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AP Comparative Government

AP Comparative Government. GOPO Review: UK Quiz #1. Contestants do not forget to Always phrase your question in the form of an answer Hands on your buzzers it is time to play. Yes, Prime Minister. Common Terms. Let’s Party!. Under New Labour. Hodge Podge. $100. $100. $100. $100.

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AP Comparative Government

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  1. AP Comparative Government GOPO Review: UK Quiz #1

  2. Contestants do not forget to • Always phrase your question in the form of an answer • Hands on your buzzers it is time to play

  3. Yes, Prime Minister Common Terms Let’s Party! Under New Labour Hodge Podge $100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $200 $200 $200 $200 $200 $300 $300 $300 $300 $300 $400 $400 $400 $400 $400 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 Final Jeopardy

  4. Yes, Prime Minister $100 He led Britain to victory in World War II.

  5. Yes, Prime Minister $200 Representing Sedgefield, this Labour leader became prime minister in the wake of the 1997 General Election.

  6. Yes, Prime Minister $300 This Conservative dominated British politics from 1979 to 1990.

  7. Yes, Prime Minister $400 His major accomplishment was signing the Maastricht Treaty.

  8. Yes, Prime Minister $500 This Labour prime minister introduced the National Health Service (NHS).

  9. Common Terms $100 In Britain, it is abbreviated "MP".

  10. Common Terms $200 It is when cabinet members publicly support executive policy decisions.

  11. Common Terms $300 During this often heated one hour debate in the House of Commons, the prime minister defends policy against attacks from the opposition and sometimes from his/her own party.

  12. Common Terms $400 Daily Double Traditionally, if this kind of key parliamentary vote is lost the cabinet must resign.

  13. Common Terms $500 It is the term the British use to describe majority party MPs who do not vote according to party discipline in a key parliamentary vote.

  14. Let's Party! $100 Traditionally dominated by trade unions, this party sits on the left of the British political spectrum.

  15. Let's Party! $200 Struggling to find a voice, this party has gone through several party leaders since John Major and is currently led by David Cameron.

  16. Let's Party! $300 This "third" party would like to see proportional representation replace single-member plurality in parliamentary elections.

  17. Let's Party! $400 As a form of protest, this Northern Irish party traditionally has not occupied the seats it rightfully won in parliamentary elections.

  18. Let's Party! $500 This racist far right party has taken a strong and controversial stance against immigration.

  19. Under New Labour $100 Under this constitutional reform policy, Scotland gained a Parliament and Wales gained an Assembly.

  20. Under New Labour $200 As Labour Chancellor of the Exchequer, he oversaw Britain’s failure to pass 5 economic tests required for the adoption of the Euro.

  21. Under New Labour $300 Partially inspired by Bill Clinton, it is the name of Tony Blair's philosophical foundation for "New Labour".

  22. Under New Labour $400 Prime Minister Blair suffered his first parliamentary defeat over proposed laws intended to fight this international issue.

  23. Under New Labour $500 Although elected as an independent in 2000, this mayor of London won reelection in 2004 as a member of the Labour Party.

  24. Hodge Podge $100 The political elite in Britain have traditionally been educated at these two English universities.

  25. Hodge Podge $200 This 1911 legislation granted pay to MPs.

  26. Hodge Podge $300 This 20th century British economist advocated government deficit spending during hard economic times.

  27. Hodge Podge $400 It is the term to describe a British semi-public agency.

  28. Hodge Podge $500 One might wonder how this wild British party (which avidly protested B-liar’s war policy) might stand on asylum policy.

  29. Yes, Prime Minister $100 Who was WINSTON CHURCHILL?

  30. Yes, Prime Minister $200 Who is TONY BLAIR?

  31. Yes, Prime Minister $300 Who was MARGARET THATCHER?

  32. Yes, Prime Minister $400 Who was JOHN MAJOR?

  33. Yes, Prime Minister $500 Who was CLEMENT ATLEE?

  34. Common Terms $100 What is MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT?

  35. Common Terms $200 What is COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY?

  36. Common Terms $300 What is QUESTION TIME? (Prime Minister's Questions)

  37. Common Terms $400 What is VOTE OF CONFIDENCE?

  38. Common Terms $500 What is REBELLING?

  39. Let's Party! $100 What is the LABOUR PARTY?

  40. Let's Party! $200 What is the CONSERVATIVE (TORY) PARTY?

  41. Let's Party! $300 What is the LIBERAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY?

  42. Let's Party! $400 What is SINN FEIN?

  43. Let's Party! $500 What is the BRITISH NATIONAL PARTY?

  44. Under New Labour $100 What is DEVOLUTION?

  45. Under New Labour $200 Who is GORDON BROWN?

  46. Under New Labour $300 What is the THIRD WAY?

  47. Under New Labour $400 What is TERRORISM?

  48. Under New Labour $500 Who is KEN LIVINGSTONE (“RED Ken”)?

  49. Hodge Podge $100 What are OXFORD and CAMBRIDGE (OXBRIDGE)?

  50. Hodge Podge $200 What was the PARLIAMENT ACT?

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