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Setting up a shopping cart PowerPoint Presentation
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Setting up a shopping cart

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Setting up a shopping cart - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Setting up a shopping cart Your URL tag to CoolCart is: This URL connects each product in your web page to our shopping cart.

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Setting up a shopping cart

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Your URL tag to CoolCart is:
  • This URL connects each product in your web page to our shopping cart.
  • Each product in your web page (virtual store) will need this beginning line of HTML code:<FORM method=post action="">
  • Each product description will also always need this ending line of code:</FORM>
Your product prices, colors, sizes, etc. will be hidden fields that gobetween these 2 lines of HTML code. This hidden information is passed to the shopping cart when the "Add to Cart" button or any Icon of your choiceis clicked.
For a Quick Start, cut-and-paste the following examples into your web pageand get your products ready for sale through your own CoolCart shopping cart.
<FORM method=post action=""> Product B<BR>Price $20.00<BR><INPUT NAME="Qty" size=3 VALUE=""> Quantity <BR><INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="ID" VALUE="Product B"><INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="Describe" VALUE="Great Buy!"><INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="Price" VALUE="20.00"><INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="Ship" VALUE="2.50"><input TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="Weight" value="0"><INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="Multi" VALUE="N"><BR><INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="Add to Cart"></FORM>
PRODUCT ID:The CoolCart default requires a different ID for each product or service,otherwise, any previously added item with the same ID will be overwritten. The Name="Multi" Value="N" line of code controls this.
However, if the nature of your business makes it easier to use the sameproduct ID multiple times, with different combinations of sizes, colors,AddOns, etc., CoolCart will let you do this if you change it to Value="Y" in the code. An example of this situation would be if you want your customers to be able to select 2 large red, 3 small blue, 1 medium green with leather case, etc., of the same product.
For additional HTML code go to the following page:
secure payments
Secure Payments
  • Payflow Link By Verisign
  • Payflow LinkSM is a service designed for merchants who require a simple solution for accepting payments on the Web. The Payflow Link service is a hosted order form service that allows your customer to securely input their credit card information.
how it works11
How it works…
  • A customer visits your Web site and makes a purchase.
  • The transaction data is then passed from your storefront to the Payflow Pro client.
  • VeriSign collects the transaction information from your site and then securely routes the transaction via the VeriSign payment gateway through the financial network to the appropriate bank, ensuring that customers are authorized to make their purchases.
  • The Payflow client also sends an acknowledgement back to VeriSign after returning the payment results to you, in order to protect your consumers against double billing due to Internet latency or broken communication sessions.
  • The funds for the transaction will be transferred to your Internet merchant account.
credit card processing
Credit Card Processing
  • What do I need to accept credit cards at my business?
  • In order to accept credit cards, a business must have a merchant account and a checking account. Merchant e-Solutions can supply the merchant account, which provides the ability to accept, authorize and deposit credit cards electronically through a dial terminal, PC product or Internet solution. A checking account is required to receive payment for your credit card transactions
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Merchant E-Solutions