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Paperless Pick/Pack/Ship PowerPoint Presentation
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Paperless Pick/Pack/Ship

Paperless Pick/Pack/Ship

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Paperless Pick/Pack/Ship

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  1. Paperless Pick/Pack/Ship A ‘SLAM DUNK’ FOR PARTS SUPPLIERS! Improve Inventory Accuracy, Shipping Accuracy and Warehouse Efficiencies! Judi Curlee CISTECH Sr. Technical Consultant

  2. Today’s Agenda • Product Overview • XA COM PPS Process vs CISTECH PPPS Process • Paperless PPS Demonstration • Implementation review • Q & A

  3. PPPS - A Slam Dunk for Parts Suppliers! Parts Suppliers typically have the following characteristics: • Dedicated warehouse with location control • More than 3 pickers in warehouse • High volume of orders • Multi-line pick lists • High volume of parcel shipments

  4. PPPS - A Slam Dunk for Parts Suppliers! • For ‘capital goods’ manufacturers spare part sales can be profitable • Warehouse operations can be cumbersome and inefficient with ‘vanilla’ MAPICS • MAPICS inefficiencies can cut into operating profit and hamper customer service • Inefficient picking processes • Inventory lags • Missed Shipments • Erroneous Shipments OPTIMIZE MAPICS COM WITH PPPS!

  5. PPPS Success

  6. PPPS Product Overview Use RF Handheld devices to pick and stage customer orders for shipment! Picking • Pick list electronically delivered to wireless handheld • Item Number can be entered/scanned by Item, Turnaround or UPC numbers • Transfers the inventory immediately from the stock location to a staging location • Full Inquiry capabilities from the RF device including: • Pick Lists • Items • Locations, Batch/Lot and Quantity on hand • Includes ‘Kit Items’, Serialization, Lot Control and Containerization! • Can pick using either single order or consolidated pick lists • Multiple employees can pick the same order at the same time (different items) • Option to print Pack List and Shipping Labels when order is staged

  7. PPPS Product Overview Parcel Shipping • If the Carrier is UPS, Fed Ex or DHL no further actions are required, programs will ship the order, add tracking info and, if applicable, add shipping charges Full Truckload / LTL Shipping • Streamlined shipping screens to ship LTL and Truckload orders • Uses XA Offline Shipping to create COM shipment • Optional creation of Bill of Lading and/or Invoice when order is shipped

  8. PPPS Product Overview Additional Features • Full set of User Exits and API’s to allow for customization without modification • Supervisor functions to: • Assign & re-assign pick lists to specific pickers/employees • View status of orders being picked • View status of shipped and staged orders • Add Freight Charges • Add Carrier Information • Office Functions can be performed in either Green Screen or PowerLink (R7)

  9. Paperless Pick/Pack/Ship FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

  10. What happens when an item is picked? • Inventory in the shelf/stocking location is lower (via an Inter Warehouse Transfer [TW] transaction) • Item is moved to a staging location and reserved for that Customer Order

  11. Can multiple Employees pick the same order? • YES, multiple Employees can sign on to the same pick list to pick/stage the order • However, there cannot be multiple Employees working on the same item on the same pick list

  12. How does the employee know what item to pick? • It depends on how you’ve configured the PPS system (through Control File settings): • Guided Picking: RF gun shows next item on the pick list to be picked • Non-Guided Picking: Employee uses printed Pick List or RF Gun inquiry to see next item to be picked

  13. What if an item has batch/lot or serial number? • If an item is flagged (in the Item Master/Revision record) for Batch/Lot control then both the location and the Batch/Lot number must be scanned/entered with the location • If an item is flagged (in the Item Master/Revision record) for Serial Number then, depending on the Control File, a serial number for each item pick can be entered • RF PPS will check to verify that this serial number for this item has never been shipped before

  14. What if the item is a Kit? • XA will create 2 pick lists: one for the Kit Item and a second one for the components of the kit • RF PPS will see the item on the first pick list is a kit, retrieve the second pick list to allow the employee to pick the Kit Components and then return to the original Pick List

  15. How do I ship the order? • If using the UPS/Fed Ex/DHL interfaces, after the order is staged, a PPS program will send the pick to the XA Offline Ship files to be shipped • If not using interfaces, new PPS Office screen is used to ship picked orders sending the shipment to XA Offline Ship files • Why Offline Ship? Because Mapics XA programs are being used to update the database and create the invoices

  16. How is the licensing for this product structured? Paperless Pick/Pack/Ship is licensed by the total number of pickers using the solution Less than 3 pickers - $16,000 + 20% annual support 3 to 10 pickers - $26,000 + 20% annual support 10+ pickers - $39,000 + 20% annual support

  17. Paperless Pick/Pack/Ship Solution Benefits

  18. What benefits are realized through RF PPS? • Accurate inventory in the stock location • 30 – 50% time improvement in picking/staging Customer Orders • Takes the number of steps to pick an order from 23 to 9 • Improved accuracy of items shipped to customers • Reduced data entry for order shipments

  19. Improved efficiencies AND inventory accuracy leads to quick and easy returns! PPPS STREAMLINED PICKING AND SHIPPING FOR XA

  20. PPPS: Streamlined pick/ship -XA-Process -PPPS- Create Pick Lists Release Pick Lists Release Pick Lists Print Pick Lists Sort Paper Pick Lists Electronically distribute pick lists Distribute Paper Pick List

  21. PPPS: Streamlined pick/ship -XA-Process -PPPS- Pick Orders Retrieve Paper Pick Lists Go to Location, Scan to confirm* Go to location Write Quantity Write batch/lot Key Qty into terminal *Batch/lot automatic* **XA Inventory is updated** Walk to terminal for inquiry Retrieve add’l pick list

  22. PPPS: Streamlined pick/ship -XA-Process -PPPS- Prepare for Parcel Shipping Weigh parcel at shipping station Weigh parcel at shipping station **Cost and tracking info sent to XA, order is shipped** Write freight charge on pick list **For Parcel shipping XA work is done** Write tracking number on pick list

  23. PPPS: Streamlined pick/ship -XA-Process -PPPS- Office Administration Select pick list for shipping (all shipments) Select order for shipping (non-ground only) Select items to ship Key Quantities/location Key Serial Number Key Freight Charges Key Carrier/tracking info (non-ground only) Key Carrier/tracking info Confirm Shipment Confirm Shipment **XA Inventory is updated**

  24. PPPS: Streamlined pick/ship -XA-Process -PPPS- Warehouse Management Walk floor to answer customer svc questions Walk floor to manage picking process Redistribute Pick Lists to balance workload Electronically monitor, re-assign, distribute pick lists Print ‘hot order’ pick list and distribute

  25. PPPS Summary: 23 steps or 9?

  26. Paperless Pick/Pack/Ship DEMONSTRATION

  27. Implementation • PPPS Software Installation, 1-3 days • Setup and Configuration • Webex Training • Optional on site assistance

  28. PPPS Summary: 23 steps or 9?

  29. Paperless Pick/Pack/Ship THANK YOU! Ben McCormick 704-814-0016