annual general meeting of the mississippi lakes association l.
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Annual General Meeting of the Mississippi Lakes Association PowerPoint Presentation
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Annual General Meeting of the Mississippi Lakes Association

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Annual General Meeting of the Mississippi Lakes Association - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Annual General Meeting of the Mississippi Lakes Association. May 29, 2010 Beckwith Municipal Building. 2010 AGM Agenda. Call to order Opening remarks, Director Intro, etc. – Vern Runnells 2009 AGM Minutes Financial Reports – Bryon Edwards Election of Directors

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Presentation Transcript
annual general meeting of the mississippi lakes association

Annual General Meetingof theMississippi Lakes Association

May 29, 2010

Beckwith Municipal Building

2010 agm agenda
2010 AGM Agenda

Call to order

Opening remarks, Director Intro, etc. – Vern Runnells

2009 AGM Minutes

Financial Reports – Bryon Edwards

Election of Directors

The “Mississippi Belle” – Ed Carew

Membership Summary – Bryon Edwards

The Watershed, Marker Buoys & New Map – Ed Carew

The Lake and its Stewardship – Melissa Dakers

2010 Loon Survey – John Coburn

Door Prizes

Coffee/Comfort Break

Website and High Speed Internet Access – David du Feu

Beckwith - Private Road Equalization Program – Frank Mills

Final Door Prize Draw

Wrap-up and Adjourn


opening remarks vern runnells
Opening Remarks – Vern Runnells

Short Agenda – No Long speeches

Questions at anytime

Forum for issues, concerns, etc.

Door Prizes, lots of fun, Coffee, Tea and Timbits

Mississippi Lakes Association

Mississippi Lakes Association


current directors
Current Directors

Vern Runnells– President

Ed Carew – Vice President/Belle Editor

Bryon Edwards – Treasurer

Lorna Drummond – Secretary

Melissa Dakers – Director/Lake Steward

David du Feu – Director/Webmaster

John Coburn – Director/Wildlife

Frank Mills – Past President

Peter Elliott – Director Emeritus

Mississippi Lakes Association

Mississippi Lakes Association


deputy directors
Deputy Directors

Guy Charron - Petrie's Shore

Rick Kwissa - Carleton Place

Donna Nesbitt - Hunter's Bay

Chris Winter – Moonlight Bay

Gary Patterson - Hay's Shore

Gisele Neil - Two Oaks (or Ab’s Shore)

Allison Kirkpatrick - High Bank Shore

Gary Arkinson – Robertson Shore

Greg Smith – Lake Park

Ken Ray – Squaw Point

Jeff Wilson – Gardiner Shore

John Miller – Dunlop Cresent

Mississippi Lakes Association


minutes of 2009 agm
Minutes of 2009 AGM
  • Recorded by Lorna Drummond
  • Printed copies available at the door
  • Reviewed and recommended for acceptance by current Directors
  • Motion from the floor needed for acceptance

Mississippi Lakes Association


treasurer and auditor reports bryon edwards
Treasurer and Auditor ReportsBryon Edwards
  • 2009 Revenue/Expense
  • Financial Summary
  • Asset Summary
  • Auditor’s Report on 2009
  • 2010 Budget

Mississippi Lakes Association


2009 financial summary
2009 Financial Summary

Bank balance at start of year $2,009.00

Total revenue for 2009 9,537.85

Total expense for 2009 10,389.98

Bank balance at yearend$1,156.87

Mississippi Lakes Association


2010 revenue budget
2010 Revenue Budget

Mississippi Lakes Association


2010 expense budget
2010 Expense Budget

Mississippi Lakes Association


2010 budget approval
2010 Budget Approval

Motion - approve the 2010 Budget as presented by the Treasurer.Moved by - ………………………Seconded by - ………………….

Mississippi Lakes Association


2009 asset summary
2009 Asset Summary

Boat and Motor $10,000

Hazard Marker Buoys $4,500

Weed Cutter $2,500

All values are estimated

Mississippi Lakes Association


financial statement audit 2009
Financial Statement Audit - 2009

I have audited the MLA books for 2009 and found them to be correct to the statements provided.

Garry Patterson 28 May, 2010

Mississippi Lakes Association


appointment of 2010 auditor
Appointment of 2010 Auditor

We will need a new auditor for next year.

Mississippi Lakes Association


election of directors
Election of Directors
  • Ed Carew will resign at the end of this term after ten years on the board
  • Motion by Vern that Ed Carew be made Director Emeritus
  • Candidate for election sponsored by current executive :- John Miller
  • Nominations from the floor are now invited

Mississippi Lakes Association


membership bryon edwards
Membership – Bryon Edwards

About 1250 Properties around the Lakes

342 Paid MLA Members (427 in 2007)

81% from Road/Shore Associations

Hoping to attract 500+ members in 2010

Membership fees are our most important source of revenue

Mississippi Lakes Association


the mississippi belle ed carew
The Mississippi Belle – Ed Carew
  • Continued improvements, more colour
  • Excellent support from advertisers
  • Would like ideas for 2011 issue
    • do you have a suggested topic?
    • Would you submit an article?

