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Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute

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Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute Southeast Conference September 20, 2004 Alaska Legislature Changes ASMI After a two-year process involving the seafood industry Alaska State Legislature enacted law to streamline ASMI and make it more effective HIGHLIGHTS New board has 7 members:

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alaska seafood marketing institute

Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute

Southeast Conference

September 20, 2004

alaska legislature changes asmi
Alaska Legislature Changes ASMI
  • After a two-year process involving the seafood industry Alaska State Legislature enacted law to streamline ASMI and make it more effective


  • New board has 7 members:

2 harvesters, 5 processors (4 large, 1 small)

  • Industry referendum on ASMI
  • Election to retain assessment, increase assessment
Processors are required to vote by October 1, 2004 on the following two questions:

1) Whether the seafood marketing assessment shall be retained at 0.3%

2)  Whether the seafood marketing assessment shall be raised to 0.5%

assessment election impact
Assessment Election Impact
  • If increase to 0.5% processor-paid seafood marketing assessment is approved:
    • increased levy (0.5%) on all species takes effect January 1, 2005
    • 1% salmon marketing tax paid by fisherman ends Dec. 31, 2004
  • If assessment is approved at existing level of 0.3%, and not increased:
    • two fishermen added to Board
    • 1% salmon marketing tax paid by fishermen continues (must be reinstated every five years)
  • If assessment of 0.3% not approved it ends on Dec. 31, 2004
how the vote works
How the Vote Works
  • Weighted vote -- based on value of seafood processed
  • Requires approval by processors who produce at least 51% of seafood products produced in Alaska in order to pass
  • Two votes required:
    • Continue ASMI assessment (0.3%)
    • Increase assessment to 0.5%
new asmi board of directors
New ASMI Board of Directors
  • Chair: Mark Palmer, Ocean Beauty, large processor
  • Vice-Chair: Bruce Wallace, Fisherman, Southeast Alaska
  • Kevin Adams, Fisherman, Bristol Bay
  • Joe Bundrant, Trident, large processor
  • Barry Collier, Peter Pan, large processor
  • Duncan Fields, Kodiak Salmon Packers, small processor
  • Don Giles, Icicle, large processor
new direction
New Direction

“ At the new ASMI we expect there will be some re-balancing in our efforts to promote all Alaska Seafood. We still consider salmon very important to our industry but also recognize that our former heavy focus on salmon did not serve the overall industry as well as it could.”

Quote from ASMI Board’s letter to fellow processors

board changes so far
Board Changes So Far
  • Directed the staff to build a multi-year, all-species seafood marketing campaign to utilize $6.5M available from the Governor and the Alaska Fisheries Marketing Board.
  • Office move from Bellevue to Fishermen’s Terminal.
  • Restructured Advisory Committees, new members appointed.
Restructuring ASMI Advisory Committees
  • Established new criteria for committee membership
  • New committee assignments on 25 August 2004. Will effectively utilize and task committees to guide ASMI marketing and quality programs.
  • Whitefish Committee to focus on Pollock and Cod; created new Halibut-Sablefish Committee
  • Combined the Salmon Marketing Committee and the Canned Salmon Committee to improve efficiency
  • Committee membership capped at nine members. Board member assigned to each committee to facilitate communication
marketing alaska seafood
Marketing Alaska Seafood
  • All Alaska Seafood is represented in ASMI
    • training sessions
    • promotional materials
    • trade show exhibitions
    • menu and marketing guides
    • Buyer’s Guides
    • nutritional information media kits
    • literature and sales aids, chef recipes, and consumer recipe releases to newspapers reaching millions of people
foodservice activities
Foodservice Activities
  • ASMI works with the largest broadline foodservice distributors in the U.S., such as Sysco.
  • ASMI educates prominent chefs in usage of Alaska seafood, resulting in the product being put on the menu by major restaurant and hotel chains.
  • ASMI does promotions with restaurant and hotel chains throughout the year, boosting sales.
retail activities
Retail Activities
  • ASMI has access to corporate offices of the country’s top supermarket chains. The Lent 2004 promotion of Alaska Seafood (prepared wrapped with Reynolds foil) ran in 8,000+ grocery stores.
  • “Cook It Frozen” initiative takes advantage of growth in private label frozen sector, as stores start carrying their own lines of frozen, boneless, skinless portions that can go from freezer to stove or oven.
international program differentiates alaska seafood
International Program Differentiates Alaska Seafood

ASMI incorporates the following elements into our messages to differentiate Alaska Seafood:

  • Purity
  • Naturalness (The “Wild” Factor)
  • Health
  • Wholesomeness
  • Safety
  • Superior Taste
  • Sustainability
international activities
International Activities
  • Overseas Marketing Representatives in Japan, China, EU
  • In Asia 1,659 stores participated in ASMI promotions selling 20.5 million pounds of Alaska seafood as a result of ASMI promotions.
  • ASMI’s Alaska pavilion at the European Seafood Exposition last year generated $70 million in sales for Alaska seafood producers.
technical program

Technical Program

Provides technical support to marketing programs as well as to Alaska industry on a variety of topics:

Food safety, nutrition

Seafood quality assurance for all links in the supply chain

Environmental issues, e.g. contaminants, fisheries management, sustainability

Labeling, health claims

National and international food safety regulations

  • New Board, New Direction
  • More Balance, Better Focus
  • Need your Support to Move Forward
  • Committees Reflect Industry Contribution
  • Ray Riutta, ASMI Executive Director
  • Laura Fleming, ASMI Public Relations Director 800-478-2903,
  • Questions regarding ballot:

Tom Godkin, Division of Elections

Phone: 907-465-4611