entrepreneurship and business initiative marion bentley l.
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Entrepreneurship and Business Initiative Marion Bentley

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Entrepreneurship and Business Initiative Marion Bentley - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Entrepreneurship and Business Initiative Marion Bentley Entrepreneurship and Business Initiative Mission

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entrepreneurship and business initiative marion bentley
Entrepreneurship and

Business Initiative

Marion Bentley

entrepreneurship and business initiative
Entrepreneurship andBusiness Initiative


The purpose of this Entrepreneurship and BusinessInitiative is to assist Utah communities, businesses and individuals to make informed, research-based choices and decisions regarding growth, employment and development opportunities. In addition, this initiative is designed to support partner strategies and programs

entrepreneurship and business initiative3
Entrepreneurship andBusiness Initiative

Extension Entrepreneurship and Business Initiative Teams:

PilotBest Practice Team

CampusProgram Team

entrepreneurship and business initiative4
Entrepreneurship andBusiness Initiative

The Pilot BestPractice Team works with local county partners to help organize and facilitate entrepreneurial and business development activities that support county and community development interests and plans including local business outreach.

entrepreneurship and business initiative5
Entrepreneurship andBusiness Initiative

County Business Outreach Toolkit

Checklist for Starting and Growing my Business

  • The important steps, decisions, procedures, licenses and permits required to start or expand my business
  • StartSmart Workbook

Assessment and Feasibility of my Business

  • StartSmart analysis
  • Marketing factors and competitive advantage

Research and Resources That Can Help

Referrals to SBDC, BRC, SCORE, other partners

entrepreneurship and business initiative6
Entrepreneurship andBusiness Initiative

The Best Practice pilot counties and their USU Extension contacts are:

Emery County – Chris Jensen cjensen@ext.usu.edu

Garfield County – SuzAnne Jorgenson suzannej@ext.usu.edu

Kane County – Julie Ingersoll juliei@ext.edu.usu

Millard County – Jolene Johnson jolene.johnson@usu.edu

Sanpete County – Gary Anderson garya@ext.usuedu

FCAOG and SCAOG – Jody Gale jody.a.gale@usu.edu

entrepreneurship and business initiative7
Entrepreneurship andBusiness Initiative

The Campus Program Team is comprised of a coalition of Extension Specialists with assignments and programs relating to business and economic development. This team helps support the pilot Best Practice Team, and also coordinates and markets its Extension entrepreneurship programs and resources throughout the state.

entrepreneurship and business initiative8
Entrepreneurship andBusiness Initiative

Pilot Best Practice Team activities supported by the Campus Program Team of Extension specialists include:

  • Western EDGE community entrepreneurship in Sanpete County
  • Localeconomic development in Garfield and Millard Counties
  • Santaquin Community Heritage Farm proposal
  • Paradise Kitchen Business Incubator
  • Cache Valley, Brigham City, and Uintah Basin Business Resource Centers and
  • 4-H Science and Technology Program
entrepreneurship and business initiative9
Entrepreneurship andBusiness Initiative

Campus Program Team areas and USU contacts are:

  • Community Entrepreneurship: Western EDGE

Jim Goodwin jgoodwin@ext.usu.edu , Marion Bentley mbentley@econ.usu.edu and Jody Gale

  • Youth Entrepreneurship

Dave Francis dfrancis@ext.usu.edu and Karen Biers karenb@ext.usu.edu

  • Small Business Development

Mark Holmes markh@ext.usu.edu , Marion Bentley

  • Diversified Agricultural Development

Jody Gale and Ruby Ward rward@econ.usu.edu

entrepreneurship and business initiative10
Entrepreneurship andBusiness Initiative
  • Outdoor Recreation and Tourism

Steve Burr steve.burr@usu.edu

  • Manufacturing Extension Partnership

Steve Reed sreed@cc.usu.edu

  • E-Commerce Development

Eric Hawley eric.hawley@usu.edu

  • Technology Transfer and Business Accelerator

Henry Nowak henry.nowak@usu.edu

  • Food Safety and Specialty Food Product Development

Brian Nummer briann@ext.usu.edu

entrepreneurship and business initiative11
Entrepreneurship andBusiness Initiative

For more information, please contact:

Marion Bentleymbentley@econ.usu.edu