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Coach to All Saints. A study of Revelations. 7. Revelations a Book of. ‘s perfection Completeness. Horns & eyes Seals on the scroll Angels blow trumpets Bowls of judgement Heads with crowns Mountains. Churches in Asia Spirits before the throne Stars in his hand Angels

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Coach to All Saints

A study of Revelations

Revelations a book of l.jpg


Revelations a Book of




  • Horns & eyes

  • Seals on the scroll

  • Angels blow trumpets

  • Bowls of judgement

  • Heads with crowns

  • Mountains

  • Churches in Asia

  • Spirits before the throne

  • Stars in his hand

  • Angels

  • Golden lampstands

  • Kings

Letters to the seven churches l.jpg
Letters to the Seven Churches

  • Ephesus - loveless

  • Smyrna - persecuted

  • Pergamos - compromise

  • Thyatira - corrupt

  • Sardis - dead

  • Philadelphia - faithful

  • Leodicea - lukewarm

Jesus says to all churches l.jpg
Jesus Says to All Churches

  • I know your deeds

  • Repent and do right

  • To him who overcomes I will give

  • He who has an ear let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches

Error of calculating book as historical timeline

View of heavenly proceedings l.jpg
View of Heavenly Proceedings

  • Throne room

  • The Lamb - only one worthy to take the scroll

  • Twenty-four Elders sing of his worthiness

The seven seals opened l.jpg
The Seven Seals Opened

  • Horsemen are released

  • 144,000 of Israel sealed

  • Souls of the Martyrs released

  • Cosmic disturbances

Seven trumpets l.jpg
Seven Trumpets

  • The earth, sea, waters, & heavens struck

  • Locusts released from the pit

  • Angels released from the Euphrates

  • Two witnesses & the Kingdom proclaimed

The woman the child and the dragon l.jpg
The Woman, the Child and the Dragon

  • The woman persecuted - the church

  • The Child being protected - Christ incarnated in our midst

  • The Dragon Satan thrown out of heaven

The three beasts l.jpg
The Three Beasts

  • Beast from the Land (place of the saved) ecclesiastical or spiritual governance

  • Beast from the Sea (evil place in Jewish thinking) political governnance

  • The Scarlet Beast - the serpent of old, the fiery red dragon, the destroyer who is the Devil and Satan

Mark of the beast l.jpg
Mark of the Beast

  • Mark of a man - calculate 666

  • Forehead - things looked at and consider - worry

  • Hand - things we touch - trembling

  • Always falls short of Godly - 777

The seven bowls of judgement l.jpg
The Seven Bowls of Judgement

  • Loathsome sores for those with the mark of the beast

  • Sea and waters become blood and thirds die (spiritual)

  • Men are scorched and in pain

  • The Euphrates dries up in preparation

  • The Earth utterly shaken

The mystery woman l.jpg
The Mystery Woman

  • Babylon the Great - Mother of Harlots?

  • In her hand the cup of the abominations of the Earth

  • Rides the seven headed beast

  • Over waters - tribes tongues and nations

Babylon s fall jerusalem s rise l.jpg
Babylon’s Fall & Jerusalem’s Rise

  • The Satanic rebellion crushed

  • Jeweled Jerusalem comes down

  • River - Water of life

  • Tree of life fruits & leaves for healing nations

Conclusion l.jpg

  • Instruction to all ages and churches

  • Christ the only one worthy to lead

  • Enduring nature of the confusing spirit

  • Judgement for following the Beast

  • New Jerusalem for those in Christ

"surely I am coming quickly"