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Offenders: Myths and Realities – Overview PowerPoint Presentation
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Offenders: Myths and Realities – Overview

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Offenders: Myths and Realities – Overview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Offenders: Myths and Realities – Overview. The Rape Paradox. Millions of victims… Relatively few rapists incarcerated…. Where are all the rapists?. The “Population” of Rapists. Rapists who go to prisons or treatment centers (and who are studied). 95%. Who are these men?.

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the rape paradox
The Rape Paradox

Millions of victims…

Relatively few rapists incarcerated…

Where are all the rapists?

the population of rapists
The “Population” of Rapists

Rapists who go to prisons or treatment centers (and who are studied)


Who are these men?

false stereotypes about rapists
False Stereotypes about Rapists
  • They are mentally ill
  • They attack strangers
  • They usually use knives and guns
  • They usually inflict brutal injuries
the population of rapists1
The “Population” of Rapists

Who are these men?



Studying “Undetected” Rapists

2. Follow-up call

3. Money offer

1. Survey

these are words that will not be read because theyr too small

4. Interview & testing

sample rape question
Sample Rape Question

Have you ever had sexual intercourse with an adult when they didn't want to because you used physical force (twisting their arm; holding them down, etc.) if they didn't cooperate?

summary of studies of 2 000 men
Summary of Studies of 2,000 Men

Sites: Duke University & University of Massachusetts

1986 - 2000

  • More than 10% committed sexual assaults
  • Many committed multiple assaults
  • Only 1 case reported (none prosecuted)
  • Hundreds of unreported assaults
the typical rapist

Implications of Research on Undetected Rapists

The Typical Rapist:
  • Does not use a gun, knife or other weapon
  • Uses instrumental, not gratuitous violence
  • Has access to consensual sex
  • Comes from all racial & ethnic groups
  • Is not mentally ill
implications of research on undetected rapists
Implications of Research on Undetected Rapists
  • Premeditates
  • Maneuvers his victim into a position of vulnerability
  • Uses alcohol deliberately
  • Increases his violence as needed

The Typical Rapist:

common characteristics of incarcerated and undetected rapists
Common Characteristics of Incarcerated and “Undetected” Rapists
  • Angry at women
  • Desire to dominate women
  • View women as objects to be conquered
  • View violence in relationships as normal
  • Believe in rape myths
  • Adopt hypermasculine attitudes and beliefs
  • Less empathic than non-rapists

Undetected Rapist

Incarcerated Rapist

Majority of rapists

Small fraction of rapists

Uses less overt violence

Uses more overt violence

Attacks “acquaintances”

Attacks strangers

Higher income

Lower income

Rarely prosecuted

Gets prosecuted

what frank reveals
What “Frank” Reveals:
  • Women are: “targets” & “prey”
  • Women are: “staked out”
  • He feels anger not empathy when victim resists
  • He minimizes & sanitizes his violence