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Company overview

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Company overview

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  1. Games-based learning What it is, why it is interesting and how to implement it Kevin Corti, Founder, PIXELearning. Company overview

  2. The sales pitch • Established in 2002, Coventry University Technology Park • Grown from 2 to 12 people • Backgrounds spanning training, entertainment games & web applications • Business education & business and management skills development • £500k investment in GBL technology platforms • A growing reputation

  3. This isn’t new! “You can learn more about a man in an hour of play than in a year of conversation” Plato

  4. This isn’t new! “You can learn more about a PERSON in an hour of play than in a year of conversation” Plato (2006)

  5. How often does this happen? “Please…just another hour…I really want to finish this level”

  6. We know games are addictive

  7. Games do engage!

  8. Does eLearning engage?

  9. Does eLearning engage? “Umm…no thanks!”

  10. Modern day PC power

  11. Modern day PC power

  12. The ‘F’ word There is a lot more to Games-based Learning than simply trying to make learning fun…. ….although that wouldn’t be a bad start!

  13. Why we use GBL? Games-based learning… Provide safe, realistic and meaningful environments… … which learners actually apply information to develop knowledge and skills.

  14. Why we use GBL? Ask yourself; “Would you let your new management trainees run your business?”

  15. Why we use GBL?

  16. Why we use GBL? Ask yourself; “Would you let your new management trainees run your VIRTUAL business?”

  17. Repeatability What you do (or don’t do) has an obvious and meaningful effect in the game. The game changes. Each time you try it…it is different. Information / choices / behaviours / approaches / tactics / strategies…..meaningful outcomes

  18. Experience GBL is heavily experiential GBL gives learners simulated experience which they can use for real in workplace

  19. Memorable Drama Stories Characters Narrative Humour

  20. GBL – fun problem spaces • Games are pre-defined problems • Solving the problems = satisfaction • GBL problems are authentic & relevant Game over! You won Game over! You won

  21. Assessment data • All the data you need • Games capture staggering amounts of data when they are played. • GBL applications provide this for assessment purposes. • History data, learners inputs, decision logging

  22. Assessment data

  23. “That’s (NOT) edutainment” This isn’t about using Pong or Millionaire to try to help learners memorise facts. “Chocolate-coated broccoli still tastes like broccoli”

  24. A serious business application GBL is.. …..a serious business application for solving problems and unlocking opportunities for organisations of all shapes and sizes. But first – getting to know your audience!

  25. That word…. ‘Game’ The first step is admitting it! - Gamers Anonymous “My name is Kevin and I am…a gamer”.

  26. That word…. ‘Game’ Spotty, white, teenage male with poor social skills seeks fellow XBOX enthusiast to share long nights in front of the bedroom TV. ‘Trevor’, aged 15 from Guilford

  27. How much of a ‘gamer’ are you? Straw pole: [a] Never played a PC/console/mobile game for pleasure [b] Have but only a handful of times [c] Do so once every couple of months [d] Do so regularly (about every month)

  28. The gamer demographic • The reality: • 18 to 35 – core market for Sony & Microsoft • 41% female • 42% aged 25 to 49 • 35% income of $50k to $100k • 16% income > $100k

  29. The ‘natives’ are digital • Key message! • Learners are changing • Opportunity NOT threat • T&D needs to evolve to take advantage.

  30. GBL is a ‘hot topic’ Coventry University Birmingham University University of Warwick Penn State University EA Games & NESTA BECTa A.W.M. JISC D.T.I. The MOVES Institute M.I.T. Carnegie Mellon University of Southern California

  31. Birmingham GBL event

  32. Why we use GBL So why should YOU be interested?

  33. Why we use GBL Performance improvement Awareness of role Competency testing Assessment/ROI Recruitment Customer education Promotional tool Induction Motivational tools Aspirational tools Best practise

  34. It’s not all “Single-player!” Games are increasingly social (e.g.XBOX live & MMORPG’s) Multiplayer GBL = Social learning environments

  35. Interactive???? Are hyperlinks Click here

  36. Interactive???? Are hyperlinks really an example Click here

  37. Interactive???? Are hyperlinks really an example of interactivity? Click here

  38. The weakness of eLearning Recall, memorise, identify & list information = Shallow learning

  39. The strength of GBL Develop understanding, comprehension, appreciation = Deep learning

  40. Characteristics of games Realistic environments & systems Clearly defined rules Clearly defined objectives Truly interactive Clear outcomes & feedback Adapt (flow state) Foster high cognitive activity ….are enjoyable

  41. Examples of GBL in action Manufacturing

  42. Examples of GBL in action IT security

  43. Examples of GBL in action Retail careers advisory / staff training

  44. Examples of GBL in action Hospitality & catering - training

  45. It is all in the blend! • Enhancement not replacement • Games DON’T do content (the theory) • Games DO enable learners put the theory into practise. • Partnerships are key – PIXELearning & John Matchetts, Edexcel, Coventry University

  46. Contact info PIXELearning T: +44 (0) 24 7623 6971 Kevin Corti,Managing Director