stars in the universe l.
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Stars in the Universe

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Stars in the Universe Module A Chapter 1 Grade 6 Scientists measure the distance to stars in… light-years Light travels from the sun to Earth in about… 8 minutes The hottest stars are… blue The sun is a… mid-life star & is the closest star to Earth Stars are found in groups called…

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stars in the universe

Stars in the Universe

Module A

Chapter 1

Grade 6

the sun is a
The sun is a…
  • mid-life star
  • & is the closest star to Earth
elliptical galaxy
Elliptical Galaxy
  • Shaped like sphere that is stretched out at ends
spiral galaxy
Spiral Galaxy
  • Sweeping arms extending from a densely packed center
  • The Milky Way is a spiral galaxy
irregular galaxy
Irregular Galaxy
  • Contains many young stars
  • Generally the smallest of the 3 galaxies

Earth is a planet in our solar system. The solar system is on one of arms of a spiral galaxy called the Milky Way. The Milky Way is in a group of galaxies called the Local Group. This group is part of the universe.


stars begin to form when
Stars begin to form when…
  • hydrogen & dust are pulled into a ball by gravity
The energy inside a star that results in visible light is produced by..

nuclear fusion

Two atoms fuse together by the process of…

nuclear fusion


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