There are so many creative ways to start your garden. You do not necessarily have to commission the ...
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For the best landscape company in the Tigard and West Linn, residents turn to the experts at A Peace of Mind Landscape. We specialize in all landscaping needs including: design, installation, fertilization and mowing.

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There are so many creative ways to start your garden. You do not necessarily have to commission the services of a professional landscaper to get you started on the right foot.

Cleaning up is the first order of business when starting your own garden. It may sound of as a chore, but it really is the first and most important aspect of getting started with your own garden. Start by taking out the weeds on your lawn. If you have more weeds to remove than actual grass to trim, mow it and rake it afterwards. Raking during the spring is a good way to remove debris from the fall and winter. After cleanup, your lawn may look a little bare, but you will eventually find that a clean outdoor space is actually refreshing and relaxing to look at.

After cleaning up, make sure to weed any existing garden beds. Win the weed war by knowing the difference of a weed from a perennial. At its best, if you do not know what the difference is at all, snap a photo of the weed or the perennial and Google it up!

The next order of business is to edge your garden beds. To edge your garden beds is to simply create a clean break between the grass and the garden area. It makes your garden’s space look more defined. It also makes clean up and maintenance easier in the months and years to come. To edge your garden beds, have a flat-edged shovel and “cut” along the edge of your bed. Make sure thought to follow the lines of your bed. If you have straight lights, cut a straight edge. If you want to be creative with some curves, add gentle ones to give your beds a little bit of personality.

Mulching is also an important aspect when getting started with your own garden. Even if you do not have as many plants, mulching is still essential. Aside from tidying up the look of your garden, mulch prevents weed growth and its helps retain soil moisture in the process. Just be careful though to not overdo your mulching responsibilities. Do not an a layer of mulch thicker than 4 inches. At the end of the day, you need to give the base of your plants room to breathe.

There are definitely a lot more responsibilities a hands-on gardener needs to do. What other responsibilities do you think they need to stay on top of too?