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The internet has made shopping for auto insurance quotes easy. All major auto insurance providers now have websites allowing customers to sign up for auto insurance instantly, right on their site. There are also countless services out there that offer online insurance quote comparisons.

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Auto Insurance Quotes – Common Mistakes Which Cost You MoneyGetting auto insurance quotes is time consuming and frustrating. You probably use two methods of trying to find the best deal.Talking to a local Insurance AgentGetting quotes from insurance company websites.Both of these methods can be effective but have a couple major faults. Let us examine the problem with getting your insurance quotes from an agent first.Is The Quote for Your Best Interest or Their Best Interest?Have you ever wondered when dealing with an insurance agent whether the quotes you are getting are in your best interest or theirs? The agents get different commission percentages, bonuses, and incentives from each of the companies they carry. It would be foolish to believe an agent who is in the midst of bonus contest will not promote one product over another. Most agents will balance their own best interests with yours. If they know their preferred company could cost them your business they will quote you their lowest offer, but not always. If you are going to work through local insurance agents always get quotes from several offices instead of relying on only one.


Price Comparisons Through the Insurance Company’s WebsiteDo you honestly believe when Progressive, Geico, or other companies claim they will give you their price plus the prices of 3 competitors that the deck is not stacked against you? There is a little underlying trick often going on. These companies will use their “preferred” defaults on their forms in order to get you the best underwriting rates for their company. They realize these criteria may not be a match for a competitor giving them the edge.If you are going to really compare coverage between companies you have two solid options. First, use an independent website which generates comparative quotes for you. They are not locked down to offers from one brand to make money. The second method is more time consuming. Visit the websites of the top 5 or 6 insurers in your area and get quotes based upon your needs, not their defaults. This allows you to compare policies evenly and fairly.Using an independent website for your auto insurance quotes offers a few other advantages, other than just time savings.Compare more companies simultaneously.Try a variety of coverage options quickly.Review insurance company reputation.Along with giving you fast quotes many of the insurance quote consolidators offer customer reviews or ratings of insurance companies. This can help you narrow down your selection when there are a few nearly identical quotes. You can discover which company has the best reputation and pays quickly.Reviewing the Common Mistakes in Getting Insurance QuotesBriefly, the three biggest mistakes made in getting auto insurance quotes are:Getting quotes from only one local agent.Using one insurance company’s website for “comparative quotes”.Not trying a variety of coverage options.By using the right quote consolidation service you can eliminate all of these factors and get quotes almost instantly. Getting auto insurance quotes is easy.