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Standard Motor Products, Inc.

Standard Motor Products, Inc. 2008 Annual Automotive Aftermarket Symposium, November 3rd – 5th Larry Sills – Chairman & CEO Jim Burke – VP Finance & CFO Forward Looking Statements

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Standard Motor Products, Inc.

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  1. Standard Motor Products, Inc. 2008 Annual Automotive Aftermarket Symposium, November 3rd – 5th

  2. Larry Sills – Chairman & CEO • Jim Burke – VP Finance & CFO

  3. Forward Looking Statements You should be aware that except for historical information, the matters discussed herein are forward looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Forward looking statements, including projections and anticipated levels of future performance, are based on current information and assumptions and involve risks and uncertainties which may cause actual results to differ materially from those discussed herein. You are urged to review our filings with the SEC and our press releases from time to time for details of these risks and uncertainties.

  4. Jim Burke Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

  5. September YTD Income StatementNon – GAAP ($ In Millions) *Excludes restructuring charges • Engine Management division sales are up 2.8% over prior year driven by growth in our OE/OES business • Temperature Control division sales down 5.5% driven by pricing • Gross margins improving from first half of the year as we ramp up production in Reynosa and put the overhang from the plant closings behind us

  6. Engine Management Gross MarginHistorical 2005 - 3Q 2008 • Q1 Puerto Rico and LIC plant closures resulting in reduced production • Q2 duplicate cost from Puerto Rico and LIC overhang • Q3 ramp up of production in Reynosa • 2009 Progress toward historical average • ‘05 Dana acquisition integration • ’06 - ’07 Transition complete – margins recover

  7. Temperature Control Gross MarginHistorical 2005 - 3Q 2008 • ‘05 – ’07 price reductions to compete against low cost imports • Q1- Q3 $6-7M price reductions for 2008 • 2009 Plan: • Price increase • 75% compressor remanufacturing in Reynosa • Sell Grapevine TX. manufacturing facility

  8. Condensed Balance Sheet ($ In Millions) • Improved free cash flow • Inventory Management • A/R factoring • Sale of real-estate • Reduced debt by $24.7M • Bought back $20.6M in outstanding bonds at a discount • Bought back an additional $8.5M in October • Debt to total capitalization ratio of 52.8% vs. 56.1% in the prior year

  9. Reconciliation of GAAP andNon-GAAP Measures

  10. Larry Sills Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

  11. Macro trends in the Aftermarket • New car sales down more older cars on the road • Gas prices down miles driven should increase • Commodity prices down • Car leasing down • Car dealerships closing

  12. Strategic Initiatives • Increase OE/OES Business • Plant Rationalization • Globalization: Global Sourcing

  13. Increase OE/OES Business $160 $100 $80 $63 2006 2007 2008 Estimate 2010 Goal All figures in millions of dollars

  14. Strategic Initiatives – OE/OES

  15. Plant Rationalization 57% 41% 29% 16% 2005 2007 2008 Estimate 2010 Goal % production labor hours in low cost facilities

  16. Globalization: Global Sourcing 50% 45% 42% 38% 2005 2007 2008 Estimate 2010 Goal % purchased from low cost suppliers

  17. Standard Motor Products • Low Cost Supplier • Highly Diversified Customer Base • Well Positioned for the Future

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