Mississippi Lakes Association

Mississippi Lakes Association


water levels
Water Levels

Co-operative effort with MVC

MLA volunteers provide weekly rainfall data to MVC

MVC provides water level data to MLA

The Annual Meeting with MVC held at Mill of Kintail

Graph updated weekly on MLA Website

includes year to date levels, historical average levels and target range

useful to determine whether water level changes may affect docks and boat lifts

Mississippi Lakes Association

Mississippi Lakes Association


water levels graph
Water Levels Graph

Mississippi Lakes Association

Mississippi Lakes Association



Marker BuoysEd Carew

  • All Marker Buoys installed effective 19 May
  • The Miss L.A. pontoon boat needs a new floor
  • Marker buoy locations shown on Website, Newsletter Maps, and laminated maps (for sale @ $5.00 per map)
  • The MLA would like to thank Canadian Tire, Carleton Place, for their generous donation of 10 orange marker buoys

Mississippi Lakes Association

Mississippi Lakes Association


pleasure craft operator card
Pleasure Craft Operator Card
  • The final deadline has past.
  • Make sure you have a card before operating a boat on the Mississippi Lake

(a) if the person has received a mark of at least 75 per cent on a test and has been issued a Pleasure Craft Operator Card;

(b) if the person had successfully completed a boating safety course in Canada before April 1, 1999 and has a Boating Safety Course Completion Card or other written proof of that completion

Mississippi Lakes Association

the lake and its stewardship
The Lake and its Stewardship

Melissa Dakers – Lake Steward

Mississippi Lakes Association


water quality sampling program
Water Quality Sampling Program

2002 - MVC sampled Mississippi Lake (Watershed Watch Program–5 year cycle)

2006 - Initiated an Annual Sampling Program in partnership with MVC

Followed the Watershed Watch Protocol

2007 - Lake Partner Program Sampling & Watershed Watch (MVC re-sampled)

Although results are encouraging, MLA decided to expand on the program

Mississippi Lakes Association


2009 water quality sampling
2009 Water Quality Sampling

Partnership with MVC (supplied equipment & covered cost of lab samples again)

Lake was sampled 3 times

Re-sampled with Lake Partner Program

Re-sampled 2 additional sites for phosphorus including inlet and outlet

Residents need to practice stewardship

2010 – Resample 2 main sites, including inlet and outlet, in partnership with MVC

Mississippi Lakes Association


map of sampling locations
Map of Sampling Locations

Mississippi Lakes Association


2010 loon survey john coburn
2010 Loon SurveyJohn Coburn

Mississippi Lakes Association

guess what comes next
Guess what comes next?

First Set of Door Prizes !!

Mississippi Lakes Association


it s break time
It’s Break Time
  • Coffee and Tea
  • Timbits by Tim Horton’s
  • Washrooms courtesy of Beckwith Township
  • Back in 10 minutes please

Mississippi Lakes Association


website and high speed access
Website and High-Speed Access

David du Feu

Mississippi Lakes Association


website www lakemississippi ca
Larger content, more information, pictures & charts

MLA website (events, activities & useful information)


Weekly water level reports

Marker Buoys placement and removal notifications and where they are located

MLA Information: directors, deputy directors, past meetings, etc.

Misc. items, including, the latest available HS Internet, Recreational activities, Lake wine list, Wildlife around the lake, Ice Out/In Dates and Maps (including Satellite View), and Boat Licensing and Regulations

Want to be notified of updates?

Sign-Up, Personal Notification of Updates – click on “The Webmaster”

Email “

Closing in on 17,000 hits; over 4,000 since last AGM

Website (

Mississippi Lakes Association

high speed internet access
High-Speed Internet Access
  • Horizon Technologies offer service to most of the Lake
  • Storm Internet covers Carleton Place, Beckwith and all of the lake area
  • Bell Canada offers DSL & WiMax (only in certain areas near C.P.) and high-speed Internet using their TurboStick™ pretty well everywhere
  • Rogers offers their Rocket™ Mobile Internet Stick in most loactions across Canada

Mississippi Lakes Association


Comparisons In Data Rates

Some comparisons using the MacAfee Speedometer


TypeSpeed Data Transfer Rate

Dial-Up 40 Kbps 150 KB download took 25.7 sec

HorizonTech 200 Kbps 150 KB download took 3.1 sec

TurboStick 500 Kbps 600 KB download took 5.0 sec

Mississippi Lakes Association

weed cutter peter elliott
Weed Cutter – Peter Elliott

Weed Cutter

  • Portable Battery powered unit
  • Mounts on transom of a small boat
  • Perfect for around rafts and docks
  • Available to MLA members
  • Rental fee: free 1st day, then $50 per day
  • $100 damage deposit
  • To book call Peter at 257-5362

Mississippi Lakes Association


new business
New Business

Anyone is welcome to bring up issues, concerns, comments, etc

Mississippi Lakes Association


beckwith township private road equalization program prep frank mills

Beckwith Township Private Road Equalization Program“PREP” Frank Mills

Beckwith Private Road Equalization Program

Mississippi Lakes Association

status and plan for 2010
Status and Plan for 2010

Budget approved for 2010 ($30,250)

85% uptake by Road Associations in 2009

Cheques issued for a total of $25,614 in 2009

No application was turned down

Some did not have required receipts to file applications

Beckwith expecting higher uptake in 2010

Improved application forms available in September

Township really impressed with quality of applications

All Stars – Dowdall & Rathwell Shores, Lakeside Dr.

Beckwith Private Road Equalization Program

Mississippi Lakes Association

guess what comes next38
Guess what comes next?

Last Set of Door Prizes !!

Mississippi Lakes Association


wrap up
  • The Executive appreciates your support
  • Membership is the MLA’s strength, we need them
  • Talk to your friends/neighbours about the MLA
  • Please visit our Website for the latest news (
  • Thanks for attending, hope to see you next year
  • Need motion to adjourn…………..

Mississippi Lakes Association