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  1. SMUDGE Mudge House Newsletter and Calendar • February 2006 Snap, crackle, pop. These are familiar noises for one of the world’s most popular breakfast foods. Can you guess what that is? TOFU! If you guessed tofu, you are on the right track, but unfortunately, that is the incorrect answer. Tofu is an excellent food though and should be consumed by the dozen. Cereal was the correct answer. Often people say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Why not have breakfast three times a day, or even 20 times a day for that matter? You can enjoy cereal in a garden, on a different plant (preferably the planet E.T. descended from), or even on top of Mt. Rushmore. Anyway you enjoy cereal equals a party in your mouth! Now, the top 10 list of breakfast cereals: 10. Coco Pebbles Having chocolate for breakfast should be against the law. After the cereal is gone, you can slurp up the chocolate flavored milk like a dog. 9. Fruit Loops Fruit is also an essential part of the diet. Why not eat fruit in a loop? 8. Honeycomb I didn't realize how much I liked these until I caught my dad eating some out of my box and got mad! “Honeycomb, Honeycomb, me want Honeycomb.” 7. Trix Now we have cereal in the shape of fruit, even more convincing that you are fulfilling your fruit needs. I think Trix should be shared with rabbits though and all big eared animals alike. 6. Lucky Charms Unlike what the name implies, you do not become lucky after eating these. You can pretend that you are lucky, but nothing will really happen to you. 5. Captain Crunch ( Berry Berry is the best ) This cereal would have no way made the list if there weren't those crunch berries. I remember as a child going through and picking out each berry. Delicious! 4. Boo Berry For a time this cereal was taken off of the shelf. I consider that the "Dark Ages" of cereal. If you like cereal and the color blue, this ones for you! 3. Count Chocula If you let the marshmallows sit for so long, they become nothing short of perfect. Plus, when you eat the cereal, you can think of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. 2. Cookie Crisp A cookie for breakfast is not longer unheard of. Buy 24 boxes to yield approximately 5,672 cookies in total. 1. Fruity Pebbles The NUMBER 1 is definitely NUMBER 1, simply for the way the milk tastes when you are finished. Yabadabadoo is what you will feel when you eat this cereal (in the remembrance of Fred Flinstone)! By Kate Cummings Valentine’s Day Suggestions from the Hopeless Romantic… By Eva Lin Tired of the same old Valentine’s Day gifts? Chocolates and roses are always nice, but here are some romantic ideas to, as Ludacris would say, “sweet yo woman right off of her feet”(or man). ~ Blow up pink, red, and white balloons (or her favorite color) and stick notes of why you love her inside each balloon. Tie pieces of ribbon to ends of the balloons and put them all over her room or tie all the ribbons together to form a bouquet… will be wonderfully surprised, unless she is allergic to latex…then she will still be surprised, but not in a good way. ~Shout your love to the world by painting the fence saying, “I You ____(insert name)!” or anything else you want to say. If you can’t paint the fence, chalking the sidewalks of CMU can also do the trick. Just make sure it’s a path he takes! ~Take a stack of post-it notes (extra points for cute shapes and colors) and write on each one compliments, inside jokes, memories, quotes, or reasons why you love him and place them all over her room, putting them in surprise places (books, walls, ceiling, etc.) so that he can sporadically find them throughout the next few weeks. ~Cut out coupons in the shape of paper hearts of assorted colors and write a note on each one (ex. redeemable for a walk through Schenley or good for a lunch date at [insert favorite restaurant], etc). Place the hearts in a clear jar for her to dispose at her own will. ~Revamp your dorm room into an Italian restaurant, complete with romantic saxophone music, a dinner for two, and perhaps some old school slow dancing, like your grandma used to do. Feel free to get more creative and add your own magical touch! And don’t forget to let friends and family know that you love them too—send a card home to mom and dad, maybe even send some flowers, and give your friends Valentines. SHARE THE LOVE!!! Top 10 Movies Not to Watch on Valentine’s Day Date! But I will probably watch them anywayz… 10. Saw II 9. Saving Private Ryan 8. Black Hawk Down 7. Rambo: First Blood Part II 6. Bloodsport 5. High Tension 4. Monster 3. Sweet November 2. Clockwork Orange 1. Closer Compiled by Eugene Hsia The world is 70% covered by water. The rest is covered by Troy Polamalu. Sorry to all the non-football fans about the Steelers Mania going on. It is actually sanctioned by the city administrators. I am even more sorry to you Seahawk fans! Check out our web site at: