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Automated Crypto Trading Bot PowerPoint Presentation
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Automated Crypto Trading Bot

Automated Crypto Trading Bot

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Automated Crypto Trading Bot

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  1. Autonio Automated Nexus of Intelligent Operations

  2. Introduction Autonio is a decentralized AI trading system that grants open access to profitable algorithmic trading opportunities. It allows users of the NIO Suite to learn about, build, sell, and deploy intelligent trading algorithms, and run market makers through a single user-friendly interface.

  3. Features Of Autonio • Build • Shop • Deploy • Market Making • Learn

  4. Building • Autonio features an algorithm customization tool with 20 technical indicators. Those who don’t desire to create custom algorithms can alternatively choose from a base set of 10+ provided trading algorithms or import their own.

  5. Shopping • Vetted trading algorithms that earn over 10% returns on front-tested data can be sold to other users on the Autonio Algorithm Marketplace. The profits from these sales go directly to algorithm creators, without disclosing the technical underpinnings of the algorithm itself.

  6. Deploying • Purchased / created Autonio algorithms can be front-tested, backtested, and deployed on any one of AutoNIO’s 5 integrated exchanges.

  7. Market Making • Autonio offers a low-cost BitShares market making tool that allows users to make markets with the click of a button.

  8. Learning • Users looking to improve their portfolios can pay for consulting, mimicry, and portfolio rebalancing services from other expert traders.

  9. Exchange Support • Autonio currently supports deployment on several exchanges. The NIO team intends to add new supported exchanges monthly as the Autonio user base scales. • Connecting an exchange account to Autonio can be done through the entrance of exchange API keys, which will be stored locally to mitigate the risk of cloud attacks. • Once API keys are input into the Autonio platform, users will be able to view live buy/sell orders through the Autonio interface. Automated trading is also available for CryptoBridge, GDEX, and EasyDEX and will soon be available for seven additional exchanges.

  10. Autonio is live and available for download both on desktop and mobile. AutoNIO can be accessed through our community on Telegram for more information: #NIO on the following (ETH) (ETH) (BTC)Nebula Exchange (USDT & ETH)Chinese CEX (BTC & ETH) (USD, BTC & ETH)

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