photography softbox or photographic umbrella
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Photography Softbox or Photographic Umbrella

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Photography Softbox or Photographic Umbrella - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Short tips for photographer using Softbox and Umbrellas.

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photography softbox or photographic umbrella
Photography Softbox or Photographic Umbrella
  • Similar yet Different
  • Most of the photographers who must have used both softbox and an umbrella wouldn’t be clear about the difference between the two. It has always remained a big question for amateur photographers whether to use a photographic umbrella or photography softbox?
  • Both equipments are used to soften the light and minimize shadow with the help of a flash but they give better results in different situations.
how softbox differs from an umbrella
How softbox differs from an umbrella
  • A photography softbox is often used for producing even lighting for portraits to be shot indoor because it can control light spills. The softboxes are often used when you want to illuminate the object and keep the background dark or black.
  • Photographic Umbrella apt for outdoor shoots as it is more flexible and portable. It tones down the natural light while shooting on location and produces soft light which helps in taking brilliant pictures.
  • When used inside a room, umbrellas light up a large portion of room and you cannot click pictures with a dark background. In photo studios or other indoor locations softboxes perfectly control the light spill so choose one for your indoor shooting.
types of softboxes and umbrellas to choose from
Types of softboxes and umbrellas to choose from
  • You can choose from a range of softboxes and umbrellas according to your photography needs. The umbrellas are available in different sizes and color like golden, black, sliver and translucent. We offer you a 32" umbrella in translucent color, 32" umbrella in silver/white color, 32" umbrella in silver color.
  • We also offer you a wide range of softboxes to choose from including 32"*48"/80*120cm  softbox, 24"*36"/60*90cm , 24"*24"/60*60cm and a 50*70cm softbox. All these products are available at a special price.
choose the best for you
Choose the best for you
  • Choose out of a softbox and an umbrella keeping in mind your photography skills, needs and personal preferences. Remember they produce different effects even in same light so select wisely.