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Washtenaw Housing Alliance. Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti & Washtenaw County Michigan. A Plan is Just a Plan……. We Make the Road by Walking History of Housing Alliance Structure & Governance Challenges in Implementation Lessons Learned. A Quick Hit of History . Alliance Pre-Dates 10-Year Plan

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Washtenaw housing alliance l.jpg

Washtenaw Housing Alliance

Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti &

Washtenaw County Michigan

A plan is just a plan l.jpg
A Plan is Just a Plan……

  • We Make the Road by Walking

    • History of Housing Alliance

    • Structure & Governance

    • Challenges in Implementation

    • Lessons Learned

A quick hit of history l.jpg
A Quick Hit of History

  • Alliance Pre-Dates 10-Year Plan

    • Formed in 2000/2001

    • Builds on Success of Initial Community Campaign Responding to Homelessness (2001-2003)

  • Alliance Delegated Authority by “Powers that Be” in 2003 to Create and Implement 10-Year Plan

  • “Blueprint to End Homelessness” Published in Fall, 2004

  • “Phase 2” Action Planning and Early Implementing Now Coming to Close

Structural elements that support success l.jpg
Structural Elements that Support Success

  • Incorporated Non-Profit Entity

    • Partnership of Public, Private and Non-Profit Sectors

  • Delegated Authority

    • Local Government Has Unofficially Designated The WHA to Oversee Implementation of 10-Year Plan

  • Community “Buy-In” (both literal and figurative)

    • County, Cities, Businesses, Community Leaders

  • Collaborative Management Strategy

    • Lean Staff – Focused on Process Management

    • Engagement of Core Providers in Governance Process

It s not who s the boss it s the collaboration stupid l.jpg
It’s NOT “Who’s the Boss?”“It’s the Collaboration, Stupid!”

  • Commitments to Collaboration Embedded in Organizational Structure

  • Structure and Function Build on Respect for Importance of Provider-Driven Process – Most Vested Owners Are Helping “Drive the Train”

  • Active Engagement of Jurisdictional, Mainstream Systems, and Community Leadership is Key

Board structure supports function l.jpg
Board Structure Supports Function

  • Board of Directors and Community Leadership

    • 4 appointees – St. Joseph Mercy Health System

    • 8 appointees – Community Members

    • 4 appointees – Service Providers (Operations Committee)

  • Operations Committee

    • Key to Provider Participation

    • Standing Committee of the Board of Directors

    • Recently Expanded from 10  28 Member Agencies

Shared vision shared leadership l.jpg
Shared Vision/Shared Leadership

  • Reliance on Blueprint Vision and Mission as “Community Glue”

  • Reliance on Community Board Leadership

    • Promoting Community Advocacy, Investment, and Ownership

    • Building Public Support and Political Will

  • Reliance on Alliance Member Leadership

    • Issues Leadership & Agenda-Setting

    • Assessment and Review of Action Plans and Implementing Strategies

Who s minding the store l.jpg
Who’s Minding the Store?

  • Small Core Staff

    • Executive Director

    • Administrative Support Manager

    • Program Planning & Evaluation Coordinator

    • Development Director

  • Staff Provides Instrumental Leadership and Follow-Through in Intermediary Functions

    • Process Management

    • Scheduling & Coordination

    • Work Group Orchestration and Integration

    • Coordinates Outcomes Evaluations

    • Data Integration

    • Communications

More on staff roles l.jpg
More on Staff Roles

  • Focused on “Keeping It Simple”

    • Minimizing Bureaucratic Expectations

    • Avoiding Funding Competition in Services Domain

    • Focusing on Centralized and Coordinating Functions

    • Assists in Creation and Publication of Work Group “Products”

  • Emerging Functions / Potential New Roles

    • Housing Resource Coordination

    • Centralized Homeless Response/Gaps Case Management

    • Data Management/HMIS Coordination

    • Continuum of Care Coordination

Key staff skills and sensibilities l.jpg
Key Staff Skills and Sensibilities

  • Big Picture and Long-Term Vision

  • Flexibility

  • Pro-Active Administrative Support

  • Facilitate Collaborative Leadership

  • Diplomacy in Perpetual Cycles of Negotiation

Challenges funding and administrative operations l.jpg
Challenges: Funding and Administrative Operations

  • Mobilizing Ongoing Operations Budget

    • Treading Lightly in Heavily Trodden Paths

    • Avoiding Undermining Members’ Needs

    • Cultivating “Community Partners” as Sponsors

  • Managing Pass-Through Funding

    • How Much Administration?

