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Award Winning Water Operations Optimisation Software PowerPoint Presentation
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Award Winning Water Operations Optimisation Software

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Award Winning Water Operations Optimisation Software
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Award Winning Water Operations Optimisation Software

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  1. Award Winning Water Operations Optimisation Software

  2. Agenda Introduction to Beca and – an overview – technical information The benefits achieved in existing installations Delivery methodology Discussion

  3. is a Spin-off from The Beca Group: NZ based international consultant 2,000+ employees Offices in 14 countries Multi-disciplinary engineering, project management and planning consultants An employee owned private unlisted company One of the top 100 consultancies worldwide An implementer of capital works of ~US$1.0b/yr

  4. The UK water industry uses about £200M of electricity to pump water consuming 4400 GWh per year of electricity. More than 90% of this is used for pumping The Issue

  5. Typical Power Use in Water Distribution

  6. Pump Life-Cycle Costs

  7. Ltd Specialist company with expertise in: Control systems design and programming Industrial and environmental automation Simulation, operations research, logistics Optimisation using computer modeling Derceto Inc. was incorporated in September 2002 and is headquartered in San Francisco. It has been set up to handle US and Canadian operations. Derceto UK Ltd formed in June 2006 for UK operations “Supplying business improvement solutions for real world problems”

  8. Where came from…. Water Operation Automation Wastewater Simulation Optimisation Derceto

  9. Introduction to • Where does the name come from? • What does do? • What are the benefits? • Some examples of installations • Technical information was the Babylonian Goddess of water

  10. What does AQUADAPTsoftwaredo? Delivers water to customers as first priority Schedules pumps and valves for next 48 hours to achieve lowest cost Runs in real time, solves in minutes Interfaces to your SCADA Minimises energy costs Maximises energy efficiency of pumps Improves water quality Recalculates a new solution every 30 minutes, adapting to changing conditions

  11. Benefits of AQUADAPT software installed AQUADAPTtakes maximum advantage of off peak rates

  12. Optimization Benefits Makes operations more repeatable and predictable Improved turn-over of water Smoothed outflows from plants Improves pump efficiency and optimal discharge pressure Reduced greenhouse gas footprint AQUADAPT has achieved 12 to 25% savings Plus these additional benefits:

  13. Benefits of AQUADAPT Moving load to cheaper tariffs = $ savings

  14. Benefits of AQUADAPT Before Aquadapt After Aquadapt Led to a 8% energy reduction to shift the same volume of water for EBMUD

  15. Benefits of Before Aquadapt After Aquadapt …which leads to substantial dollar savings

  16. Reference Projects – New Zealand Wellington : 150 MLD (40 MGD) from two well fields and a filter plant into 11 pressure zones Installed June 2000

  17. Reference Projects – New Zealand

  18. Reference Projects – New Zealand

  19. Reference Projects – USA East Bay Municipal Utility District Services 1.3 million people AQUADAPT controls 1/3rd of system 20 pump stations, 66 pumps, 28 reservoirs One treatment plant, one back-up supply plus numerous transfers between zones $2.6M annual energy costs AQUADAPT installed June 2004 Year 1 – 12% savings of $370,000 Year 2 – 13% savings Year 3 – 13.6% savings

  20. US Clients

  21. Modules : Demand forecasting Storage tanks Pump stations Water treatment plants Power tariffs and network charges Scada interfaces Created using standard modules Maximum Efficiency Surface for multiple fixed speed Pumps

  22. Demand Forecasting Substantial variations in daily demand occur for this Australian utility – adapts in real time to achieve high accuracy

  23. Use existing forecasting systems if they exist Otherwise : Uses seasonal “standard” seasonal demand profiles for every major demand point in the system Derceto uses existing telemetry to read storage tank levels and flows to calculate actual demand Adapts the size and shape of the standard demand profile in response to actual demand Derceto automatically compensates for any errors in data and instruments – using the “Data Cleaner” Demand Forecasting DEMAND = SUPPLY

  24. The Data Cleaner Here the data cleaner corrects missing data for nearly 6 hours during a communications blackout and resynchronizes when the problem clears

  25. AQUADAPT can control: Altitude valve controls Flow control filling (open and closed loop) Booster pump filling off transmission main Floating storage tanks (no inflow control) Pressure Zones AQUADAPT is very good at filling terminal floating storage tanks, using optimised pressure settings

  26. repeats the calculations for: Flow rate into storage tank Energy used by pump Efficiency of pump (%) Pressure in the zone Price per delivered volume Using a hydraulic model enables AQUADAPT to make accurate control predictions, avoiding the common problem of “chasing ones tail” where changing one setting disrupts all other flows and pressures.

