cs105 lab 1 introduction section ta email @uiuc edu l.
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CS105 Lab 1 – Introduction Section: ??? TA: ??? Email: ???@uiuc PowerPoint Presentation
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CS105 Lab 1 – Introduction Section: ??? TA: ??? Email: ???@uiuc

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CS105 Lab 1 – Introduction Section: ??? TA: ??? Email: ???@uiuc - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CS105 Lab 1 – Introduction Section: ??? TA: ??? Email: ???@uiuc.edu Announcements CITES Accounts Compass and Mallard Netfiles Other Administrative Information Announcements

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cs105 lab 1 introduction section ta email @uiuc edu
CS105 Lab 1 – IntroductionSection: ??? TA: ???Email: ???@uiuc.edu
  • Announcements
  • CITES Accounts
  • Compass and Mallard
  • Netfiles
  • Other Administrative Information

CS105 Spring 08

  • Read the syllabus for more details about the distribution of points, grade information, and other course policy details.
  • Professor and TA office hours will be on the course website:


You may go to any TA’s office hours

  • My office hours are ??? day, ??? to ??? at ???.
  • Check the course website several times a week for announcements.
  • Wohlers Hall lab hours are posted outside the door. Please check them before you leave.

CS105 Spring 08

cites accounts
CITES Accounts
  • For CS105 you will use 4 CITES accounts:
    • NetID - the most important, this account lets you administer all your other accounts.
    • CITES Express Email – your campus email.
    • CITES ICS (Instructional Computer Sites) – access to this and other CITES labs.
    • Active Directory (AD) – access to some other labs and linked with NetFiles.
  • Changing your password for one does not affect the others!
  • You can make all passwords the same except your NetID password (just don’t tell CITES I told you).

CS105 Spring 08

logging in to ics computers
Logging in to ICS Computers
  • The lab computers use your CITES ICS (Instructional Computing Sites) password.
  • If you do not know your ICS password, try your NetID password or your email password and make sure “Workstation Only” is not checked.
  • If you cannot log in, please raise your hand and your TA will log you in. Once logged in:
    • Open an internet browser and go to this web address:


    • Click “CITES Passwords”, then log in with your NetID password. You need to set the password for “CITES Instructional Computing Sites” (third checkbox down)
    • Enter your new password and then click “Set Passwords”
    • Do not attempt to re-login as yourself. Your new password may take 30 minutes to register. Try again at the end of lecture and ask for assistance if it still does not work.

CS105 Spring 08

course website and faq
Course Website and FAQ
  • The CS105 course website is located at:


  • Announcements will be posted to the website whenever important information becomes available… Check the website often!!
  • Information on the website (due dates, etc.) supersedes information printed in the course guide.
  • We will keep an updated list of answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) on the course website.
  • Always check the website and FAQ before emailing your TA.

CS105 Spring 08

machine problems
Machine Problems
  • There will be six MPs this semester.
  • Completed MPs will be submitted online.
  • Make sure your MP is correct! You can resubmit it before the due date/time.
  • Keep a backup copy of your MP on NetFiles!
  • You may work in groups of up to three students (except MP1). Groups should submit ONE MP.
  • If you need help finding partners email Lin (lin36@uiuc.edu) and he will help you.

CS105 Spring 08

  • All software used in this course is available on ICS lab computers. The following software will be used in labs and for several MPs in this course:
  • Microsoft Office 2007
    • If you use another version of Office, test your MP in Office 2007 before handing it in.
    • Use a Mac at your own risk. It may not work for some of the later MP’s.

CS105 Spring 08

software continued
Software (continued)
  • SQLyog
    • This client software is free and available for download from the course’s Compass page.
    • To install SQLyog on your personal computer, follow the instructions at the following webpage:


    • To use this software from outside the University’s firewall, it will also be necessary to install VPN software. Visit the CITES website for more information: http://www.cites.uiuc.edu/

CS105 Spring 08

mallard quizzes
Mallard Quizzes
  • There will be 5 graded online quizzes using Mallard worth 10 points each and 1 extra credit quiz at the end of the semester.
  • You can take each quiz as many times as you like before the due date and your highest score will be counted.
  • Once you are done with your online quiz, click the “Submit for Grading” button. The first Quiz is due January 22th.
  • You need your NetID password to take a Mallard Quiz.