    • How Much Management and Oversight?

    • How Much (If Any) of an Administrative Fee?

  • Special Fund-Raising Initiatives

    • Supportive Housing Services Campaign (Housing First)

    • Prisoner Re-Entry Initiative

Challenges integrated funding l.jpg
Challenges: Integrated Funding

  • New Community Funding Model Emergent from Blueprint Process

    • Integrated Funding Plan Driven by Major Community Funders

    • Funding Coordination Focused on “500 Unit Plan”

    • Reliance on Provider-Based Funding Recommendations

Challenges balancing values l.jpg
Challenges: Balancing Values

  • Managing Sometimes Conflicting “Cultural” Values in the Trenches

    • “Housing First” vs. “Housing Ready”

    • “Dry” vs. “Wet” Housing

    • “Voluntary” vs. “Mandated” Services

  • Inclusiveness in Process vs. Organizational Efficiency

    • Ability to be Flexible and Nimble in Decision-Making

    • Ability to Exploit Unanticipated Opportunities

Challenges managing collaboration l.jpg
Challenges: Managing Collaboration

  • Managing Conflicts That Arise When Players Wear Multiple “Hats”

    • Balancing Agency-Specific Interests vs. Community Interests

  • Aligning Intersecting/Overlapping Community Initiatives

    • Early Childhood Initiatives, Youth Services Initiatives, Adult Literacy Initiatives, Aging Initiatives, Substance Abuse Initiatives, etc…

  • Facilitating Strategies for “Shared Leadership”

    • Decision-making in Collaboration Requires Clarity, Openness, Transparency, and Hard Work

Challenges data development l.jpg
Challenges: Data Development

  • Who’s Driving the Data that Drives the Process?

    • Need to Manage the Flow and Shape of Data

    • Need Broader Buy-in to Community Info System Than HMIS Systems Have Typically Nurtured

    • Developing Data Meaningful for Policy-Making and Systems Change Processes

Challenges building the plane while flying l.jpg
Challenges: “Building the Plane While Flying”

  • Change is a Constant

    • Responding to Political & Economic Shifts in Community

    • Sensitivity to “Life Stages” of Process

  • Building Structure that is Self-Sustaining

    • Sustaining Funding for General Operations

    • Nurturing New Leaders & Participants

    • Continuing to Educate Community – “Old News”

  • Building “Shared Leadership” Models

    • Expanding Membership Generates New Concerns

    • Cultivating Norms for Collaborative Governance

    • Negotiating Relationships with Community Leaders

What do we know now that we wished we knew then l.jpg
What Do We Know Now That We Wished We Knew Then?

Planning and Action

  • Need to Focus a Little More on Action and a Little Less on Planning (too many groups taking too long and focusing on too much)

  • Need to Go Where Community’s Energy Flows (sometimes the time is right for action even if it isn’t in the plan)

  • Need to Maintain Allegiance to Practice Principles and Outcomes More than to Particulars of Original Plans (plans laid in Year 1 aren’t always in synch with Year 3 realities)

What do we know now that we wished we knew then18 l.jpg
What Do We Know Now That We Wished We Knew Then?

Governance and Decision-Making

  • Need Stronger and More Clearly Defined Institutional & Jurisdictional Supports

  • Need Better Models for Shared Decision-making (especially when it involves policy and systems change initiatives)

What do we know now that we wished we knew then19 l.jpg
What Do We Know Now That We Wished We Knew Then?

Collaboration Matters

  • When You’re Committed to Community Systems change, the Locus of Control is Never Really Terribly Clear…..

  • Collaborative Planning and Governance is Heck of a Lot Harder than it Looks

  • Whatever the Cost, Collaboration is Worth the Price of Admission

Contact information l.jpg
Contact Information

Washtenaw Housing Alliance

PO Box 7993 Ann Arbor, MI 48107

734-222-3575 www.whalliance.org

Chuck Kieffer

Executive Director

([email protected])