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2009 Postgraduate Research Domestic Scholarships

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2009 Postgraduate Research Domestic Scholarships Elspeth Dalton / Michael Condie Research Students Centre, GP Campus research.scholarships@qut.edu.au 2009 Postgraduate Research Domestic Scholarships One annual round for domestic students Scholarships are for living allowance ONLY

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2009 postgraduate research domestic scholarships

2009 Postgraduate Research Domestic Scholarships

Elspeth Dalton / Michael Condie

Research Students Centre, GP Campus


2009 postgraduate research domestic scholarships2

2009 Postgraduate Research Domestic Scholarships

One annual round for domestic students

Scholarships are for living allowance ONLY

No tuition fees are required for DOMESTIC Postgraduate Research students

Scholarships are for full-time study with part-time scholarships only awarded under special circumstances

(eg. Medical condition or Carer responsibility (pre-school aged child; school aged child as a sole parent with limited access to outside support; invalid or disabled spouse, child or parent))


timetable for the round

Timetable for the Round

Friday 10 October at 5pm:Closing Date for 2009 Round including referee reports and documentation (certified copies, no staples and single sided)

Friday 5 December:First Round Offers mailed (via Express Post)

Friday 19 December:Second Round Offers mailed (via Express Post)

awards available during the round

Awards Available during the Round

APA/Institute Awards

Australian Postgraduate Awards (APA)

QUT Postgraduate Research Awards (QUTPRA)

Women’s Re-entry Scholarship (WRE)

Owen J Wordsworth (OJW)

Indigenous Postgraduate Research Awards (IPRA)

QUT Masters Scholarship (QMS)

Australian Postgraduate Award – Industry (APAI)

funded by ARC Linkage Grants

qut institute awards

QUT Institute Awards

IHBI:Institute for Health & Biomedical Innovation- with faculty members Health, BEE, Sciencewww.ihbi.qut.edu.au

iCi:Institute for Creative Industries & Innovation– with faculty members Creative Industries, QUT Carseldine, Law, BEE, Education, Business, Information Technologywww.ici.qut.edu.au

ISI:Information Security Institute– with faculty members Information Technology, Business, Law, BEEwww.isi.qut.edu.au

ISR: Institute for Sustainable Resources-with faculty members BEE, Science, Business, QUT Carseldine, Law, Educationwww.isr.qut.edu.au

scholarships awarded in 2008

Scholarships Awarded in 2008

Institute Awards1 full award and 5 top-up awards offered in round

APA awardsQUT offered 54 in the round

(2009 numbers from DEEWR should be known in November)

APA/Institute Awards

QUT offered 11 after the round

QUT Funded awards43 including 2 Indigenous, 1 Women's Re-Entry and 1 Owen J Wordsworth awards

Total of 109 full scholarships awarded

if successful how much i will be paid

If successful, how much I will be paid?

Amounts paid in 2008 were:

Full Institute$36,140pa or $1,385pf


$26,007 to $30,007pa or $996 to $1,150pf

APA, QUTPRA, WRE & OJW & Indigenous

$20,007 pa or $766pf

APAI$26,140pa or $1,001pf

Removal & travel expenses$1,514 maximum for self and dependants

Thesis reimbursement$840 for PhD or Professional Doctorate$420 for Masters by Research

All full-time awards are tax exempt unless the student is enrolled part-time. Part-time scholarships are taxable as determined by the ATO.

vc dvc top up awards

VC & DVC Top Up Awards

2009 Vice Chancellor’s Initiative Top Up Scholarships will be $10,000pa (includes $7,000pa living and $3,000pa travel or research costs) for the duration of the base award.

Deputy Vice Chancellor’s Initiative Top Up Scholarships will be top ups of up to $5,000pa to the top 18 students after the VC awards. These DVC’s are allocated on matching funding so if the faculty can fund a top up of $3,000pa then the central QUT research budget will fund a DVC of $3,000pa.

There is no application process for these top ups; they are automatically awarded.

In 2008, other top up awards were offered from:

Various Institutes (eg. IHBI, ISI, etc)

Faculties (eg. BEE, BUS, - various criteria but requires an application in the round.)

External sources (eg. CIEAM, CSIRO)

Smart State (with an APA) - $7,000pa top ups

more scholarships website

More Scholarships Website

Please check our website regularly for any new scholarships.

We recommend that you try to build a package of funding up to the maximum allowable.

Check regularly at:


Check the archive section as well!http://www.rsc.qut.edu.au/future/scholarships/external_archives.jsp

paid work

Paid Work

PhD Regulations state that you must commit to PhD study a minimum of 30 hours during the normal working week

This leaves about one day a week for paid employment during the normal working week. There is no limit on what you earn for paid employment, whilst you are on a scholarship, as long as the employment is not related to you research.

You may also be in receipt of other scholarship funding but you are not allowed to receive more than 75% of the main scholarship you receive in the round.

how do i apply

How do I apply?

PR Form for students commencing a research higher degree in 2009

PR Form can be downloaded from:


Scholarships Online Form (accessed via QUT Virtual) for students who have already commenced their degree that they are seeking funding for in 2009

Please go to the website for the Sample Timeline and Referee Report at:




Undergraduate DegreeBased on Bachelor GPA obtained within the last 10yrs, converted to a scale out of 3

Marked out of 3

Honours or Honours EquivalenceArguments for equivalence or incomplete degrees are submitted by the faculty on your behalf and the final outcome is determined by the Research Degrees Committee

Marked out of 6

Faculty ScoreBased on Faculty specific criteria but will include the relevance and suitability of your research topic within the Faculties’ disciplines

Marked out of 6

undergraduate degree

Undergraduate Degree

We require a certified copy of the Official Transcript for any study undertaken at an Institution other than QUT

Your transcript should include all incomplete and completed courses

Please ensure the Grading Scale (key) is also submitted with all transcripts (sometimes on reverse side of transcript)

Any overseas qualifications will require a Statement of Equivalence(obtained from RSC if required)

honours or honours equivalence

Honours or Honours Equivalence

Unconfirmed Honours are scored with the predicted result from the Referee Reports

The following can also be assessed by the faculty and by Research Degrees Committee as equivalent to Honours 1 with significant research experience:

Completed Degrees: Honours, Masters by Research or Coursework

Incomplete Degrees: PhD, Prof Doc or Masters by Research

Recent and Relevant Research Experience: refereed journals, creative works, patents pending, other research outcomes or research assistant paid employment

Please outline these in your application

honours 1 equivalence or incomplete degree arguments

Honours 1 Equivalence or Incomplete Degree Arguments

Talk to your supervisor if you are part way through a research higher degree or if you are starting a degree with a lot of research experience. As part of the second score: arguments may be drafted by Faculty Research Committees for students with research experience.

Arguments will ONLY be considered by the Research Degrees Committee panel if the qualifications are listed clearly in the student’s application or resume.



Email is the preferred means of communication at each stage of the round

RSC will acknowledge receipt of applications towards the end of October by email

If your student email could expire during the round, please take out a yahoo or hotmail account and put this on the PR form as well

If you need to visit the RSC in person, our location is:Level 3, O Block Podium, GP Campus

last minute question session

Last Minute Question Session

This session will not introduce any new information. It is designed for students who have missed this information session.

Last Minute Questions:

When: Thursday 2 October Where: Z607 – GP Campus Time: 1:30 -2:30pm

question time

Question Time

I look forward to receiving your 2009 PR form or online scholarship application form with all the accompanying documentation.

Email contact: research.scholarships@qut.edu.au