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GEORGIA TECH POLICE DEPARTMENT. Dedicated to providing a safe and secure campus. Georgia Tech Police Department. Open 24/7, including weekends, holidays, and breaks. N. Tenth St. Georgia Tech Police Dept. Northside Dr. Hemphill Ave. X. Ferst Dr.

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Dedicated to providing a safe and secure campus

Georgia tech police department
Georgia Tech Police Department

  • Open 24/7, including weekends, holidays, and breaks


Tenth St.

Georgia Tech Police Dept.

Northside Dr.

Hemphill Ave.


Ferst Dr.


Georgia Tech Police Department

Emergency/Main Phone Line:

On Campus Telephone 4-2500

Off Campus Telephone 404-894-2500

Emergency telephones
Emergency Telephones


  • +160 Strategically located

  • Red Emergency button

Know where emergency telephones are located on campus!

Police Personnel

  • +90 Full Time Positions

    • +70 Police Positions

    • +20 Unarmed Security, Dispatchers, Clerical and Administrative Support Personnel.

  • Campus Police Officers

    • Have authority to make arrests for crimes committed on campus and on any public or private property within 500 yards of campus.

    • Professionally trained and certified in accordance with the Georgia Peace Officer’s Standards and Training Council.

K 9 officers hooch and tarzan

K-9 OfficersHooch and Tarzan

Bomb Detection


  • Continuous Campus Patrols

  • Building Security Patrols

  • Criminal Investigation Division

  • Records Processing Unit

  • Communications Center

  • Lost and Found

  • Crime Prevention Unit

  • Special Operations Division

  • Office of Homeland Security


  • A Total of 102 incidents were reported to the Campus Police in 2006.

  • Several burglaries occurred in the residence halls.

  • Most burglaries were committed without forced entry.

Burglary prevention
Burglary Prevention

  • Secure valuables.

  • Engrave valuables and record serial numbers.

  • Keep doors and windows shut and locked at all times -DO NOT PROP DOORS OPEN!

  • Report suspicious activity to the police.

Larceny theft

  • A total of 539 incidents were reported to the Campus Police in 2006.

  • Nearly half occurred from motor vehicles.

  • Besides motor vehicles, areas with more frequent incidents of theft include:

    • Campus Recreation Center

    • Student Center

Larceny theft1

  • Several laptop computers were reported stolen.

  • Many were stolen from vehicles and unsecured dorm rooms.

  • Never leave a laptop unsecured or unattended.

  • Never leave a laptop or laptop bag visible in your vehicle.

  • Keep a record of the serial number and description.

  • Ask distributors about anti-theft devices.

Online laptop registration


Online Laptop Registration

Larceny theft2

  • 76 bicycles were reported stolen.

  • Secure bicycles with a U-Lock and register it with the Georgia Tech Police Department for FREE


  • A total of 7 robberies were reported to the campus police in 2006.

  • 3 by Force

  • 4 by Weapon or Intimidation

Robbery Prevention

  • Choose well lit areas.

  • Be aware of your surroundings and walk with confidence-Body language-Eye contact.

  • Walk with a friend or group-Safety in numbers.

  • Report suspicious activity to the police.

  • Trust your instincts-Change directions if you are being followed-Go where people are.

  • Know where Emergency Telephones are located.

Ride request procedures

Stingerette service ends promptly at 2:00 AM.

Ride Request Procedures

Call Parking at


or 5-RIDE

What can happen if you commit a crime
What Can Happen if YOU commit a crime?

Parents/Guardians may be notified

Student Conduct Code Violation

City Ordinance Citation

Atlanta City Jail

Fulton County Jail

Loss of Housing



Critical incidents
Critical Incidents

  • Seek cover

  • Call Police

  • Move away from the immediate path of danger

  • Distance yourself from the shooter

  • Put something between you and the shooter!

  • Thinking and planning about a shooter on campus NOW, will help you make better decisions during a critical incident.

Personal protection devices
Personal Protection Devices

  • Cell phone –Program 404-894-2500

  • Personal alarm

  • Whistle on keychain

  • Pepper Spray

  • Women’s Self-Defense

It is a felony to possess a weapon on campus
It is a FELONY to possess a weapon on campus!

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Handguns, Shotguns, or Rifles

  • Air Guns, AirSoft guns, or BB guns

  • Paintball guns

  • Tasers or stun guns

  • Knives with blades over 2 inches long

Ways to stay informed
Ways To Stay Informed


  • Annual Crime Awareness Brochure

  • The Technique

  • Read Crime Alerts and Crime Summaries

  • Stop by the Department and pick up various crime awareness and prevention brochures.

Contact us
Contact Us

  • Main Police Number: 404-894-2500

  • Crime Prevention: 404-894-1288