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Bright White Entertainment’s GOAL…. PowerPoint Presentation
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Bright White Entertainment’s GOAL….

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Bright White Entertainment’s GOAL…. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Bright White Entertainment’s GOAL…. FUN ! Production Team Juan Cardarelli Project Manager Pat Kemp Technology Director Seth Kendall Lead Designer Phil Doran Art Director INTRODUCTION Concept:

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Presentation Transcript
production team
Production Team

Juan Cardarelli Project Manager

Pat Kemp Technology Director

Seth Kendall Lead Designer

Phil Doran Art Director

  • Concept:

Three-dimensional, music-based action game where the player runs down hallways smashing up waves of enemy robots to the beat of the music…

  • Style:



Vibrant Colors



  • Similar Products:
  • Amplitude
  • Released: March 24, 2003 for Playstation 2
  • Ratings:
  • IGN 9.3
  • IGN Readers 9.2
  • GameSpot 8.8
  • GameSpot Readers 8.7
  • (All scores are out of 10)
  • Similar Products:
  • Viewtiful Joe
  • Released:October 7, 2003
  • Ratings:
  • IGN 9.5
  • IGN Readers 9.2
  • GameSpot 9.2
  • GameSpot Readers 9.0
  • (All scores are out of 10)
  • General Features:
  • Addictive music-based game play
  • Vivid 3D levels
  • Customizable super moves and combos
  • Replay levels to perfect high scores and special challenges
  • Immersive electronica soundtrack fully integrated with gameplay
  • Countless hidden “Easter Eggs” and levels
  • 100 level campaign
  • Gameplay Features:
  • Completely novel experience
  • Music based hit system
  • Increasing special effects
  • Color system
  • Point/experience system
  • Mini-goals
  • Left/Right Dash
  • Wall Slide
  • Wall Jump
  • Rocket Jump
blip upgrades
Blip Upgrades
  • Upgrades can be “purchased” between levels with points. These upgrades will permanently effect things like attack speed/range and maneuverability for the rest of the game.
blip weapon attacks
Blip Weapon Attacks
  • The player can equip a special weapon that will open up a new special move while equipped. These special moves will be highly visual as well as very powerful. You will only be able to set one special move per level so the player will have to be wise about his choice .
hud breakdown
HUD Breakdown
  • Color Meter: Shows the level of Blip’s achieved color. Effected by items.
  • Point Meter: Shows Blip’s score for this level. Used to purchase upgrades in between levels.
  • Wall Jump Meter: Shows how many more wall jumps Blip has left. Upgradeable
  • Special Attack Meter: Shows which special attack is currently equipped, and its cool down
color effect
Color Effect
  • Normal Color Mode: All the colors are mid-level. Rare particle effects for attacks, normal speed.
  • Full Color Mode: Super saturation, particle effects for all attacks. “Bullet time” for jumps .
color effect19
Color Effect
  • No Color Mode: Game plays in grayscale with hard contrast. Noise and tracking lines, frame skips like old TV set
  • Flybot

Air attack robot

  • Ballbot

Ground attack robot

  • Clawbot

Ground attack robot

boss fights
Boss Fights
  • Example: Level 10 – Color Shifter

Color Shifter is the first boss the player encounters. The robot positions himself in front of Blip matching his speed. The boss generates 6 smaller enemy robots, each one of a different color. These bots fly towards blip, and he must choose one to attack successfully. One of the 6 robots will share the color of the main boss. This is the robot that Blip must attack. The main boss robot will then switch colors, and releases a new batch of enemies for Blip to attack. After 10 successful attack, Blip will have defeated this boss.

setting and story
Setting and Story


  • Futuristic city with sections that extend miles underground, where all manual labor is performed by robots.


  • Blip is an assistant manager of waste disposal operations.
  • One day, Blip notices a discarded photograph of a lush wilderness landscape which sparks something in him.
  • Motivated by a feeling that even he doesn’t understand, Blip embarks on a frenzied escape to the city surface.
the world25
The World
  • Sector 5: Waste Disposal
  • Sector 4: Mining & Refinery
  • Sector 3: Manufacturing
  • Sector 2: Sub-City
  • Sector 1: Surface City
Engine Features:
  • World Editor (WED)
  • Model Editor (MED)
  • Script Editor (SED)
  • Lots of documentation
demo what it lacks
Demo: what it lacks….
  • No saturation modes
  • No varying quality of hits
  • All HUD components (i.e. colorbar,score) are arbitrary
  • Limited menu system
  • 99 levels missing
  • No upgrades or special attacks
  • Limited level design
  • No pausing, saving, death screen, or end level stats
  • No Attack animation
demo what it has
Demo: what it has….
  • Rudimentary hit detection
  • Semi-operational HUD (gives player feedback)
  • Player movement
  • Player animations
  • Particle effects
  • Music track laid over (enemies come approximately to the beat)
  • Basic Main Menu
  • Simple gameplay based on high score acquisition
why making our game is possible
Why making our game is possible…
  • All basic script elements are in place (i.e. controls, attacks, movement)
  • Player model and animations are nearly complete
  • Established workflow for level creation, enemy modeling, and enemy animation
  • Demo built from scratch so we have a thorough understanding of how the game engine works
  • Basic game concept is simple, and we have already solidified most of it