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Finding the right solar panel installer is easy with us

Australian Solar Quotes comprise of a team of dedicated solar professionals and renewable energy enthusiasts who want to encourage the Australian community to turn green with their energy choices by considering the use of alternative energy. For more information please visit- http://www.australiansolarquotes.com.au

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Finding the right solar panel installer is easy with us

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  1. Australian Solar Quotes Finding the right solar panel installer is easy with Australian Solar Quotes

  2. How Does Solar Power Work? Solar Panels are designed to capture the sun’s ultraviolet rays and generate a DC (Direct Current) before being converted to an AC (Alternating Current). This phenomenon happens thanks to the solar inverter. For residential solar installations, inverters are mounted on a wall next to the power box, or for extra security, in the garage or laundry.

  3. How to Choose an Installer Choosing the right solar installer on your own may be a little more difficult. You will be exposed to many different services, business models, sales reps and prices. Below we’ve listed a couple of things you should check out to help with your decision: • The basics on solar • The cost to go solar • Solar rebates and incentives • Solar company reviews • Buyers guide to solar power

  4. Energy Efficiency There is no debate when it comes to solar panels being the most economical and productive upgrade to save energy in your home or workplace. Just to give you an idea of what energy saving trends and appliances are available on the market are, we have put together a list. • Solar hot water • Heat pump hot water • Continuous flow gas hot water • Solar air conditioning • LED lighting • Motion sensors that turn off your AC & appliances • Pool pump governors • Energy efficient pool pumps • Insulation • Solar panels • Roof paint • Dam or bore pumps • Energy efficient household appliances • Energy monitors

  5. Responsibilities When You Go Solar A solar panel system is a big purchase that comes with a few responsibilities on your part. Buying a solar power system is not as easy as buying a wheelbarrow at Bunnings, or even a computer or television. It’s more like buying a new car or choosing a school or course. When you choose to install solar panels, most of the associated paperwork will be provided by the solar installer or retailer. This will include: • Quotation • Terms of business • Solar Credits application • Agreement from your energy retailer • Finance documents (if you choose to go for retail finance or solar leasing)

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