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Visual Studio Productivity PowerPoint Presentation
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Visual Studio Productivity

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Visual Studio Productivity
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Visual Studio Productivity

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    1. Visual Studio Productivity

    2. About Me Jeff Klawiter Senior .Net Developer at Sierra Bravo Corp Professional developer for over 10 years Former PHP/Linux Zealot Freelanced websites for many local bands and two national: American Head Charge and The Commodores (yes, Brick House, Easy Commodores) At Sierra Bravo for 4 years, 1 day and about 1 hour MCPD: Web and MCTS: Windows

    3. How do we become Productive? Taking advantage of tools provided for us Graphical Designers Command line Utilities Code Generators Writing our own tools Macros Scripts DSLs Learning from our peers

    4. Is Visual Studio really that great? One of the oldest graphical development environments still in use A Shell that was written to be completely context aware and language agnostic Build your own IDE using the With Visual Studio .NET multiple products were combined into one common place VC++, VB, VJ++, VC# and more VS 2010 moving to WPF for the benefit of us all

    5. What Does Visual Studio Offer? Default keyboard schemes for many popular present and past IDEs Fully customizable interface and keyboard shortcut system Macros Visual Studio Integration Packages (aka Add-ons/Addins/Extensions/thing-a-ma-jigs/) Visual Designers Snippets Custom Tools And much more

    6. Snippets: Macro/Template/Intellisense Introduced in Visual Studio 2005 Quick way to implement common coding structures Currently Limited to C#, VB, J#, XML VS2010 adding HTML/ASPX and WPF Two main modes: insert and surrounds Accessing a snippet VC#: Right Click->Insert Snippet. Shows up in the Intellisense List VB: 2005: right click insert snippet, some Intellisense support. 2008: C# like Intellisense support, plus ability to re-enable snippet mode after exiting it Task Basked Snippets

    7. Snippet Internals Simple XML Schema <CodeSnippets>- Schema declaration <CodeSnippet> - Snippet root tag, 1 file can contain many snippets <Header> - contains meta data like the shortcut, description, type and keywords <Snippet> - Contains the replacement declarations, code and language type

    8. Snippet <Header> <Author> <Title> <Description> <HelpUrl> Link to your Help documentation <Keywords> Keywords used for searching purposes <Shortcut> The Intellisense shortcut used <SnippetTypes> SurroundsWith Expansion Refactoring

    9. Snippet - <Snippet> <Imports> Namespaces to import/using into the current code file <References> Assemblies to reference into the project <Code> The code of the snippet <Declarations> Variables declared in the snippet

    10. Snippet - <Snippet><Code> Attributes Language Kind Where the snippet is available method body/method decl/type decl/page/file/any Delimiter What character(s) around delimit the declared replacement variables. Defaults to $

    11. Snippet - <Snippet><Code> Two reserved keywords $end$ - Denotes where you want the cursor to go when the user is done using the snippet $selection$ - Used in the SurroundsWith type, will be replaced with anything the user had selected when invoking the snippet

    12. Snippet - <Snippet><Declarations> <Literal> - A basic replacement, can be anything. An object, a string, a keyword <Object> - Requires a Type that confines the replacement to an object that implements Both have an Attribute Editable Defaults to True. Useful when you want to have a declaration that runs a function

    13. Snippet - <Snippet><Declarations> <ID> <Default> - Default value, if empty will show the replacement variable name <Function> - Use with Editable=False GenerateSwitchCases(EnumerationLiteral) - switch GetClassName() Gets class name in current context - ctor SimpleTypeName(Type) Reduces type to smallest output given current context of Imports/Usings - cw <Type> - Only used with Object declaration <ToolTip> - Tooltip displayed over the replacement variable

    14. Editing Snippets Snippet Designer Integrates with Visual Studio Can export existing code to a snippet Edit existing Snippets Search for Snippets Snippet Editor Standalone Snippet program Better interface than Designer VS 2010 support Can add custom snippet paths to work with

    15. Visual Studio Customization Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts Tools Environment - Keyboard Customizing Layout Tools Customize Customize Context Menus

    16. Visual Studio Tips and Tricks Dynamic Help Context Sensitive help Show SmartTag Ctrl + . (or Alt+Shift+F10) Display Intellisense for Members Ctrl + J Resize Code Completion Window Cursor Back/Forward Ctrl + - and Ctrl + Shift + - Insert Snippet Ctrl+K,Ctrl+X Surround Snippet Ctrl+K,Ctrl+S Incremental Search Ctrl+I then type, then Ctrl+I to move next

    17. Visual Studio Tips and Tricks Exceptions Window Debug Exceptions Use the Watch Window Use TracePoints Like Trace.Writeline without the clutter Customize your Find Results window Reduce Window Clutter

    18. Cleaning Your Code CR_ClassCleaner Requires DXCore Can automatically group your code into regions and alphabetize.

    19. Resources Sara Fords blog Visual Studio Tips and Tricks book Scott Cate Doing videos demonstrating Sara Fords tips and tricks Code Snippets on MSDN