  27. multiple parallel plants Surface water plants, raw water intakes Well field water plants Run-of-River plants Minimum and maximum production flows Flow ramp up / down limits Chemical and power costs Aquifer recharge times Water treatment plants AQUADAPThandles

  28. AQUADAPT has modules to handle: Fixed speed pumps Variable speed drives Manual scheduling of pumps (on or off) Multiple pumps into a common line Pump priority Limiting starts per hour Gas/Diesel pumps Pumps

  29. Pumps AQUADAPT controls a storage tank with a dedicated pump or flow control valve easily

  30. AQUADAPT handles a pump station shared between two storage tanks Pumps

  31. Pumps AQUADAPThandles cascade storage tanks with pump stations between pressure zones (unlimited levels)

  32. AQUADAPT targets the pump Best Efficiency Point (BEP)

  33. AQUADAPT chooses the best pump combinations

  34. Pumps : variable speed drives

  35. Pumps When manyvariable speed pumps operate in parallel even more calculations are needed Multiple pumps in parallel need special rules to achieve energy efficiency

  36. maintains minimum storage requirements and can change these seasonally or by fire risk maintains pump station minimum and maximum flows can also be programmed to maintain or limit system pressures at any number of audit points, even without instruments can be programmed to keep within flow limits for individual pipes in the transmission network Other Constraints

  37. Energy Tariffs • Every point of supply can have its own unique electricity and demand tariff structure • Half hour resolution on kWh and kW price • AQUADAPT handles any combination of energy supplier with any network (lines) provider • Complex electricity sell-back or standby-generation schemes can be incorporated • AQUADAPT handles mixed mode pump stations e.g. gas engine and electric motor driven pumps

  38. Energy tariffs • Real Time pricing can be used (with live updating)

  39. Washington Suburban, Maryland Serves 1.6 M people 57 Storage Tanks 15 Pressure Zones 18 Pump Stations 112 Pumps (max 81 running) 25 Remote Controlled Flow Valves Uses Real Time Energy Market

  40. AQUADAPT forecasts energy consumption…

  41. hedging contracts can be set up

  42. Real time markets can be best


  44. AQAUADAPT Dashboard provides a management view into the optimiser

  45. AQUADAPT takes into account all of the costs, constraints, efficiencies, water turn-over requirements and manual settings AQUADAPT calculates the mass balance first – delivery of water to meet demand is No. 1 AQUADAPTcalculates which source of water to use to minimize costs AQUADAPTcalculates pump schedules to minimise energy costs and maximise efficiency AQUADAPT uses the most efficient combination of pumps in parallel pump sets The Outcome

  46. AQUADAPT confirms that decisions are safe using a hydraulic model The control system uses over-ride controls slightly above and below AQUADAPT levels The field controls have limits which prevent over-filling of storage tanks, and start filling automatically on low level Safety considerations AQUADAPTprovides three safety levels

  47. Two studies are carried out Phase 1 – Simple overview study to confirm if AQUADAPT is suitable for the distribution system, preliminary cost/benefits calculated (~8 weeks) Phase 2 – Detailed study, we will present the results including the price and indicative cost savings that can be achieved (~12 weeks) Leading to… Phase 3 – Implementation (6 – 9 months) Payback periods typically less than 2 years, sometimes less than 1 year! Implementation plan

  48. AQUADAPT is in operation at: East Bay MUD, Oakland CA, (1.2M customers) Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, MD, the 5th largest US utility and operating under the real-time electricity market (1.7M customers) WaterOne of Kansas City (450,000 customers) Eastern Municipal Utility District (670,000) Maroochy Water in Queensland, Australia Wellington, New Zealand (the Capital City) They welcome phone calls and visitors