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Getting the Best Quote For Auto Insurance PowerPoint Presentation
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Getting the Best Quote For Auto Insurance

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Getting the Best Quote For Auto Insurance
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Getting the Best Quote For Auto Insurance

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  1. Getting the Best Quote For Auto Insurance

  2. When it comes to shopping for auto insurance quotes, you need to make sure that you have the coverage you need if you are ever in an accident, but you also want the policy you choose to fit into your budget. • Contrary to what certain online auto insurance companies would like you to believe, you generally cannot find the right policy inside of fifteen minutes and many of them don't take local and state-specific laws into account when making those claims. That doesn't mean that if your agent has an online presence they aren't reputable. Most actually are and they can make the process simpler and more convenient.

  3. Regardless, the process of choosing the right auto insurance is not the most enjoyable experience. The good news is that the time it takes to make the right choices will save you money and allow you the freedom to spend that money in other ways.

  4. What Coverages Do You Need? • The answer to this question can be complicated. Most states have minimum requirements that you need to carry. If your car is financed, the bank will have their own rules and if you fail to carry the proper coverage they could call in the loan (in other words, demand that it be paid back IMMEDIATELY). A good agent will be able to tell you what you need, then help you decide on the amount of coverage you should be carrying. Do you need $300,000 in liability coverage or should $50,000 be enough? Many factors will determine the answer to that question so make sure you know all your options before deciding.

  5. Ask About Discounts • Insurance companies have discount programs of every description. For new drivers, some insurance companies will offer discounts for taking Driver's Education or for maintaining a pre-determined Grade Point Average. Some offer safe driver discounts to new customers with a set number of years between accidents or tickets. • Give the agent your car's VIN number. It will tell them everything they need to know about safety equipment installed on the vehicle. If you have modified the vehicle with safety features or theft protection, make sure they know. All of these things may qualify for a discount.

  6. Go for the Rental and Towing • These are some of the least expensive coverages and they can save you a bundle. The average cost of a tow is around $75. The Average cost of towing insurance is under $10 and will cover several tows per policy period. Rental coverage is often just as inexpensive and can save you hundreds of dollars if you are ever in an accident and need to rent a car while yours is in the shop. • Shop Around • Moreover, make sure when you talk to an agent you let them know you intend to do just that. If you have a good driving record they will find ways to save you money and end your search. In fact, they will pull out every stop to make sure you sign on the dotted line.

  7. Even if the offer seems perfect, do your homework anyway. Make sure you're getting the best deal. • If your driving record or credit rating aren't the best, you might have to dig even deeper but you should still be able to find coverage that you can live with and will protect you in the event of an accident. Even better, some companies offer discounts over time if you remain accident and citation-free. It is well worth the effort to find a company like that so don't settle.

  8. These are the basic things to consider when looking for auto insurance quotes. Make sure you ask questions and educate yourself. Gauge the answers you get to those questions from different agents against each-other and, above everything else, go with the company you feel you can trust the most. Chances are they will also be among the most economical and will be willing to work with you to earn your business along with your trust.