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NANC Report Future of Numbering ( FoN ) Working Group

NANC Report Future of Numbering ( FoN ) Working Group. FoN Tri-Chairs Carolee Hall, Idaho PUC Dawn Lawrence, XO Communications Suzanne Addington, Sprint June 30, 2016. Future of Numbering WG. Mission

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NANC Report Future of Numbering ( FoN ) Working Group

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  1. NANC ReportFuture of Numbering (FoN)Working Group FoN Tri-Chairs Carolee Hall, Idaho PUC Dawn Lawrence, XO Communications Suzanne Addington, Sprint June 30, 2016

  2. Future of Numbering WG Mission • To explore changes to the environment, including new and future technologies, the impact of market place and/or regulatory changes and innovations on telephone numbering. Scope: • The Working Group will investigate new telephone numbering assignment approaches and future telephone number assignment requirements. The Working Group will identify common criteria and gather data to identify trends and their impact upon numbering resources. The Working Group, if necessary, will analyze opportunities to determine the feasibility and benefit of each and report its findings to the NANC. The Working Group will also analyze various topics that may be given to it from time to time by the NANC and/or FCC.

  3. Future of Numbering WG Nationwide Number Portability (NNP) On November 16, 2015 the FCC sent a letter to the NANC Chair which directed the NANC “to study the regulatory and consumer issues that may arise in connection with allowing a wireless telephone number to be associated with any Location Routing Number (LRN), and the proposed solutions to each identified issue”. The FCC outlined seven specific issues to be addressed, and the NANC Chair referred the following of those issues to the FoN WG: • Applicability and assessment of tolls, tariffs, and taxes; • The role of state regulatory commissions; • Costs, including cost recovery; • Conforming edits to relevant federal rules The FoN WG provided its final report to the NANC on April 15, 2016 and is located at: http://www.nanc-chair.org/docs/fon/Apr16_FoN_NNP_Final_Report.pdf.The contents of that report were incorporated into the NANC’s final report provided to the FCC on May 16, 2016 located at: http://www.nanc-chair.org/docs/mtg_docs/May16_NNP_Report.zip. The ATIS Packet Technologies & Systems Committee (PTSC) has completed its initial analysis on possible technical solutions for NNP and provided the FoN WG with its draft report attached below.The report considers 5 approaches to implementing NNP, but makes no recommendation on a specific approach to pursue. The report identifies key impacts of each proposal and notes that further analysis is warranted before making a decision on any specific approach.

  4. Future of Numbering WG • Toll Free Texting • During the NANC meeting in March and the report of the Toll Free Number Administrator, the NANC Acting Chair requested that the FoN WG advise the NANC whether further investigation is needed regarding toll free texting by unregistered toll free number holders.  • The FoN WG held a conference call on May 11th; SOMOS provided a presentation to educate the FoN WG, attached below. • CTIA has documented guidelines for managing texting interoperability amongst service providers for wireless, wireline and toll-free numbers. • SOMOS’ has its TSS registry in place to provide a central registry of text-enabled toll-free numbers. • Messaging providers are not required to follow the CTIA guidelines. • The FoN WG reached consensus that the FoN WG could not provide any additional assistance. • Some FoN WG members suggest that it is possible that regulations may be required to resolve the concerns of toll free texting by unregistered toll free number holders. • Nationwide 10-Digit Dialing • Nationwide 10-digit Dialing continues to be on the open portion for future meetings.

  5. FoN Attendees • 800 Response Information Services • AT&T • ATIS • ATL Communications • Brighthouse Networks • Canadian Radio Television and Telecommunications Commission • CenturyLink • Charter Communications • ChaseTech Consulting LLC • Comcast • Cox Communications • Custom Toll Free • EarthLink Business • Evolving Systems • iconectiv • Idaho Public Utilities Commission • Integra Telecom • John Staurulakis, Inc. (JSI) • Kiesling Associates LLP • Maine Public Utilities Commission • MA Dept. of Telecommunications & Cable • Michigan Public Service Commission • Minnesota Department of Commerce • Nebraska Public Service Commission • NENA • Neustar • Oregon Public Utility Commission • Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission • PHONEWORD • SOMOS • Sprint • TCA, Telecom Consulting Associates • TeleSmart • T-Mobile • TWC • US Telecom • Verizon • Vonage • Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission • Wisconsin Public Service Commission • XO Communications

  6. Meeting Schedule/Contact Info FoN WG Conference Calls Held: 4/6/2016 Scheduled quarterly calls: Next Meeting: August 3, 2016 Contact info: Carolee.Hall@puc.idaho.gov dawn.r.lawrence@xo.com suzanne.m.addington@sprint.com FoN meeting notes and documents are posted at: http://www.nanc-chair.org/docs/documents.html

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