CS105 Spring 08

  • Compass lets you check your grade for this class online.
  • Check your grade after every MP, Mallard quiz and exam.
  • Notify your TA right away if there is a problem. You have 2 weeks from the day grades are posted or the grade stands.
  • Do not wait until the end of the semester!

CS105 Spring 08

submitting mps with compass
Submitting MPs with Compass
  • Compass is also the tool we use to submit MPs.
  • You should become comfortable with:
    • Attaching and removing files from assignments
    • Submitting and un-submitting assignments
  • A Practice MP is available in Compass for you to practice these actions.

CS105 Spring 08

signing up for netfiles
Signing Up for NetFiles
  • CITES NetFiles is a service that allows you to access your files from anywhere in the world. NetFiles can also be used to publish your own web pages.
  • To sign up for NetFiles go to:


  • You will be prompted to log-in with your NetID password. After entering your password, you should see a confirmation that you have signed up.

CS105 Spring 08

logging into netfiles
Logging into NetFiles
  • To log into NetFiles go to:


  • NetFiles uses Active Directory for your password, so you may need to set that.
    • Open an internet browser and go to this web address:


    • Click “Cites Passwords” then log in with your NetID password. You need to set the password for “Campus Active Directory (AD) Password (Exchange, NetFiles, EWS ...)” (first checkbox down)
    • Enter your new password and then click “Set Passwords”
    • You may not be able to log in immediately because your Active Directory password may take a few minutes to register. If you cannot log in try again in a few minutes. If by the end of lab you cannot log in seek assistance.

CS105 Spring 08

using netfiles
Using NetFiles
  • You should become comfortable with uploading files to NetFiles and setting file and directory permissions.
  • You will need to use NetFiles for some of the MPs, so make sure you are able to log in well in advance of the due date. You should always back up your MP submissions to NetFiles!
  • If you have trouble outside of lab hours contact CITES. Their office is on the first floor of DCL.

CS105 Spring 08

creating a directory in netfiles
Creating a directory in NetFiles
  • On Netfiles, you will find a toolbar on top of the page.
  • Create a directory named “cs105” by clicking on “New Directory” button, then type in “cs105”
  • Click “OK”, and you’ll see the list of directory as followed
  • Now you’re ready to upload your cs105 files to “cs105” directory

CS105 Spring 08

uploading files to netfiles
Uploading Files to NetFiles
  • Create a file called “cs105.txt” on your Desktop
  • Go back to Netfiles and browse to cs105 directory by clicking on “cs105”
  • Upload files to your NetFiles account by clicking on the Upload button:
  • You will need to choose the file you want to upload by clicking the “Browse…” button. Once you have located your “cs105.txt” file, click the Ok button.

CS105 Spring 08

viewing the uploaded file
Viewing the uploaded File
  • After uploading the file, you should see your “cs105.txt” file in Netfiles.
  • You can view the file you just created by clicking on the link.

CS105 Spring 08

hands on email practice
Hands-on Email Practice
  • Email is the best way of reaching your TA and the professors. Save copies of important messages!
  • You can go to the office hour of any TA but you can send email toonly your TA.
  • A helpful email MUST include:
    • Descriptive subject line
    • Signature with full name, NetID, and lab section number
    • If you are working in a group, include the names, NetID’s, and sections numbers of all members
    • Clear description of your question or problem

Send a brief hello message to your TA.

CS105 Spring 08

sample email message
Sample Email Message

Subject: CS105 – Gradebook problems

From: jdoe <jdoe@uiuc.edu>

To: cs105taX@cs.uiuc.edu

Mystery CS105 TA,

My grade for MP4 was entered into Gradebook incorrectly. Can you help me? I will bring the graded MP to our next lab section.

Jane Doe


Section: AYE

CS105 Spring 08

what you should know by now
What you should know by now !
  • How to manage your CITES account/passwords and use them to login to computer lab, Netfiles, Compass and Mallard.
  • Find information on cs105 course website
  • Submit MP on Compass.
  • Upload and View files in Netfiles (be aware of access permissions)
  • Contact your TA by email (make good use of him/her for your learning process).

CS105 Spring 08