 or PSP3 to the project needs
    • testing each process change before general introduction
    • planning for continuous process improvement