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Wholesale Distributor Perspective PowerPoint Presentation
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Wholesale Distributor Perspective

Wholesale Distributor Perspective

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Wholesale Distributor Perspective

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  1. Wholesale Distributor Perspective

  2. “Communication between distributor and supplier is critical to maintaining the wholesaler's position in distribution.  In these challenging times, communication between both suppliers and wholesalers has never been as important. That is why our company is looking forward to attending the WF&FSA Conference.  We will send buyers and management to this event and look forward to the networking opportunities.” - Walter Rojahn, Chairman, Rojahn & Malaney Company

  3. "I like everything I see about the new WF&FSA Floral Distribution Conference.  It sounds very good, and it will quickly become the place to be on 11/3." - Billy Hardin, President, Hardin's Wholesale Florist

  4. “All the stars are aligning for the 2010 WF&FSA Conference.  Miami is the North American hub of the flower industry. Since it is accessible to vendors and growers from all over the world, I expect a large turn out.  To top it off, The Doral is a beautiful resort with great facilities for educational programs and to network." -Zak Baisch, Director of Sales and Procurement, Baisch & Skinner Wholesale Floral Distributor

  5. “Mt. Eden Floral Co. will not just go to the conference.  We will be participating in the conference.  This is not a conference for show.  This is a conference for participation and interaction amongst your peers.  We hope to see all of you there.”  -Rob Shibata, President, Mt. Eden Floral Co

  6. “The format of the WF&FSA Conference is excellent! It takes into account many important aspects including the time of year, location, it’s economically reasonable, perfect resort facility for recreation and informal meeting options, easily accessible Vans will be well represented; our buyers and managers can make good use of this opportunity.” - Jack Van Namen, President, Vans, Inc.

  7. “With the current economic environment and this evolving industry, Southern Floral has come to rely more heavily on the information provided by WFFSA.   Southern Floral plans on attending the WFFSA Conference for the first time in several years. We can't afford not to!!!!” - Susan Weatherford, Vice President, Southern Floral